Chuck Missler – Spiritual Gifts

Discussions Spiritual Gifts Session 03 Crossed Out On :- 2018-Dec-5th Link Chuck Missler - Spiritual Gifts - 03 Psalm 2 All three ( God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit ) speaking to each other In a conference, someone asked "Are these seats saved?" Chuck replied, "They are not even under conviction" Gifts of Tongues Common Wrongs … Continue reading Chuck Missler – Spiritual Gifts

Jacob Prasch – Gifts of the Spirit

Background Brother Jacob Prasch places the third person of the trinity, the Holy Spirit, on the stand and delivers a cross examination. Definition Before espousing on Jacob's work let us see what area of study to place it in. As always, Wikipedia equips us. Pneumatology Pneumatology is the study of spiritual beings and phenomena, especially … Continue reading Jacob Prasch – Gifts of the Spirit