Rabbi Michael Skobac

Background I have a keen interest in Apologetic.  That interest was seeded by Ravi Zacharias & Michael Ramsden at RZIM. And, aided by others such as J.P. Moreland @ Biola University. Ravi Zacharias Ravi Zacharias can make anything sound good, plausible, and easy to understand and follow.   Michael Ramsden Michael Ramsden, can as well.  … Continue reading Rabbi Michael Skobac

How much Judaism does Christianity need?

Background As I took in more of the work of Jonathan Cahn, the writer of "The Harbinger", I was again distracted by the discussion of who is a great Messianic Jew and who is not. This particular post listed Dr. Michael Brown has one of the good ones. The full quote is here: "The only … Continue reading How much Judaism does Christianity need?