Teresa Conlon


Just this week discovered the strong and very vulnerable voice of Teresa Conlon.

I hope others will be healed and encouraged as they listen in.


  1. David Wilkerson – Celebration of  Life – Teresa Conlon – Presentation
  2. 2015 Breakthrough Conference – Teresa Conlon
  3. The Greatness of Humility ( Feb 26, 2012 )
  4. December 13, 2015 – Teresa Conlon – Giving the Gift that Changes Everything
  5. The rewards of a Deliverer


David Wilkerson – Celebration of Life

  1. Ministry of Living for the benefit of others
  2. Heard the call from this man who was convinced that the Church is stronger and the Church is Supernatural when Spirit Anointed people follow Jesus
  3. When the Olympic is held, the Nation chosen runs a race around their chosen land
  4. For an Olympic Torch to be successful passed, it has to be passed lit, it has to be passed burning
  5. Stretched forth a hand and accepted in lit
  6. Never abandon a friend–either yours or your father’s. When disaster strikes, you won’t have to ask your brother for assistance. It’s better to go to a neighbor than to a brother who lives far away ( Proverb 27:10 )
  7. Bear with you a lit Church to be passed successfully and God helping us we will


2015 Breakthrough Conference

  1. Sorrowing
    • I will follow Jesus Sorrowing
    • I feel the impossibility in it
    • I feel like Mary & Jesus
  2. Inadequacy
    • 4 years ago, I said Yes to a new thing in my life
    • I Lead a bible school in Pennsylvania
    • Every morning, I will wake up with an impossible feeling of failure
    • I am him, too little for this
    • l Wake up with a sense of opposition
  3. Called
    • When we step out to live for Jesus, we feel an opposition
  4. Following
    • I have followed you wounded
    • I have followed you sorrowing
  5. The humility of God to teach us
    • Sometimes it takes humility to Break down the Hall of Pride
  6. Pride Hides
  7. When mary was physically bigger than Jesus
  8. At times we have a smaller Jesus with us
    • At time of personal battles
  9. God’s Orchestration
    • There is a crisis that God Orchestrates in our lives to show us how big he is to us
    • When faith presses into our fear
    • We see Jesus as young and small
    • But, what is young and small is our experience with him in this area of crisis
  10. 12 year boys by end of year are different in size
  11. Transfer of trust as Jesus grows bigger
  12. As Jesus blocks the way back
  13. Fight against regret and fight against living in Plan B
  14. My head is covered in the day of Battle ( Psalm 140:7)
  15. God can use me only when I am honest
  16. Embracing adversity as we are never quite sure when it stops beating us up, but now blesses us
  17. Psalm 147:11
    • The Lord has pleasure in those that fear him ( Psalm 147:11 a)
    • The Lord takes pleasure in those that hope in his mercy (Psalm 147:11 b)
  18. To walk with God is to be completely understood
  19. Of the same Spirit I am, so will I give to you ( 1 Corinthians 12:13 )
  20. The humility of God in needing us for such a time as this
  21. Prayer for those who have been wounded in the House of their friends ( Zechariah 13:6 )


Sermons & Discussions – 2015/Nov

  1. John Paul Jackson
    • Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit
      • Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit – 1
        • Jim Bakker Show
          • Where :- On the Jim Bakker Show
            Added On :- 2015-11-30
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          • Video #1
            Added On: 2015-11-30
      • Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit – 2
        • Jim Bakker Show
          • Video #1
            Added On:- 2015-11-30
        • YouTube
          • Video #1
            Added On:-2015-11-30
    • Needless Casualties of War
      • Needless Casualties of War -1
        • Jim Bakker Show
          • Video #1
            Added On :- 2016-12-23
      • Needless Casualties of War – 2
        • Jim Bakker Show
          • Video #1
            Added On:- 2016-11-30
        • YouTube
    • Dreams & Mysteries – The Mystery of Man and the Earth
      • YouTube
        • Video #1
          Added on :- 2015-11-03
    • Breaking Down Strongholds – John Paul Jackson & Patty Mapes
      • Breaking Down Strongholds – John Paul Jackson & Patty Mapes – Part 1
        • YouTube
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            Added On 2015-11-4
      • Breaking Down Strongholds – John Paul Jackson & Patty Mapes – Part II
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            Added on 2015-11-4
  2. David Wilkerson
    • Nicky Cruz Powerful Conversion Testimony
      • YouTube
        • Video #1
          Added on: 2015-11-11
    • The Cost of a Fresh Anointing, The Hope That Purifies Minister’s Conference, David Wilkerson with BH Clendennen
      • YouTube
        • Video #1
          Preached in 2007
          Added on :- 2015-11-11
    • The Indwelling Power of the Holy Spirit
      • YouTube
        • Video #1
          Added on :- 2015-11-09
    • Falling Away to the Anti-christ – David Wilkerson
      • YouTube
        • Video #1
          Added on :- 2015-11-10
    • Jezebel [False Doctrine]
      • YouTube
        • Video #1
          Added on :- 2015-11-09


