Suleiman the Magnificent

Intro Based on listening in on one of Robert Mawire's video, decided to google on Suleiman. Here are some of what I found: ISRAIR Airlines & Tourism Holy Sites in Jerusalem Link Throughout the history of Jerusalem, the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths have treasured the sacredness of the Holy Land and its Holy City … Continue reading Suleiman the Magnificent

Catholic :- Mysteries of the Church

Narratives Hosted by Carolyn Morrison here is a series of short videos. Mysteries of the Church :- The Church and WWII Link Mysteries of the Church: The Crusades Published On: 2013-Feb-04 Link Mysteries of the Church: Gifts Published On: 2013-Feb-02 Link 27 Catholic Mysteries Gifts of The Holy Spirit Published On: 2013-Nov-07 Link Mysteries of … Continue reading Catholic :- Mysteries of the Church

The Crusades, An Arab Perspective

  The Crusades, An Arab Perspective - Part 1: Shock The dramatic story of the Crusades seen through Arab eyes. In this first of a four-part series, we look at the background to the holy wars and the First Crusade's conquest of Jerusalem, a holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims. Published On :- 2016-Dec-7th … Continue reading The Crusades, An Arab Perspective

The Crusades – Pope Urban II – First Crusade

Background As part of catching up on the term Caliph, got sidetracked a bit into Crusades as well. On Nov 27th, 1095, 921 Years ago today, Pope Urban II ordered the First Crusade.   Write-Up 1095 Pope Urban II orders first Crusade Link Videos Pope Urban II's Speech Preaching the First Crusade Link     … Continue reading The Crusades – Pope Urban II – First Crusade