Church in Society – Politicization of Religion – 2016/Oct


There is an increasing politicization of religion.

In years past I have listened to a couple of voices that talk about the interplay of Religion, Politics, and Culture.

Those voices includes:

  1. Jacob Prasch
    • He refers to a certain teaching he calls “Dominion Theology


In the weeks ahead, I will add other voices.


Here are some videos..

  1. Dr. Lance Wallnau
    • Jim Bakker Show
      • Trump: God’s Chaos Candidate (with Dr. Lance Wallnau)
        On Jim Bakker Show
        Published On: 2016-10-22
        Added On: 2016-10-22
      • Two Election Choices: Soros or Cyrus (With Dr. Lance Wallnau)
        Join Zach Drew and Sasha Volz as they interview Dr. Lance Wallnau on his new book 
        Published On: 2016-10-22
        Added On: 2016-10-22
    • Dr. Lance Wallnau DVD
      • Dr. Lance Wallnau, speaker convention 2016 Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship America, SAT 8 PM
        Published On:- 2014-Aug-24
        Added on:- 2016-Oct-23
    • Ask with Dr. Brown
      • An Interview with Lance Wallnau on “God’s Chaos Candidate.”
        Interview with Dr. Brown
        Published On: 2012-Oct-20
        Added On : 2016-Oct-22
    • Lance Wallnau – Trump’s Latest (October 24, 2016)
      • Published On : 2016-Oct-24
        Added On :- 2016-Oct-25
    • Dr Lance Wallnau interview with Patricia King!  (October 24, 2016)
      • Published On : 2016-Oct-27
        Added On : 2016-Oct-27
    • Lance Wallnau – “R” rated election commentary… not for faint of heart (November 6, 2016)
      • Published On : 2016-11-07
        Added On : 2016-11-07
    • Seven Mountain Strategy
    • Seven Mountain Strategy
  2. Mike Thompson
    • Donald Trump: Mike Thompson’s Heavenly Vision
      Mike shares a vision he received from the Lord on April 7. It’s about Donald Trump. What does the 2016 Presidential Election have to do with Revival in America?
      What about the political spirits of Jezebel and Pharisee? What are God’s prayer strategies and instructions?
      Published On :- Apr 12, 2016

    • Are YOU Being Buffeted? A Vision! Donald Trump & the Body of Christ
      • Mike shares another heavenly vision: The enemy’s attempt to ‘sift’ Donald Trump and the Body of Christ, at this pivotal point in history. What are the 5 main tactics the enemy uses to ‘buffet’ believers?
        Learn the keys to maintaining your focus and staying on assignment, even in tumultuous times.
        Published On: 2016-Oct-3rd
    • Effective Spiritual Warfare – Will Donald Trump Win the Election?
      • Sunday, Oct 23, 2016. What is God’s will for this election? Las Vegas pastor Mike talks about different kinds of spiritual warfare — and ways believers can effectively use their authority in Christ.
        Choosing not to vote is the worst choice you can make! 
    • Mark Taylor
        • Published On :- 2016-Oct-24
          Added On :- 2016-Oct-29
      • ****DONALD TRUMP PROPHECY**** MARK TAYLOR prophesies
        • Published On :- 2016-Oct-13
          Donald Trump will abolish the 501 (c)3 tax exempt status for churches.
          Currently churches are tax exempt through the 501 c 3 non profit status. This status has acted as a government bribe that says churches don’t have to pay taxes but lose their rights of free speech. D trump met will 40 of Americas biggest pastors to discuss this problem. This will end.. Churches will pay taxes and will gain their voice back!!!


Dr. Lance Wallnau

Jim Bakker Show

Trump: God’s Chaos Candidate (with Dr. Lance Wallnau)

  1. God wake up Church
    1. Joel Olsen will not be picked
    2. Religious Spirit get into the Church
    3. Self absorbed and affluent
    4. Predators have gotten into this garden
    5. Christians have being UN-alarmed
  2. Seal being broken
    • Battle for Nations
  3. We want to separate ourselves from Politics, Arts, and Business
    • We want to separate ourselves
    • Pray at a distance
    • But, the calling of the great commission is not to “Pray yee unto all the world, but to go into all the world
    • We have to get into the systems that change the World
  4. But, we have get into the Culture
  5. Isaiah 45
    • I have anointed you though you have not known me
  6. Trump said
    • He started the Make America great again
    • And, during his journey he started to get close to the Church
  7. Where we are
    • Whether he has prayed or not does not matter to me
      • Whether he has prayed the same prayer I have prayed
    • Battle for Christian Civilization
  8. Mutual Affection
    • He loves Pentecostals
    • He does not know the difference between Evangelicals and Pentecostals
    • But, he loves the ones that are Spirit filled
    • Because those are the ones he can get excited about when they are talking



Isaiah 45