Mitt Romney:- Fortune

Brief Bio Biography Link Born in Michigan on March 12, 1947. Mitt Romney is the son of former Michigan Governor George Romney. He founded the investment firm Bain Capital. Ran for the Massachusetts Senate in 1994, losing to incumbent Ted Kennedy. Romney took over the Salt Lake Organizing Committee and helmed a successful 2002 Olympic … Continue reading Mitt Romney:- Fortune

Christianity:- Sermon – Series – “The Great Reset”

Prelude This is a tough one. I usually opt to share videos that uplift. But, this sermon series is a tough and sober one. Semon Series I am not a pastor, and so I have never received a sermon series from my denomination head office. But, nothing quite happens without some co-ordination.   Pastor Profiles … Continue reading Christianity:- Sermon – Series – “The Great Reset”

Soft White Underbelly:- Hard Knock Life

Background Some stories you listen in on. And, be, even if she trying to take and have a few dollars, it wouldn't hate much. Yet, hopefully, keep her from silly and slipping. Jay-Z Hard Knock Life Lyrics I flow for those 'dro'ed out I flow for chicks wishin', they ain't have to strip to pay … Continue reading Soft White Underbelly:- Hard Knock Life

1st Corinthians 14:32:- “And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets”

Background I just heard a prophet speak about current affairs. He spoke about receiving a vision.   Scripture Before listening to his prophecy, the spirit of God leaped out to me. And, it said:- And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. ( 1 Corinthians 14:32 ) [ Link ]   Word … Continue reading 1st Corinthians 14:32:- “And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets”

Apostle Joshua Selman:- Spirit of Wisdom

Videos Spirit of Wisdom - Nuggets of Scripture Spirit of Wisdom – Meditative Waiting Profile Spirit of Wisdom – Meditative Waiting Videos Video #1 Date Published:- 2021-January-21st Date Added:- 2021-January-21st Link The Spirit of Wisdom - Full THE SPIRIT OF WISDOM KOINONIA WITH APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN NIMMAK Videos Video #1 Channel:- SBiC Connect Date Published:- … Continue reading Apostle Joshua Selman:- Spirit of Wisdom

Tobias Baumgaertner & the Penguins

Portrait MyModernMet Portrait #1 Portrait #2 BBC Portrait #1   Link In 2019, photographer Tobias Baumgaertner snapped a romantic shot of two widowed penguins overlooking a pier in Melbourne, Australia. He shared the photograph on his Instagram during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to help lift people's spirits and it quickly went viral, garnering … Continue reading Tobias Baumgaertner & the Penguins

Lauren J. Singer, A Sailor

Link Congratulations to USO Sailor of the Year Petty Officer 3rd Class Lauren J. Singer. She displayed quick thinking in an incredibly difficult situation. She was traveling over the Coronado Bridge near San Diego, California, returning to her on-base residence when she noticed a stranded motorist outside his vehicle. Singer asked if he needed any … Continue reading Lauren J. Singer, A Sailor

Commandment – “You Shall Not Covet”

Background It is a house of matured faith. And, so let us deal with one of the ten commandments.   Thou shall not covet Outline Introduction Law Book Commandment Toolset Bible Figure Abraham Samuel Elisha Paul Proverbs Loving Discipline and Knowledge Identifying Coveoutness Ministries People Focused Self Systems Those of God   Introduction Law Book … Continue reading Commandment – “You Shall Not Covet”

Jená & John:- Coupling

Videos Inter-ethnic [Interracial] Couple Tag Profile We finally decided to do the interracial tag (but we are renaming it the inter-ethnic tag). In this video, we give OUR experience and talk from a place of OUR truth. In general, we want to encourage you to be with someone who honors God and treats you like … Continue reading Jená & John:- Coupling

Christianity:- Sermons & Prophecies – 2021/January

Background Let us share a few sermons and prophecies.   Videos Paul Washer Confession Paul Washer's Deepest Confession | Sermon Jam Videos Video #1 Channel:- iThink Biblically Date Published:- 2020-December-27th Link Apostle Joshua Selman Soul Merchandizing IF YOU SEE THIS SIGNS YOU HAVE SOLD YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL | APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN Profile In … Continue reading Christianity:- Sermons & Prophecies – 2021/January