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  1. Adam Blai – Demonology Seminar (Audio)
    • Video
    • Published on :- 2016-Apr 23
    • Occasion :- Adam Blai speaking at One Faith Experience – April 2016.
  2. Catholic Demonologist Adam Blai On Demonic Possession



Adam Blai – Demonology Seminar (Audio)

  1. Exorcist
    • Only a priest can do exorcist by Canon Law
  2. Participation
    • Over 100 solemn exorcism
  3. Unworthiness
    • I am not holy
    • Do not be afraid to do what God the father has called you to do
    • Do not let Satan trick you into thinking you are not holy, you are not equipped
    • He is going to use if you say Yes
  4. Reasons
    • Do not do it for
      • Excitement
      • Selfish reasons
    • Do it
      • It has to be because you are called
      • Asked to serve
        • By Bishop or elder
  5. Election
    • God allows us to be tempted
      • So that we can exercise free will
      • Grants us an opportunity to love God and be obedient to God
      • Corrective experiences
        • Enter into a deeper relationship with God
        • God allows extraordinary activities so that we can know the limits of our power & grace
  6. Permission
    • The Devil can not do anything unless permitted God
  7. Authority
    • Authority given by Jesus to the Apostles
    • Permission to Bishop
      • Bishop lent to the Priest
    • Oversight
      • Do not want to exercise if patient is
        • Mentally ill
        • Physically ill
  8. Demons
    • Demons are fallen Angels
    • At Creation
      • They had a ministry
      • They had work assignment

Drs Mike and DeeDee Freeman – Living By Faith – “The LifeStyle”



  1. Living By Faith “The Lifestyle”
    Living by Faith with Drs Mike and DeeDee Freeman presents a very special set of shows on the topic of the life of homosexuals.
    The panel features four individuals who are partners of Spirit of Faith Christian Center in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan Area.
    Named for the way that these individuals refer to their past, “The Lifestyle” is a 5 part series of shows in which the four panelists explain their journey into and out of the homosexual lifestyle.
    We pray that this broadcast will make you F.R.E.E. (Fully Restored, Educated, Empowered)

    • Participants
      • Corey Smith
      • Nyjah Easton
      • Jennifer Tyler
      • Jen’tel Stewart
    • Parts
      • Part 1-Jennifer Turns Out
      • Part 2-Nyjah Turns Out/Corey’s Past
        Published On :- 2012-Oct-25
      • Part 3- Corey’s Story
        Published On :- 2012-Oct-25
      • Part 4
      • Part 5



  1. Dewayne Freeman, Sr.
    • Integrity Below the Belt: Escaping the Sex Trap
      Sex has become such a huge part of the world’s culture; It has invaded the media and entertainment industries, as well as the home and school environments. God’s gift to married men and women has been exploited (or perverted) and integrated into our everyday lives. Pornography, molestation, prostitution, sex trafficking, adultery, premarital sex, and activities as such are rampant among us. As this generation becomes overtaken by the consequences of satisfying lustful desires, it is crucial that we teach and enforce God’s original intent for sexual intimacy. Integrity Below the Belt is an essential teaching, founded upon Biblical principles, designed to educate and empower readers to live a life of sexual purity. Understanding that sexual purity is applicable to everyone, in every stage of life, this message speaks to the young and old, married and single, male and female audiences. Prepare your heart to receive revelatory principles that will ignite and increase your commitment to live a sexually pure lifestyle.
  2. Jennifer Lucy
    • Dried Tears
      Jennifer Schumpert is a young woman who has discovered her life’s purpose is to empower and encourage others by providing them with the tools they need to discover their purpose and ultimately walk in wholeness.

In Depth

Living By Faith “The Lifestyle”

Part 1

  1. Jennifer Lucy
    • She is married now
      • And, she and her husband, have made an old thing, an old thing
    • It is my responsibility to go back and bring people out of there
    • The reason being that I introduced people to that lifestyle in the first place
    • Where did those feelings go?
      • When you are renewing your mind, those feelings will line up with the “Word of God
    • In dreams, feelings sometimes still come back
      • But, my husband and I sit down, and pray over it
  2. Familiar Spirits
    • People who are part of the lifestyle can come up and approach
    • They know that feelings were part of our makeup
  3. Nyjah Easton
    • After my first Sexual encounter, the floodgates opened
  4. Help Others
    • Because of new found freedom, you are free


