Speaking Loudly to God

Standing In Line

Standing in line picking lunch for the family earlier today, I met a man with a cross on his neck.

I asked him about his walk.

Cross Around Our Necks

I figure if you have a cross around your neck, you better have a good story.

Nothing New

He looked at me and said No, this is not a new story.

It started has a kid.

Grand Mother is a Jehovah Witness.

He is Catholic.

Just last week, he had his son baptized.

Over a girl

A few weeks ago, one of his good friends posted on Facebook, how he was going to end it all.

The friend and his girl were having problems.

He said this is a big man.

And, he has been training him for MMA.

He got him in the gym the next Tuesday and he promised they will go walk the lake afterwards.

Girl Issues

He broke his friend down.

Girl issues are peachy.

Having to worry about paying mortgages, striving for your young son to be financial independent is a bit harder.


Losing Money

He said to me, I can have that conversation as I have lost and not found.

Years ago, he was planning on going to the DR, Dominican Republic.

She later became his wife, but she was his girlfriend then.

They had visited San Francisco and got in a big fight.

He went out mad at the world.

Later he found out that he had lost over $3400 cash he was throttling around.

Losing what wasn’t yours

Later that week during Church Services, the man of God said he had a Word about someone who has lost money.

The story was about a rich man who showed up in heaven will a train of God.  He was asked why he brought so much with him; as heaven as enough Gold and Diamond; as is.

The Word is that losing is not letting go of what wasn’t yours.



My new friend looked at me and said my life turned around in 2004.

I saw God face to face and he asked me to draw a line.

No more game playing.


Speaking Loudly to God

And, so each day he boldly wakes up and knows he is able to speak loudly to God.

No discouragement, No ambush.

Just Clarity.



Listening to ….

  1. Church of Truth
    • Church of Truth – Not in a hurry ( 2018-Jan-7th )
  2. Damon Thompson
    • Damon Thompson – Authority of Intimacy – Call to the Altar

Lyrics & Words

Church of Truth

Not in a Hurry

  1. Hurry
    • Just to rest in your nearness
    • I am starting to notice, you are speaking
    • I am not in a hurry
      • when it comes to your presence
      • when it comes to your voice
    • I am learning to listen
      • when it comes to your presence
  2. Get Rid
    • Get rid of the Failure
    • Get rid of the Lie of the enemy
  3. Spirit of God
    • When the Holy Spirit fills our lives, it fills us with the Spirit of God
    • It allows us to see into the Spirit World
    • Everything that is promised you, is promised you in the Spirit World

Damon Thompson

Damon Thompson – Authority of Intimacy – Call to the Altar

  1. Keep praying
  2. Peoples souls are in jeopardy, hanging in the balance
  3. Quit playing around with outer Church Christianity
  4. Conviction coming tonight
  5. The Love of God is coming to arrest
  6. Holy Spirit is coming to convict, righteousness
  7. God’s goodness is here tonight
  8. Issues of sin are separating you

Clear Word


I like the fact that life happens and there are spiritual verses that we can use to reason through it.

I am hoping that this is a testimonial post.


Ravi Zacharias

Speaking the Truth

4 months or so ago, I was laying down after a hard day’s work and one of my wife’s cousin was going to call as were scheduled to have a phone conversation.

I did not know how to handle and manage that conversation.

It is not always easy been a champion of people; being an encourager.

And, so I was meandering.

But, then I again looked at the list of hits on our blog site and saw someone had clicked on one of Ravi Zachariah’s video.

I watched along, as well.

Less than a few minutes in, God’s word leapt to me.

Speak the truth to this person; no fluffs nothing.


For a time there I took in all apologists that I could chew on.

My short list included :-

  1. RZIM
    • Ravi Zacharias
    • Michael Ramsden
    • Nabeel Qureshi
  2. Biola University
    • J.P. Moreland

But, lately, I am far more in to God’s presence ( Damon Thompson ) and Spiritual Warfare.

And, so I was surprised that when needing emotional clarity on how to speak to my wife’s cousin, God did not under girdle it with one of Damon Thompson’s words.

But, a straight up word from Ravi.

The words was get yourself together, tighten up your mind, and I, God, got this.

As an aside, Damon Thompson has spoken about taken in all of Apologetics that he could get his hands, on as well.


Wife’s Cousin Clear Word

She confessed where she was lacking.

