There are some things in life that stays for a while.

Inclusive being Babyface songs.

I vividly remember my first Face’s song.

It is Two occasions ( here ) :-

I only think of you on two occasions.

 That is Day and Night.

I will go for broke if I could be with you.

The band’s name is “The Deele”.

In the next album, made under his own name, he made it clear it was not a broke kind of love.

He said he will go to work, return home, and cook dinner.

The song’s name is “Soon as I get home” and a copy is here.

It’s not that you require a lot
Just need some tender love and care
I give good love
I’ll buy your clothes
I’ll cook your dinner too
Soon as I get home from work
I’ll pay your rent
Your faithful lover
And I’ll never lie
For all that it’s worth

A few weeks ago, I came across a short clip ( Link ) featuring him, Tracy, their son, and Neon Deion.

And, that is when it suddenly hit me.

This guy is for real.
It was not just a song.
It is not just a song.
It is a life lived.
A living life.

At the time I first heard, it was an access card to give a voice to the way I was feeling about my teenage love.

When young, while young, one thinks feelings is enough.

So many years later, this man is still here, modeling that it does not need to stay an access card.

It does not have to stay youthful curiosity.

It could be a lived live.

Never forgetting about Fab 5 Freedy; Yo homey, I thought it was just a song.

My very BAD.

Nipsey Hussle


Days of listening to Rap is way behind me.

No radio and no mixtapes counting on years now.

And, so it is no surprise never heard of Nipsey.


Man Himself

  1. Nipsey Hussle – Crenshaw and Slauson (True Story)
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        Channel :- Nipsey Hussle
        Published On :- 2017-Oct-15th


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Nipsey Hussle – Crenshaw and Slauson (True Story)


Rap niggas, they just wanna double date with you
Twitpic and show these hoes that they affiliate with you
Labels used to treatin’ rappers like a slave, nigga
Starvin’ artist, “Just be happy with your fame, nigga”
Shit changed, now it’s such a different game
All the niggas like myself is controlling everything

Was a charismatic nigga, I don’t play as much
Cause life is real when you live it in a place like us

Speaking to they soul, so they tell me I’m they favorite
Been through it myself, yeah, I know how it make you
Never let ’em judge you cuz they ain’t you
I could tell a long story or just say I’m grateful
I could tell a gang of reasons or just say I’m faithful

I’m not a rapper or a poet, I’m a poem, nigga
Always pull up in foreign that’s never loaned, nigga
Always speaking my music straight from my soul, nigga
My business partners Jewish but I’m all nigga

I been that nigga before the fame happened
That tell them hoes go get my name tatted
I love my life, y’all could hate that shit
All the smart money got they bets on me
And all them real niggas wish the best for me
All these bad bitches got some sex for me
Shout out them bad bitches getting dressed for me
They down to stand in line ’cause it’s well worth it
Pull up to my shows in Chanel purses
They jeans fit the worst but they smell perfect
Never argue with they niggas but they yell verses


In depth

  1. Nipsey Hussle – Crenshaw and Slauson (True Story)
    • Without having to take a chance and get some money
  2. D.L. Hughley
    • Everybody who is doing something seems to meet an unfortunate end
    • The beautiful thing about people is that when they get it, they take off
    • They are here for such a brief time, yet so impactful
    • Young men and women are losing their lives to situations
      • Documentary
      • Meeting with the Police
    • Deconstruct the value of our lives to one another
      • Start mattering more than the issues
    • Church
      • The only reason that church exists is that black mothers are there praying for these young people
      • Praying it gets better
      • I promise you it does get better
      • You take the best of us
      • The very thing you need, you take it


My Quick Take

You want to be disliked.  You want to be hated?

Reach for that empty middle seat.

Misunderstanding of the misunderstood.

It is always a good thing that in your memorial, they don’t talk about your talent, whom you were, but who you are.

How you got them closer to their best self; to their better ego.