Part 2-Nyjah Turns Out/Corey’s Past

  1. Nyjah Easton
    • Parents were in ministry and getting people saved
    • Father
      • Father said because you fought me so hard made me want to try even harder
      • I talk with my Dad everyday
      • He said, I do not know what to say, but I will show you the word
    • Mother
      • Mum was very emotional
    • I was temporarily insane
  2. Corey Smith
    • Family split up because of domestic violence
    • Went to stay with extended family
      • Abused by older cousin
      • Fought off cousin
      • Cousin started abusing younger sister
      • Gave himself to older cousin in place of sister; in hopes of protecting sister
    • Never had a strong male figure
      • Father was not present
      • Being raised by women and started taking upon female ways
      • Lead to being ridiculed by school mates
        • Called names
        • After a while the names started taking roots
    • Dated women
      • Dated women, but could not quite get it right
    • Wanted to change body
      • Thought I was a woman trapped in a man’s body
      • And, so wanted to change my gender
      • Started to crossdress
      • And, sought out ways to look more softer
      • Devil started to line everything up
      • Coming into contact with people that had everything I need
      • But, after while something stopped me
      • Hairiness
        • My friend, had the time, said it might not fit me, as I was too hairy
        • Went DL ( DownLow)
    • God stepped in
      • I did not know at the time, but now I know it was God
      • I was OK where I was
        • And, so I thought yes I am OK where I was, or so I thought
    • Family Support
      • Godly Aunt
        • I had a Godly Aunt who knew what was going on
        • And, she had a talk with my Mother and told her what was going on
        • Further, she warned her “not to turn her back on me
    • Lead by the Spirit
      • Lead by the Spirit went to Church one day
        • I was laying in bed, but felt I needed to go to Church
        • Put clothes on and started walking
      • At Church
        • Stood up and started crying out to the Lord
    • I was at the Metro Station, lady drove up
      • Said I know you, and saw you at the Church
      • Said
        • Please come to my House and have dinner
        • She said I want you to come live with us, till then she never told me she knew what was going on with me
        • I get emotional when I talk about it
        • A lot of leaders at that particular Church knew what was going on with me also
        • They tried to convince her to not let me live with her, cause she has a son
        • But she said
          • NO, cause I know what Holy Spirit is telling me
          • He is coming to live with me

Part 3- Corey’s Story

  1. Happy when intoxicated
  2. Laws of diminishing returns
    • Turn to addiction
  3. God Equip
    • God never equipped me to take care of another woman.
    • Neither has he equipped a man to take care of another man.


Part 4- Corey’s Story

  1. I have been loved all along
    I just did not want to accept it.
    But, I have been loved
  2. When I got with my other family, I got comfortable
  3. She will call me a “Woman of God
  4. Filled with the Holy Spirit
    • Things started to feel different
    • Best friend was killed a month later after receiving the Holy Spirit
  5. Personal Conversation
    • I think I am called to the ministry
    • I started researching bible school online
    • I have to move back home because I

Part 5

  1. Words and Prayers that were established on my behalf
  2. It is important for Believers to stay in contacts
  3. Relationship with Parents
    • God used me to get my parents saved
    • I can finally say that I am love you


