Francis Schaeffer :- “This is That” Fallacy

Quotes Abandon from preaching the bible and move to wild prophetic revelation Francis Schaeffer This event in our time is a fulfillment of that prophecy in the bible.   Videos Francis Schaeffer Videos Video Link   Reflections Os Guinness Crosswalk ( Link ) Question Do people ask you if we are living in the end … Continue reading Francis Schaeffer :- “This is That” Fallacy

Frank Schaeffer – “You won Mom. I believe”.

  Background A few years ago, I heard Ravi Zacharias speak on the Schaffer family. To paraphrase he said "though Francis Schaeffer is the the Apologist in the family, it was his mother, Edith's love, that finally wore Frank down". Ravi made sure to say the column appeared in a liberal news outlet, Huffington Post. … Continue reading Frank Schaeffer – “You won Mom. I believe”.