My time with Stephen Ministry meant me not having to have her say more.

God’s ministry is not what we get, it is what we allow him to give.

It is proportional to that person’s faith, preparedness, and space they have created from the silly things and associations in life.



Family, we have to be cognizant and have internal honest conversations.

The list should include :-

  1. Promises
    • What promises are we back peddling on
  2. Traps
    • What traps are we setting for others
    • And, not realize that we are caught in the same trap
      • If you set a trap for others, you will get caught in it yourself ( Proverbs 26:27 )
  3. What is in it for me?
    • While in college, my college room-mate got in the habit of calling his uncle and asking for money
    • Finally, he realized that his uncle always switches things around and says I was just going to call your myself


Personal Take

I was involved in a good and long conversation this week.

He shared with me his take on why we have fallen leadership.

Again, Ravi Zacharias’s word bailed me out.

When one has a life of dissonance, eventually it will fall aside and apart.

Yes, there is incompetency.

But, also there is a life where people hold to failings and seek political advantages.

It takes a clear word from God and the gift of discernment to see through falsehoods.

Of course, we all need words of wisdom, words of knowledge.

These things are used to build communities; interconnect us through gifting.

They are used to reveal falsehood among brethren.

How ?

Bro, how can God use you, when he can not get a clear word out of you.

Falling in Line

Bus Stop

I raced to the Bus Stop knowing a minute or two in-between will mean missing the Bus.

Upon getting there I looked up and “No Bus” in view.

Called 511 and told the next Bus will be here in 24 minutes.

Who has 24 minutes to wait.

Old Shoes aside, “Baby, I can’t wait”.

I barely walked 3 minutes when that Bus came whistling By.

Belt Buckled

Punishment for lazy rising and missing the Bus, is 30 minutes walk to the next stop.

Additional punishment came through busted Belt Buckle.

Pharmacy Stop

After the morning call went over to CVS.  But, they no longer carry belts.

Leonard said he got me.

But, take another man’s belt, Bro.

The Third Voice

The next behind me in line walked me to the back of the store.

He said he got himself a belt from that same store a few months back.

He pointed at the rack.

Unfortunately, it seems the store no longer carries that item.

He was disappointed he couldn’t save the day.

But, he said not all is lost.

Just walk to the Salvation Army a few city blocks over and pick yourself a belt.

The only other time I was there was the day I met Ms. A.


Salvation Army

Salvation Army did not have my size.

And, besides most of them were worn.


Another CVS is across the street.

The security guard said No they don’t carry belts.

But, she had a good word, China Town, two blocks over.

China Town

Lady Clothes

The first store I walked into is a store that only carries women apparel.

I felt sorry for the merchant right away.

As I walked in pitifully asking for men’s belt, she was counting money.

I just had to look her in the eye and say I am sorry.

Bright and early, ugly as ever, looking like I am about to mug her.

Good Directions

The next store do not carry belts either, but she directed me well.

I said Xie, Xie as I left.

Good Store

The good store had it for $9 and 68 cents or so.

Thank You

I went by the parking lot where the man that forwarded me to Salvation Army works.

Showed him the belt and thanked him for listening to God and speaking a word of encouragement to my desolate morning.

Delivery Man

One of the delivery men that works with us came upon the door as I did.  I badged in and we went in together.

The man manning the front desk asked me whether I was playing security this morning, as well.

I sheepishly said NO.

Falling in Line

Life is about falling in line.

Hope you have some good ones to fall in.


Listening To

  1. Nu Shooz
    • Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait (Official Music Video) – YouTube


Public Transit, The Good

Two Weeks in a Row

Last couple of weeks, I noticed a couple of positives on my daily train ride.

The PA System gave a shout out to Pride Day.  As it means more when it is personal, it was delivered through the words and a voice of a mother whose son identifies.

And, then last Wednesday as we headed home for the 4th break, I saw the conductor come out of his booth to say Hi to commuters.

He said Hi to one of the ladies and I passed it off as a nice affirmation.

But, then he smiled hugely and shouted words at me as well.  And, I thought this guy is actually in a good mood.

Someone in a good mood, after dealing with a cantankerous public all day.

House of Worship

Finally made it back to the house of worship this last weekend.

I did not even realize services has been collapsed to one service for the summer months.

Having to wait an hour before service starts, Ms. Bernadette talked me to attending the men’s fellowship.

