Teresa Conlon


Just this week discovered the strong and very vulnerable voice of Teresa Conlon.

I hope others will be healed and encouraged as they listen in.


  1. David Wilkerson – Celebration of  Life – Teresa Conlon – Presentation
  2. 2015 Breakthrough Conference – Teresa Conlon
  3. The Greatness of Humility ( Feb 26, 2012 )
  4. December 13, 2015 – Teresa Conlon – Giving the Gift that Changes Everything
  5. The rewards of a Deliverer


David Wilkerson – Celebration of Life

  1. Living for the benefit of others
  2. For an Olympic Torch to be successful passed, it has to be passed lit, it has to be passed burning
  3. Never abandon a friend–either yours or your father’s. When disaster strikes, you won’t have to ask your brother for assistance. It’s better to go to a neighbor than to a brother who lives far away ( Proverb 27:10 )


2015 Breakthrough Conference

  1. The humility of God to teach us
  2. Pride Hides
  3. When mary was physically bigger than Jesus
  4. At times we have a smaller Jesus with us
    • At time of personal battles
  5. 12 year boys by end of year are different in size
  6. Transfer of trust as Jesus grows bigger
  7. As Jesus blocks the way back
  8. Fight against regret and fight against living in Plan B
  9. My head is covered in the day of Battle ( Psalm 140:7)
  10. God can only use us when we are honest
  11. Embracing adversity as we are never quite sure when it stops beating us up, but now blesses us
  12. The Lord has pleasure in those that fear him ( Psalm 147:11 )
  13. To walk with God is to be completely understood
  14. Of the same Spirit I am, so will I give to you ( 1 Corinthians 12:13 )
  15. The humility of God in needing us for such a time as this
  16. Prayer for those who have been wounded in the House of their friends ( Zechariah 13:6 )