Pastor Jim Cymbala


Hearing one of Brother Jacob Prasch videoes on Youtube, I heard him very thinly speak about a friendship between Pastors Jimmy Swaggart and David Wilkerson.

Pastor Jim Cymbala

Jim Cymbala covered the relationship between David Wilkerson and Jimmy Swaggart.

I think you will be blessed in listening to his sermons.

Who is Jim Cymbala?

Well, Pastor Cymbala pastors the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church.

I am a lot more familiar with the Church’s Gospel music.  Here is a link.

Here is a profile on Jim –  https://www.brooklyntabernacle.org/the-church/pastor-jim-cymbala


  • The Dangers of Pride In Ministry Jim Cymbala (The Story of David Wilkerson and Jimmy Swaggart)
  • Praying in tongues by Jim Cymbala
  • My House shall be called a House of Prayer


The Dangers of Pride in Ministry

Started off with great worship at the Brooklyn Tabernacle.

We were supposed to take communion, did not do so.

I, Jim Cymbala, was supposed to preach.  Did not preach.

Two Singers came from Nashville, Tennessee. No one sang.

Did not bother to take offering; knowing that God was moving so great, and that it will be a sin to suspend worship for any reason.

God did some heavy duty business with all of us.

Left Church and people were still there praying and worshiping.

Came home and went to take Shower.

Carol stayed behind and turned on the TV to watch the world’s greatest evangelist at the time.

This was about 20 years ago.

  • Evangelist
    • Making fun of God
    • When you are filled with the love of God, you do not make fun of other Christians
    • He said something about shooting someone if they molested his child
      • He whipped people into a frenzy
      • People shouted
      • Cheering someone getting killed?
    • God’s presence is suppose to immerse us in Love
  • David Wilkerson
    • God gave a prophetic word
    • Shut it down
    • If you don’t shut it down, I God will shut it down
    • Wrote a letter
      • Had my secretary type the letter
      • Waited on God, prayer that if it is really you, God, who is giving me this word, have someone else call me
  • Jimmy Swaggart response
    • You do not understand the anointing I have on me
    • I am bringing in over a million every week
    • What do you mean, shut it down
    • JS reply to DW “Your word from the Lord is way out in left field
    • When you stop listening, bad things start to happen
  • Why give the gospel, if he does not want us to preach it
  • When we honor God, God honors us
  • Do not preach current events
  • Andrew Murray and TS Brown
  •  Prayer
    • If you listen to me when I talk, I will listen to you when you talk
  • Church Service
    • If the Lord could lead the Israelites for 40 years, can’t he lead you through one service
    • Holy Ghost
      • Programmed down to the minutes, with no opportunity for the Holy Ghost to come down and talk to us
  • Preaching
    • Ministers getting their sermons out of a book instead of waiting on the Lord and hearing what God wants to say to the Church
    • Listening to God
      • When we stop hearing what God is saying, I don’t care how many you are running, it is not a Christian Church
      • He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches
  • Spiritual Warfare
    • Plastic sermons are not going to cut it today, there is too much Evil
    • The devil has a Satanic anointing on those serving him

My house shall be called a house of prayer

  • Prayer
    • If you can beat the devil on prayer meeting night, you can beat him on every other level
    • You will have an appetite for the things of God