Chris White – Apocalyptic Literature

Background Based on tally of what posts is getting the most hits this morning, it is likely time to post something on Apocalyptic literature. Videos The 7 year Covenant is Not a Peace Agreement Videos Video #1 Channel :- Chris White Published On :- 2014-July-25th Link Top 10 Reasons Obama is NOT the Antichrist Videos … Continue reading Chris White – Apocalyptic Literature

Islamic AntiChrist?

Background As someone who wastes a lot of time on YouTube, I have listened in on a couple of videos that postulate the "Islamic AntiChrist" narrative. Advisory I think it is important to acknowledge before hand that the listed videos contain strong and potentially offensive comments and rebuttals. In my personal life, I really do … Continue reading Islamic AntiChrist?

Messiah Ben Joseph

Background This is a subject that I will rather not touch, but it is an interesting one that has very low YouTube hits.   Introduction Chris White There is a relatively straight to the point Christian that I found on YouTube. He has an interesting take on the Rapture.  He believes in something called Prewrath … Continue reading Messiah Ben Joseph

Christian Sermons – 2014/Oct

Background Courtesy of YouTube, I have watched more than my fair share of sermons lately. Though the sermons are publicly available, I wanted to package and acknowledge them in a more concise & precise format. Yet, publicly sharing the list is fraught with risks. The reasons are vast and include the fact that: I started … Continue reading Christian Sermons – 2014/Oct