Amy Orr-Ewing, RZIM


I have always been impressed by Ravi Zachariah’s ability to move the needle and make it cool to think into things.

And, hopefully move the heart as the mind washes out.

In the last few months, I have returned to find solace as a deep toes into matters of the heart.

I wanted to see which women outside of Alycia Wood is part of the RZIM’s ministry.

And, landed here. ( )

Amy Orr-Ewing

Please listen along with me to Amy Orr-Ewing.



  1. Is Christianity bad news for women? | Amy Orr-Ewing
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        Channel :- Zacharias Trust
        Published On :- 2017-July-24th

In Depth

Is Christianity bad news for women? | Amy Orr-Ewing

  1. Gordon Brown
    • Isaiah
  2. Why not
    • Why not be sexist
  3. Accountability
    • We will be held in account for how we have lived
  4. Women
    • Objectified
      • Less Human
      • Physical Attributes
      • Sexual Object
    • Objectified Body
      • Seeing one self through the lens of an outside observer
        • Body Shaming
      • Consequence
        • Reduce perception of competence
    • Sexual Violence