Follow Up

Nyjah Easton

  1. Got married in July 2015
    • Nyjah Easton and Joseph Rollins, Jr.


Sermons & Discussions – 2017/June


  1. Jacob Prasch
    • Isaiah’s Sons and Last Days Obsession with Conspiracy Theories
      Published On :- 2017-May-31st



Isaiah’s Sons and Last Days Obsession with Conspiracy Theories – Jacob Prasch

  1. Parallels between last days of Southern & Northern Kingdom
    • 585 / 586 BC :- Judah
    • 720 / 721 BC :- Samaria
  2. Pesca” Interpretation
  3. 2 Comings
    • Cosmo Sign
    • Roman Emperor
      1. Assign numbers to control known world
      2. Economic Control of known world
      3. In Israel to be deceived
  4. First Son :- Isaiah 7:10-17 ESV
  5. Second Son :- Isaiah 8:6-7 ( ESV )
  6. Third Son :- Isaiah 9:6-7 ( ESV )
  7. Third Son :- Isaiah 9:6-7 ( ESV )
  8. It is written as an instruction to us
    • Now these things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the fulfillment of the ages has come.
      So the one who thinks he is standing firm should be careful not to fall.…
      ( 1 Corinthians 10:11 )
    • This will be written for the generation to come, That a people yet to be created may praise the LORD.
      ( Psalm 102:18 )
  9. Gird yourselves, and be broken in pieces; gird yourselves, and be broken in pieces!
    • ( Isaiah 8:9 )
  10. A Call to Fear God
    • For thus the LORD spoke to me with mighty power and instructed me not to walk in the way of this people, saying,
    • “You are not to say, It is a conspiracy!’ In regard to all that this people call a conspiracy, And you are not to fear what they fear or be in dread of it.
    • “It is the LORD of hosts whom you should regard as holy. And He shall be your fear, And He shall be your dread.…
      ( Isaiah 8:11-13 )
  11. And many among them shall stumble, and fall, and be broken, and be snared, and be taken.
    Bind up the testimony, seal the law among my disciples.
    And I will wait upon the LORD, that hideth his face from the house of Jacob, and I will look for him.
    Behold, I and the children whom the LORD hath given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the LORD of hosts, which dwelleth in mount Zion.
    ( Isaiah 8:15-18 )

    • House of Jacob
      • Eterocentric
      • Always to the Jews
    • Israel
      • Can be applied to Church
  12. To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.
    • ( Isaiah 8:20 )
  13. And they shall look unto the earth; and behold trouble and darkness, dimness of anguish; and they shall be driven to darkness.
    • ( Isaiah 8:22 )
  14. Discernment
    • Watchtower
      • I will climb up to my watchtower
        and stand at my guardpost.
        There I will wait to see what the Lord says
        and how he will answer my complaint.
        ( Habakkuk 2: 1 )
      • Then the Lord said to me,“Write my answer plainly on tablets,
        so that a runner can carry the correct message to others.
        This vision is for a future time.
        It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled.
        If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently,
        for it will surely take place.
        It will not be delayed.
        ( Habakkuk 2: 2-3 )
  15. To the Law and Testimony
    • Whenever the Lord gives a prophecy it must agree with what is already written in the scriptures
  16. Communication with the Dead
    • When God allows it
      • Saul/Samuel
        • Sign of Judgement on Saul
  17. School for Prophets?
  18. Todd Bentley
    • Female Angel
      • Todd Bentley “Emma..another experience”

        • Work up this morning and said “God why Lakeland?”
        • God says I want to give you an outpouring
        • I said I like California more than Florida
        • Those healing angel you saw in Heaven
          • Those healing Angels have come down
        • Gods says I want to release Healing
        • God is reading
        • Over 100 healing pools of Bathsheda
        • Spokane Washington
          • George G. Lake
          • Healing Room
          • Over 100,000 signs and wonders
          • Hospitals shut down because of the Healing Revival
      • Todd Bentley – Emma The Angel – “Lyin’ to My Face”

Arlington Renewal – Deacon Marques Silva – Charism/Spiritual Gifts


Catholic Diocese of Arlington is a Catholic Charismatic Church in Arlington, Virginia.


Benedict XVI: God Is Faithful But Surprising….



  1. Gifts of Words of Knowledge and Wisdom
    • Published On :- 2014-June-21st
  2. The Gift of Prophecy
    • Published On :- 2014-June-21st
  3. Gift on Tongue & Interpretation
    • Published On :-2014-June-20th



