Prophetic Trends and Examination:- 2022 Autumn

Background As a watch men and watch women let us go over some of prophetic trends that we are seeing.   Prophetic Trends Economy Whole Personally I do not see how the economy fairs better. They are far too many headwinds. Chiefly:- Geo Political Issues Until the man of peace makes his ascension and his … Continue reading Prophetic Trends and Examination:- 2022 Autumn

Janay Rice

Story Line To me, the Janay Rice story is one of young, tested love.  In her own words, she met Ray as a young 14-year-old teenager. Ray's father, Calvin Reed, passed when Ray was one.  She, however, is from a two-parent home and Ray took to her parents as surrogate parents. As often happens these … Continue reading Janay Rice