Fulton John Sheen – American bishop (later archbishop) of the Catholic Church

  Videos Fulton Sheen: The Fourth Great Crisis in the Church Profile This talk by Fulton Sheen relates to what he saw would become the fourth great crisis in the Church, and how a person that wanted to be a Catholic could both be in the world, but not be of it. Videos Video #1 … Continue reading Fulton John Sheen – American bishop (later archbishop) of the Catholic Church

Chad Ripperger – Spiritual Theology

Prelude As always Father Chad Ripperger delivers a No-Nonsense teaching on the Holy Ghost / Holy Spirit. Videos Spiritual Theology: Gifts of the Holy Ghost ~ Fr Ripperger Profile The 4th part of the lectures on spiritual theology. The gifts of the holy spirit are the topic of this one. What are they? For more … Continue reading Chad Ripperger – Spiritual Theology

Fr Chad Ripperger – Generational Spirits

  Discussions Generational Spirits ~ Fr Chad Ripperger What are generational spirits & how do they influence families, regions, diocese, individuals, etc? Published On :- 2017-March-9th Part 1 Link Part 2 Link Part 3 Link Fr. Ripperger: Generational Spirits Conference Part 2:- Discernment Part Two of a 3 part series - the complexity and details … Continue reading Fr Chad Ripperger – Generational Spirits

Sensus Fidelium

Prelude A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a set of videos published via YouTube by¬†Sensus Fidelium.   Sensus Fidelium Wikipedia Sensus fidei (sense of the faith), also called sensus fidelium (sense of the faithful) when exercised by the body of the faithful as a whole, is "the supernatural appreciation of faith on the part … Continue reading Sensus Fidelium