Gifts of Knowledge and Wisdom

  1. Definition
    1. Word of Wisdom
      • God enlightening a person and allows the person to know how to best handle a given situation
  2. Revelation
    • Types of Revelations
      • Divine Revelation
        • Prophetic Word
        • Encourage a Community
          • A lot of us have very good prayer time and we hear the Lord speaking to and for us
          • And, God gives us words to share with other people, but we do not want to give a word to other people that we have been praying for
          • If you have a healthy prayer life, you are supposed to be able to start speaking for/to other people
    • Lord is bringing something to Light
  3. Wisdom
    • Natural
      • Accumulate from own Life experiences
      • Lived experience, Lived Wisdom
      • Negatives
        • Insufficient
          • Sometimes our lived experience will not be enough
          • The way to we tackle live may not be enough to help those we love
          • Darkened by Original Sin
        • Dangerous
          • Little knowledge sometimes hurt us
      • Confession
        • Confession helps clear us out
    • Spiritual Wisdom
      • Scripture
      • Church Teaching
        • How she teaches it
        • Hard Study
        • Great deal of prayer
        • Clergy
        • Ecumenucal that we work with
      • Applied Knowledge
        • Study of not only Scripture, but Church Teaching, and also Gifts
    • Word of Wisdom
      • God’s Power breaking in
        • Solomon and the two mothers
      • Parables
        • Confuse people
        • Jesus spoke truthfully and openly until he was accused of being Satan
        • Difference
          • Public :- Parables
          • Private :- Open Words
      • Blindness
        • Isaiah 6
          • I will make you a mouthpiece
            • “Make the heart of this people dull,
              And their ears heavy,
              And shut their eyes;
              Lest they see with their eyes,
              And hear with their ears,
              And understand with their heart,
              And return and be healed.” – Isaiah 6:10
        • Jeremiah
          • Hear this now, O foolish people,
            Without understanding,
            Who have eyes and see not,
            And who have ears and hear not – Jeremiah 5:21
        • Ezekiel
          • “Son of man, you dwell in the midst of a rebellious house, which has eyes to see but does not see, and ears to hear but does not hear; for they are a rebellious house.”  – Ezekiel 12:2
        • Jesus/Matthew
          • For the hearts of this people have grown dull.
            Their ears are hard of hearing,
            And their eyes they have closed,
            Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears,
            Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn,
            So that I should heal them.’ – Matthew 13:15
    • Responsibility
      • You have to present something to them to get them out of that situation
  4. Worldly Wisdom
    1. For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.”
      ( 1 Corinthians 1:19  )
    2. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. As it is written: “He catches the wise in their craftiness.”
      ( 1 Corinthians 3:19  )
  5. Sin darkens the Intellect, and dumbs the will
    • Since Original Sin, our decision making has been set back
    • Gave themselves over to perverted acts
      • Romans 1:24
      • Romans 1:27
      • Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry.
        ( Colossians 3:5 )
  6. Requirements
    • Just because you have a prophetic word, just because you have a word of knowledge does not mean you have to say it
    • It does mean it is for that moment
      • Lord should I say it now
    • Is this the audience to deliver it to
    • I am so glad that the Lord is using it, but I need you to expand it
  7. Timing
    • In 1988, the Lord gave me a word for a good friend
      • The Lord said to hold it, and that she will call you
      • 12 years later she called
      • And, it was a very specific word for that moment ( 12 years later )
  8. Prophet
    •  Daniel
      • 400 years
    • Isaiah
      • 1000 years
  9. Coupled with
    • Word of Knowledge
    • Word of Prophecy
  10. Taking Care
    • Grace how to reveal insight
      • Is it for today, is it for this person, how do I say it
    • Nuances
      • Is it to be acted out
    • How to pray for that person
      • Open our hearts so that we can act it out
    • Let me become this word first before I speak it
    • Avoiding Dangers
  11. Holiness
    • Confession matters
    • Holiness matters
    • Culture matters


Words of Wisdom

  • You never minister alone
  • Ministry is personal, never private
  • Is it possible to give it in the form of a question
    • Give the person a out
    • I am still learning
  • Never minister opposite sex alone
    • Give comfort
    • Very precise
  • You need an advocate for the other person
  • Don’t let outsiders minister
    • Words of knowledge and occult knowledge are very similar and mimic each other
    • Form relationships with them
    • Know how they live their lives
    • People do
    • relatively balance
    • Do they have a good prayer live
    • baseline on where the other person is
    • To be able to properly weigh God’s word
      • Know them
      • Know their lives
    • Protect people
  • Jesus at the Well  ( John 4 )
    • Not there to speak to the person, but to the person’s heart
      • Repairer of the Breach ( Isaiah 58:12 )
  • Solitude
    • To increase gift, isolate yourself
  • Prayer
    • Pray that God can reveal things to you
    • And, lay bare my heart so that I can help others
  • When God uses us
    • When God uses us, he uses by context
    • The things that we are taken in
  • Leadership
    • Make prophetic people your best friend
    • So that you can correct and shepherd them
    • And, they will in-turn grow

Gifts of Tongue & Interpretation

  1. Ministry happens within a family
  2. Can not exceed what is written
  3. Pray for the ones you need, not the ones you like



Additional Materials

  1. Prophecy
  2. Word of Knowledge

Patrick Kennedy :- A Common struggle



A Common struggle, Patrick J. Kennedy and Stephen Fried


“Amy and our young children are what keep me on my spiritual journey of recovery and hope.  In fact, they are probably the only reason I am still alive.  They remind me every day of our most underappreciated treatment for these illnesses: love and faith.