He took my heart, when he said don’t worry I got you.

Having someone in a better place is noble.

I remember the words of  a man that I met at the laundry room a year or so ago.

Wisdom of a retiree.

Something about some people are Christians, they just don’t know it.

Always confusing the matter, didn’t know we was on the same team.

Here is to taking the time to meet and know the people here to raise and hold you.

They might not be here much longer once they are shown.

Of all the letting go, it is having to pour soil on laid down souls that breaks me.

People like to say that you never miss what you never had; but that is not all the way true.

Some people keep their light sheltered and speak in ways that is hard to understood.

Missing out on good sense; cause of what it is clothed in.

Here is to the cost they pay to steady and strengthen my feet.


Let us continue to let the young lives live.

There is always a spot held for each of God’s creation.

It hurts to see it sit empty.



I heard Nipsey grandma in an interview talk about hoping some good come out of it; having faith.

And, so I am not far out of school here.

To God be the Glory.

As always, taking without permission.

But, Daylyt I couldn’t let sit still.


  1. Stood by me in my trials
    • And I bestow on you a kingdom, just as My Father has bestowed on Me, so that you may eat and drink at My table in My kingdom, and sit on thrones
      ( Luke 22:29 )
  2. Light
    • But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.
      ( Ephesians 5:13 )


In Closing

In closing when you are a friend of God, you give him maximum room to work in people’s lives.

You do not think too deeply into little things.

You introspectively look back at how he is working in your life; all the slow downs and put backs.

And, you think and say let him take his time; especially when he is working with young people.


Trying to Take it Off, to Keep it On


The Weather Man called for rain all week
And, that is just fine
Cause I kept some gift certs and them still good at Target

New Blankets
Oil and Candles

I know Larenz Tate killed it on Love Jones, but that was Oh So Long ago
And, if you quizzed in the news lately, Chicago is gone the other way

Thinking and Talking about mistaken Identity
I heard we get new names upon crossing over


These thoughts in my mind
Wouldn’t have to write them down, if I were married to Beyonce
But, as is
Will drive me crazy, if not for the notepad


10 years from Now

10 years from now
She will ask me why I didn’t wait on her
And, I will say I did here is proof
The leaflets on the web says it so
I had her on and in mind all along



Just like the lake here at the Merritt
The leaves blow, but never stay in one place
And, even now trying to bag them
but, then their LIFE wouldn’t hold

I got a boyfriend

She said I got a boyfriend
Why you gotta write about me
But, then I said, I write about her
But, not for her

As it stands

As it stands, she the one proper enough to read
Yet, not keep them


She looked up and asked if I like her tummy
Her wash boy tummy
To wish I reply Yes, what is there not to like

Wish, Trip, and Strip

I could tell the way she looked
The look on her face
It Said, you know you don’t have to look at them girls on your computer screen
I could wish, trip and strip for you

Like to

In fact, I like to
Just get me new Shirt and Boy Shorts


Right Way

It is likely not the way to look at things
Likely should try a different move
Yet, this is less complicated
For us who bit on Bytes


As we drove home

Later as we drove home
She looked and said as hard as is
Having to fess
Junior likes you
And, he is my Man

So I could and would
Whore, Kill, Steal, Kiss, and Trill for you

Means and Ways

But, then I heard we got new means and ways
right after crossing over


Bottom Feeding

Bottom feeding on my bottom bitch all night
The weatherman call for rain
No Rain Coat
No Hard Hat
I answered back I do, before been told her last name is Adu


Young One

Young one said it is so easy
Grandma complaining about all the kids she left to raise
My cousins and I would get ourselves in a lot more, if it was any easier

They Was

She had a come back for every pull up
She said them 2 before you, had babies on me
Yes, they was cute
They was mixed
They was whitewashed



He gave me a title, but forgot I got titties
He pays my bill, but forgot I got ills and needs
He found out I watch girls disrobe
But, overlook its role playing



Like Slick, all the years
If I pull this zipper
And, though the years do add up
I held out like Red


Finally Woke
Started from “Just Say No
To “It takes a Village
Short Breath at “Reading”
Onto “Reveals who you are
Here now at “Marry Rich


Listening To

  1. Tauren Wills
  2. Wale
    • Family Affair
  3. Miha Sibbett
    • Something lasts forever
  4. Dionne Farris
    • Dionne Farris – Hopeless
  5. Simply Red
    • Holding Back the Years


Bad Health Report

On to Work

Went to work in the rain last Wednesday.

