Ministries & Church Leadership

Background Along the line of Angel Tree, one of our Church's Prison Ministry initiative, I will like to touch on a surprising illumination that I received just yesterday. It is in ministries that back sitters like myself get to interact a bit more with our Church Leadership. Season As we weigh our options and make … Continue reading Ministries & Church Leadership

Angel Tree – 2020 – Virtual

Background Because of Covid-19, our Church opted to participate in Virtual Angel Tree this year. Lineage Traditional Traditional Path - 2020 Link   Virtual Here are the steps for going taking the virtual steps:- - Communicate Choice Inform the Angel Tree Coordinators @ PrisonFellowship.Org that your church prefers the virtual track this year Indicate … Continue reading Angel Tree – 2020 – Virtual

Angel Tree – 2020 – Traditional

Background Because of Covid-19, our Church opted to participate in Virtual Angel Tree this year. Lineage Virtual Virtual Path - 2020 Link Traditional Historically, we go the traditional route.  Here is what that entails. We get a list of Angels We divvy up the list among coordinators Each coordinator contacts the caregivers for his or … Continue reading Angel Tree – 2020 – Traditional

Angel Tree – 2019 – Gift Sorting

Tasks Done Gift Sorting We have just about all the gifts we are going to get back received. We took both days, Saturday and Sunday, to lock ourselves away and start bagging them.   Pray Over Them As we were finishing up yesterday, we knew we need to pray over them. Next Packaging Packaging gifts … Continue reading Angel Tree – 2019 – Gift Sorting

Angel Tree – 2019 – “Saying Hello”

Background We are deep into November and it is time to start doing those things that makes this season of the year so very special for so many people. Diwali Lated, Belated, Happy Diwali to my Hindu friends. What is Diwali ? Diwali is the festival of lights. It symbolises the spiritual "victory of light … Continue reading Angel Tree – 2019 – “Saying Hello”

Angel Tree – 2018 – Chapter 03

Background It is Sunday and back in the House of worship. In between services wanted to get in another chapter. The Church I recollect the words of William Temple sharing that the "The Church is the only institution that exists primarily for the benefit of those who are not its members." And, there is a lot … Continue reading Angel Tree – 2018 – Chapter 03

Angel Tree – 2018 – Chapter 02

Prelude Yesterday, Friday, was a good day.  Experienced an unusual intimacy.   Intercessory Prayer An answered call A I reviewed our list of Angels, I came across a family with two boys.  I called their grandmother to crosscheck whether the gifts have in fact been delivered. But, unfortunately she was not reachable. I thus called … Continue reading Angel Tree – 2018 – Chapter 02

Angel Tree – 2018 – Chapter 01

Background Wanted to start journaling our experience with Angel Tree 2018. Two Daughters I called a caretaker and inquired about her three grand children.  She confirmed the gift requests and we were good. Before moving on to the next family on our list, I noticed that she is the matriarch of that family as well. … Continue reading Angel Tree – 2018 – Chapter 01

Life in Ministry – The CareTakers – 2017/Dec

  As I attested in an earlier post it is mostly grandmothers and mothers raising the children of those locked in. And, so our interaction is mostly with women.   A Big Brother & Twin Sisters About 3 years ago, Wifey and I drove about an hour to go drop off this particular gift.  The … Continue reading Life in Ministry – The CareTakers – 2017/Dec

Holiday Gift Cards

Angel Tree Each year at the Fellowship in which I worship we buy gifts for children of “Shut in Parents”. This particular social fabric is called Angel Tree.   Congregants For Year 2017, we have a lot more Angels requesting gift certificates. After looking for actual gifts on the tree, many congregants smugly walked away … Continue reading Holiday Gift Cards