They also remind me of the biggest reason to fight for mental health parity.  My own children are at considerable genetic risk, just as I was, of developing mental illness and addiction.  

Which means that they can, and must, be part of the first generation in American history to have their brain diseases treated like every other disease.

Our children must be part of the first generation for which routine doctor visits includes a “checkup from the neck up”.

My goal is to change the way we talk about mental illness and addiction in this country, move the conversation from a painful existence debate to a more useful and forward looking discussion about proper diagnosis and care. 

The sad truth is that while we still have so much to learn about the brain, most patients don’t even benefit from what we already know. 

More than half the people who have been diagnosed with any mental illness do not get treatment at all.  It is time to for this to change.

My hope is that by writing about and exposing the worlds I get to visit, I might be able to make your journey less isolated.  

These struggles are much more common than most people realize, but too many of us still face them alone, if we face them at all.  

That isn’t necessary, it isn’t healthy, and it isn’t how any of us want to live our lives.

I believe more than ever than ever, that we have the power to change the world for people who have mental illnesses and addictions, and for all of those whose lives are touched by these brain diseases – which is to say, all of us.

In fact, I have bet my life on it.”




  1. CBS This Morning
    • Patrick Kennedy shares secret family struggles in “A Common Struggle”
      Former Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy writes of his own mental illness and addictions, but he also looks at his parents’ problems with alcohol and his mother’s depression. Kennedy believes his father, Ted, suffered from post-traumatic stress after two of his brothers were assassinated. Kennedy joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss why he decided to reveal the Kennedy family secrets.
      Published on :- 2015-Oct-5th
    • Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, Sen. Ted Kennedy’s youngest child, has a new memoir that digs deep into his long history of mental illness and addiction. It is a story other family members did not want him to tell. His brother, Ted Kennedy Jr., called it an “inaccurate and unfair portrayal of our family.” Kennedy joins the second hour of “CBS This Morning” to discuss why he co-wrote “A Common Struggle.”
      Published on :- 2015-Oct-5th
  2. Maria Shriver
    • Architects of Change: Patrick Kennedy & Maria Shriver
      Published On :- 2106-Jan-13rd


Jonathan Haidt: Universities Are Digging Their Own Graves


  1. Jonathan Haidt: Universities Are Digging Their Own Graves
    Published On :-2017-April-2nd



  1. Micro-aggression
    • Wikipedia
      A microaggression is the casual degradation of any marginalized group. The term was coined by psychiatrist and Harvard University professor Chester M. Pierce in 1970 to describe insults and dismissals he regularly witnessed non-black Americans inflict on African Americans.
      Eventually, the term came to encompass the casual degradation of any socially marginalized group, such as the poor or the disabled.
      Psychologist Derald Wing Sue defines microaggressions as “brief, everyday exchanges that send denigrating messages to certain individuals because of their group membership”.
      The concept is frequently taught by those seeking to resist racism and oppression.
      However, a number of authors, including Bradley Campbell, Heather Mac Donald, Amitai Etzioni, Jonathan Haidt, Greg Lukianoff, Jason Manning, Ralph Nader, and Christina Hoff Sommers, have argued that the concept of microaggressions may be harmful to both individuals and society.
  2. Moral Dependency
    • Victimhood Culture
    • Culture
      • Honor Culture
        • Small insults have to be addressed by you
      • Dignity Culture
        • Trade
        • Little understanding was use
        • I will not make a little thing out of a little name calling
        • Great for diversity
        • What is happening in some small universities
          • In small egalitarian universities, authorities were been brought in to address little things
          • Everyone was trying to get prestige by showing what a victim they are
          • Or by punishing people who they feel might have harmed people
        • Where did this come
          • In the 90s, kids started to be raised by active parents
          • In response to child abduction and things of the sort, parents started to be more active in parenting their children
          • Kids noticed and started using parents as problem solvers and co-opt to punish their siblings
          • Not learnt to
            • Deal with insult
        • Encourage moral dependency
        • Mob Punishment
        • Fear of saying something wrong