Discussion was on how people are more angry these days.

Thanks Goodness for YouTube preachers.  But, God, some of them have forgotten it used to be called the Good News Gospel.

I know have a Good Life is likely sarcasm these days.



As I wondered home yesterday got off impeccably.

A young lady wanted to get on the elevator, but it was going to be crowded with people.

And, so she took to walking.

I commented on same.

And, she replied, Yes she was going to ride the elevator, but she needed the walk even more.

I noticed the biggest dimples this side of the Ocean.

And, affirmed it.

Unforgivably inquired if it was on both sides.

She said No and that she only has the one.

But, that her sister has three, as she stole one of hers.

Thanks goodness as un-earned laughter comes easy.

She continued that things are not so bad, as her one is still growing.

Personal Testimony :- Ty’Jalayah Robertson



  1. My Testimony. (Sensitive Topic)
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        • Profile
          • There are some things we just don’t talk about. Stigma, shame, and fear of being judged keeps a lot of people from telling their stories but I believe that our #testimonies need to be shared! It kills the stigma, reduces the shame, and reveals the #truth. I hope that you are blessed by my story of God’s grace in my life.
        • Videos
          • Video #1
            Channel :- Ty’Jalayah Robertson
            Published On :- 2018-Sept-26th


In Depth

My Testimony. (Sensitive Topic)

  1. Hearing God
    • Been Used
      • I will ask God to use me
      • And, I will thank him for using me
      • You can talk about other things you are going through
      • God can not use me in this
    • YouTube
      • Certain things that people don’t talk about
  2. Met a boy
    • I was 16 when I met him
    • I told him I was not having sex
    • He was very quick on that
    • I want to wait till I get married
    • After a year, we were intimate
  3. Talking
    • There was one girl that was pregnant
    • And, they were talking about her
    • People go through stuff and you never know their story
  4. Look
    • I look like I got my head on straight
    • We make all these expectations
  5. I am going to keep the child
    • I can’t to to the University anymore
      • I will likely go to a Community College
      • That way, I don’t have to pay for living
    • I cannot do tracks anymore
      • I will quit tracks
  6. Sacrifice
    • My sacrifice to God and to that Baby is not having sex
  7.  Enemy
    • The Enemy is trying to tell me this is not my testimony
    • God is still using me, knowing I did that
  8. Mindset
    • Whatever their mindset now is what is allowing them to do those things
    • Satan gave me justification to do those things
      • Satan gave me justification to have sex
    • I did not just say yes to sex
      • I had justifications
  9. Talk to God
    • Talk to God on behalf of that person
    • So that they hear God
  10. A Way
    • Raising a child
      • This is the way I have to raise this child
      • There is a way you can do it so that it does not have to be done in the DARK
      • he still loves you
      • You can keep it and still not follow God’s path
        • Selling Drugs
  11. Faith
    • I did not have faith in God
    • Knowing
      • Knowing that I am wrong
      • Knowing that I am young
  12. Need
    • I just need God
  13. Because I did not Keep my Baby
    • I have to encourage your thinking and forethought
    • It lies in you trusting God
  14. Pursue God
    • You see me Pursue God
  15. Praying
    • As a mother no one wants to hear their teenage one having children
    • Put the love back on them



God can not use me in this….

David Leone’, ‎Omega of Apostasy



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      • This is the story of my conversion to Christianity and how I went from being a New Age Psychic, to a Christian pastor and all the details in between…
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        Streamed live on Sep 19, 2018

In Depth

  1. New Age Psychic to Christian Pastor | My Conversion to Christianity
    • Demonic Attack
      • This was the demon over you
      • Now it longer has control over you
      • But, you can not go back to you life
        • As it will be worse for you
      • My Christ a great valiant warrior
      • This is how powerful that daemon was
      • You had no idea it was there
      • It was behind the scene running all things
    • 6 months dryness
      • Mediocre sermon
    • Immortal soul
    • Sweden
      • Everybody else got an exotic calling
      • They came to me and said no one wanted you and you just have to go back home to San Jose
    • Song of Moses
      • You will never be able to sing the Song of Moses
        • without going through the experience of Moses
        • Be able to love the people of God even when they don’t love you


Generation 4 Truth



  1. G4T – All to you
    Words and Music by Silas and Angela Sednev, Jacob Castanon.
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