Jackie Hill Perry:- Preached Word

  Videos Watch Your Mouth (James 3:1-12) Profile Recorded at The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference 2021 Gospel Web Site:- http://www.jackiehillperry.com Videos Video #1 Channel:- Jackie Hill Perry Channel Published On: 2021-September-9th Date Added:- 2021-October-20th Link Scripture Watch Your Mouth (James 3:1-12) James James 3:1 - Taming the Tongue ( Link ) Not many of you … Continue reading Jackie Hill Perry:- Preached Word

Scriptures:- Spurring One Another To Good Deeds

Background Here are a few scriptures that encourage loving and helping each other.   Pretext As I read through the comments section of the Yahoo article on Heath Care Subsidy, I had to go back and look at scripture. BTW, the article is availed here:- Doug Whiteman The Biden stimulus offer of free health insurance … Continue reading Scriptures:- Spurring One Another To Good Deeds

Dr. Craig Keener, A Christian Theologian

Profile The Remnant Radio is currently hosted by:- Josh Lewis Michael Mitchell   Videos The Remnant Radio Testing the Prophets - Testing the Prophecies Given in 2020 Segments Dr. Craig Keener Date Published:- 2021-June-19th Date Added:- 2021-June-19th Link Full Testing the Prophets - Testing the Prophecies Given in 2020 Channel:- The Remnant Radio Date Streamed … Continue reading Dr. Craig Keener, A Christian Theologian

T.B. Joshua:- Memorialized

Disclaimer This post is not to encourage or promote any of the persons or ministry noted herein. It is intended to educate and not lead people down a ministerial path.   Background Chuck Missler likes to note that there are some areas that are above each of our pay grades. Deliverance ministry is one of … Continue reading T.B. Joshua:- Memorialized

Apostle Joshua Selman

Videos ATTACK THE DEMON SPIRITS FIRST BEFORE DOING ANY PHYSICAL THING | APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN Profile ATTACK THE DEMON SPIRITS FIRST BEFORE DOING ANY PHYSICAL THING | APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN Videos Video #1 Channel:- Christian House Published On:- 2021-April-14th Date Added:- 2021-April-14th Link SATAN HAS A WEAKNESS, USE IT | Apostle Joshua Selman Podcasts Videos … Continue reading Apostle Joshua Selman

Spiritual Gifts – Word of Wisdom

Background Will like to start a series on Spiritual Gifts. General In general, gifts anchor God's headship.  And, man's responsibility towards God's mission. Spiritual Gifts Scripture Root The Root of Jesse - Isaiah 11:1-3 [ Link ] Then a shoot will spring up from the stump of Jesse, and a Branch from his roots will … Continue reading Spiritual Gifts – Word of Wisdom

Apostle Joshua Selman

Videos Short Segments MUST WATCH!! MY GREATEST FEAR IN LIFE - Apostle Joshua Selman Profile This is a must watch for every believer. As Apostle Joshua Selman reveals what his greatest fear is. You will surely be blessed by it. Videos Video #1 Channel:- Revival Alert Date Published:- 2020-July-4th Link Mystery of Delay MYSTERY OF … Continue reading Apostle Joshua Selman

Spiritual :- Soul & Spirit

  Videos Life, Hope & Truth Soul vs. Spirit Profile Soul vs. Spirit: The Role of the Spirit of Man Profile In addition to the human soul, the Bible speaks of “the spirit in man” as well. What is that spirit, how is it different from a soul, and why does it matter?  Videos Soul … Continue reading Spiritual :- Soul & Spirit

Apostle Herman L. Murray

  Videos "SEDUCING SPIRITS AND DOCTRINES OF DEVILS” Apostle Herman L. Murray Videos Video #1 Channel :- 214mrobjy Published :- 2015-Dec-3rd Added :- 2020-January-19th Link FGHT Dallas: Perilous Times Will Come Videos Video #1 Channel :- Full Gospel Holy Temple Published :- 2016-April-12th Added :- 2020-January-24th Link FGHT Dallas: The Mark of the Beast Videos … Continue reading Apostle Herman L. Murray

God and Doors

Background I was  listening to an interview a week or two ago, the interviewer asked this person what are your thoughts. The person been interviewed said I don't know. I have not read the material.  And, I will not do so. Scripture Genesis Cain & Abel If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? … Continue reading God and Doors