Benny Hinn On “Prosperity Gospel”

Background Some of these posts are tough. But, this one is so gratifying as the man himself speaks of conviction. Videos "Prosperity Gospel" Benny Hinn REPENTS of prosperity gospel Profile Benny Hinn from Benny Hinn Ministries has repented of preaching the prosperity gospel and promises to not do seed offering teaching anymore. Videos Video #1 … Continue reading Benny Hinn On “Prosperity Gospel”

Scripture Studies and Numerology – Day 01

Prelude Based on YouTube suggestion ran into Jan Markell's video. It has been eye opening and as she name names, googled on terminologies and people. Jan Markell Here is her video :- Jan Markell on the Mockery of Bible Prophecy Link Numerology John Smith I am using John Smith to replace an actual name. As … Continue reading Scripture Studies and Numerology – Day 01

Jan Markell :- Prophecy – “Damage has been done”

Background Lately, the Headlines have been anything but good. Whether it be Br-exit, Federal Government Shutdown in the US, Los Angeles School Teachers on Strike, and on and on. The Church The Church which is supposed to provide a strong and stable voice has not done much better. Jan Markell Jan Markell offers a quick … Continue reading Jan Markell :- Prophecy – “Damage has been done”