Pastor Jack Deere

Biography Scholastic Upon a tragic event in his life, there came about a profound change towards scholarship. He attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, where he majored in Philosophy. After graduation from TCU in 1971, he attended Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) concentrating in Greek and Hebrew study of the Bible and earning both a … Continue reading Pastor Jack Deere

Danny Thomas

Personhood Early Life At birth, Danny Thomas was given the name Amos Muzyad Yaqoob Kairouz. He was the fifth of ten children born to Charles Yaqoob Kairouz and his wife Margaret Taouk. Charles and Magaret were Maronite Christian immigrants from Bsharri, Lebanon. He was married to Rose Marie Cassaniti. Stage Name He was part of … Continue reading Danny Thomas

Fr Ripperger

Videos Guardian Angels ~ Fr Ripperger Profile A lecture on Angels. What are they? How do they be? What do they do? How can we grow in our relationship to our guardian angel? How did we get our guardian angel? What can guardian angels do & not do? Videos Video #1 Channel:- Sensus Fidelium Date … Continue reading Fr Ripperger

Father Robert Spitzer, S J

Profile Robert J. Spitzer SJ is a Jesuit priest, philosopher, educator, author, speaker, and retired President of Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. Videos  Transcendent Soul The Remarkable Evidence of a Transcendent Soul - Fr Robert Spitzer, S J Profile The Remarkable Evidence of a Transcendent Soul: Responding to the Myth of Metaphysical Materialism - 2016 … Continue reading Father Robert Spitzer, S J

Eric Gilmour:- Intercession Instrumental

Videos In Songs PROPHETIC INTERCESSION INSTRUMENTAL PROPHETIC INTERCESSION INSTRUMENTAL PART TWO Videos Video #1 Channel:- Eric Gilmour Date Published:- 2018-September-23rd Date Added:- 2021-February-22nd Link PROPHETIC INTERCESSION INSTRUMENTAL - PART 3 Videos Video #1 Channel:- Eric Gilmour Date Published:- 2019-June-8th Date Added:- 2021-February-22nd Link PROPHETIC INTERCESSION INSTRUMENTAL Videos Video #1 Channel:- Eric Gilmour Date Published:- 2017-December-6th … Continue reading Eric Gilmour:- Intercession Instrumental

Pope Francis :- 15 Point Examination of Conscience ( 2014 )

Preface Link Six years ago, on December 22nd, 2014, Pope Francis in a hard hitting talk on the eve of Christmas, called on all the members of the Roman Curia to examine their consciences on 15 possible “diseases” (“illnesses”) that they may have contracted during their lives in the service of the church. Addressing the … Continue reading Pope Francis :- 15 Point Examination of Conscience ( 2014 )

Pope Francis – 2020/December

Background Pope Francis continues to be that Church leader who was obviously chosen for a time such as this. Links National Catholic Reporter Francis warns Vatican officials their conflicts polarize Catholic Church Author:- Joshua J. McElwee Date Posted:- 2020-January-21st Link Polarization Warned that the Catholic Church can become polarized if the prelates appear always at … Continue reading Pope Francis – 2020/December

Orthodox Church & Covid-19

Background Covid-19 continues a massive death spiral.   Lineage Coronavirus & The Church Link   Churches Serbia Orthodox Church Passed Thus Far Bishop Amfilohije Bishop Irinej Irinej, 90, died Friday, three weeks after attending Amfilohije’s funeral in neighboring Montenegro, during which mourners kissed his remains in an open casket. A Bit Ill Bishop David of … Continue reading Orthodox Church & Covid-19

Spiritual Leaders that passed in 2020

Passing Christian Ravi Zacharias David Pawson Dates Passing:- 2020-May-21st Bio Wikipedia Link Morris Cerullo Stories San Diego Union-Tribune Obituary: Morris Cerullo — 1931-2020: Famed televangelist opened Bible-themed attraction in San Diego Link Joseph Lowery Profile American minister and activist President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (1977–1997) Rev. Ron Hampton Church New Vision Community Church, … Continue reading Spiritual Leaders that passed in 2020

Spiritual Gifts:- Discernment of Spirits

Background Continuing our series on Spiritual Gifts. In this post we will cover Discerning of Spirits.   General ( As a repose, Let us quickly cover what Spiritual Gifts are ) In general, gifts anchor God's headship.  And, man's responsibility towards God's mission. Spiritual Gifts Scripture Root The Root of Jesse - Isaiah 11:1-3 [ … Continue reading Spiritual Gifts:- Discernment of Spirits