Spiritual Deliverance – Life

  Videos Serita Jakes Serita Jakes confronts a spirit Profile First Lady Serita Jakes confronts a spirit after Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams preaches at the Potter's House. Videos Video #1 Channel:- Zion Callaham Date Published:- 2020-Dec-20th Link T.D. Jakes Pastor John Gray Bishop TD Jakes Lays Hands and Prophesy Over Pastor John Gray @FBCG & … Continue reading Spiritual Deliverance – Life

Pastor John Gray & Aventer Gray

Background As always this a tough one. But, it shows the dexterity and elasticity of leadership. Link   Transcripts The South Carolina megachurch pastor who drew criticism when he bought his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini as an anniversary present in December, admitted the couple almost got a divorce. John Gray, whose Relentless Church is based … Continue reading Pastor John Gray & Aventer Gray

Sarah Jakes Roberts – Empty Handed

Background I hope this can be blessing to someone Sarah Jakes Roberts - Empty Handed Videos Daniel Demoted On:- 2020-August-9th Link Empty Handed Demoted On:- 2020-August-9th Empty Handed Empty Handed Empty Handed Sarah Jakes Roberts - These Things We Hide Videos These Things we hide These Things we Hide