Thamo Naidoo – The Mantle of Changing Season

Videos Thamo Naidoo - The Mantle of Changing Season Profiles The journey of the Israelites in the wilderness is a type and shadow of the journey of the church from the Orthodox, to the Pentecostal, to the Charismatic, to the present day Apostolic season. The purpose of these teachings is to sensitize the believer to … Continue reading Thamo Naidoo – The Mantle of Changing Season

Graham Cooke

Videos Why Wounded and Betrayed Believers are so Useful to God Profile There is a question many people ask. "Why does God allow bad things to happen to his people?" This spirit-filled message clearly spells out how God uses pain in our lives.  Videos Video #1 Published On: 2014-Aug-24th Added On :- 2016-Oct-29 Removed On … Continue reading Graham Cooke