Rich unto all

Background Our title verse reads "Rich unto all".   Modern Move of God In our modern move of God, pastors will rather preach on:- Politics Kingdom Now Theology Heavenly Journeys Sexuality   Damon Thompson Yet, if they look, the pews are empty. If they lock in, people's problems is growing ever so acute. I like … Continue reading Rich unto all

Derek Carr:- Spirituality & Leadership

Background Never would know anything about Derek Carr, if not for my man Damon Thompson.   Leadership Here is Derek Carr's take on leadership.   Story   LAS VEGAS -- Derek Carr, his voice cracking at times and his eyes growing watery, spoke on a number of subjects in the Las Vegas Raiders quarterback's weekly media conference Wednesday, … Continue reading Derek Carr:- Spirituality & Leadership

Modern-Day YouTube Prophets

Family Family, let us be really careful, watchful, sober-minded, and diligent with these modern-day prophets.   Outline Message Political Specific Issue Small-Group Heaven Based? Fall Away Love Liberty   In-depth   Message Political Their message is political and state-based. It only lasts for a time and season. It does not endure.   Specific Issue It … Continue reading Modern-Day YouTube Prophets

Damon Thompson – 2020/Sept

Videos Damon Thompson--A Lamb/Giant Killer(2015) Profile Damon speaking at Emerald Coast Worship Centre in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. He's expounding on 1 Samuel 17: 30-37. Teaching on what the real deliverance of God looks like by killing the lions and bears that are trying to take a Lamb out of your life. Videos Video #1 … Continue reading Damon Thompson – 2020/Sept

Season of Take – Overwhelmed ( Day -01 )

Background In a season of take,  it is easy to be overwhelmed. Cope Notes Here are some resources that can help one cope. Holiness Your holiness is important You have given and are giving so much already Please do not part with your holiness Naturally Produced Look for things your body can naturally produce Unfortunately, … Continue reading Season of Take – Overwhelmed ( Day -01 )

David said “Let no man’s heart fail on account of him” ( 1st Samuel – 17:32 )

  Scriptures  1st Samuel David Accepts the Challenge David said to Saul "Let no man’s heart fail on account of him" ( 1st Samuel - 17:32 ) [ Link ] Joshua Caleb Requests Hebron …still as strong today as I was the day Moses sent me out. As my strength was then, so it is … Continue reading David said “Let no man’s heart fail on account of him” ( 1st Samuel – 17:32 )

Orphan Spirit

  Sermons & Discussions Damon Thompson First Things First Altar Call Video #1 Link Leif Hetland Healing the Orphaned Spirit – Leif Hetland Profile Leif tells the story of his search for love and affirmation during a broken childhood filled with sexual abuse and addiction and the baptism in God’s love that changed everything. Videos … Continue reading Orphan Spirit

Damon Thompson / 2019 – Summer

  Videos First Wednesday | Damon Thompson Videos Video #1 Channel:- Celebration Church Published On:- 2019-April-8th Link In-Depth First Wednesday | Damon Thompson Divine Restriction Outlive you Outlast you Long Path Release you from anxiety that can not endure the burn Spirit of God came upon Where are Samuel and David? Saul had the same … Continue reading Damon Thompson / 2019 – Summer

The Altar Conference / 2019

  Videos Francis Chan Francis Chan | Session 3 | The Altar Conference 2019 Profile A sermon by Francis Chan on the second day of The Altar Conference in Fresno, California.  The Altar Conference 2019  Videos Video #1 Channel :- The Altar Published on Jun 21, 2019 Link Mattie Montgomery Mattie Montgomery | Session 1 … Continue reading The Altar Conference / 2019

Speaking Loudly to God

Standing In Line Standing in line picking lunch for the family earlier today, I met a man with a cross on his neck. I asked him about his walk. Cross Around Our Necks I figure if you have a cross around your neck, you better have a good story. Nothing New He looked at me … Continue reading Speaking Loudly to God