As I made it a block away from work saw J speaking to my friend.

They were deep in conversation and I decided to go be a busy body.

Upon Meeting Up

Upon meeting up with them, J committed our friend to me.

And, the friend told me about the calls he has been receiving from the clinic.

He said it has just been one bad news after another.

And, he wondered aloud why they keep telling him these things.

Things he did not want to hear, not out of not caring, but out of helplessness.


Anything for him

I asked if I could do anything for him, and he said he needed a few dollars to get on the train.  That was easy enough.  The Bank is only a couple of streets over.

Next Day

The next day came soon enough.   J and I caught up.

And, he asked if I saw our friend that day.

I said not yet.  And, so he continued that our friend’s mother came by and saw our friend and was able to, as he said it, talk some sense to him.

Great Blessing

The great reward of our lives is that each day God has to have these tough conversations with its creation.  Selectively we do get to listen in.

As my years in Stephen Ministry teaches me, not talk.  But, listen.

As the end draws nearer we are reminded of what we will miss the most; this flesh and dry bones.

The look on each other faces.  The musky and dry breath of coffee.

And, the strong whiff of freshly eaten burger.

See The Lord

One thing we all ask is to the see the Lord in the land of the Living.
And, see the Living in the the Land of the Lord.
( Psalm 27:23 )

When our eye never meet

Friday – Nov 9th


It started a week ago this past Friday for me.  My cousin emailed me to let me know that his parents house was one of the ones that burnt down.


Wednesday – Nov 14th

Young Man on a Bike

As I walked to lunch a young man pulled up besides with me.  We were both waiting for a changed light.

Don’t do so much these days, but this time I intentionally lifted up my head and we exchanged greetings.  He took up courage and asked whether I have a few dollars to spare.

I replied that I do not carry cash, but he can come up with me to the Popeyes that is standing in the City Square.  He agreed to do so.  He on his bike and I walking a bit ahead of him.

We only went twenty meters when he volunteered that he will rather go to a Pizza Store that was close enough for him to point to.

Pizza, Chicken Wings, and Soda.

And, that was that.



Made my way to Popeyes and was able to get a nice seafood dish.

Two Pieces


Later an older man came in and asked for how much two pieces of chickens will cost.  And, how much three pieces will, as well.

The cashier told him and he started walking away.

I plodded him to go ahead and get what he wants as I have him.


As I went to the open court area and started eating my meal.

Another older man came up and asked for money.

I said I did not have cash, but will get him something to eat.

Upon getting there, he asked for fishes; six pieces.

As they are only packaged in three pieces that meant two orders.


Friday – Nov 16th

Twice in One Day

Yesterday, Friday, morning was interesting.

A train broke down and was stuck on the tracks; that meant we have to get on our initial train, off board at a station, get on a bus, ride through cities during commute hours, make our way off the bus, and get back on train.

All the on and off got me close enough to work and I opted to take the scenic route; at least get to see and walk by the waters.


Young Salvadoran Man

As I enjoyed my free air solitude, picked up a walk mate along the way.

We became quick friends.

He had a good word for me.  And, that is “I like it that you speak to everyone“.

He continued he is :-

Unable to do so as he grew up in a small village in El Salvador.

And, ate corn all day. 

Everyone was poor and lived without work.

Everyone knows each other

And, never developed the grace of saying little nothings

We bade our good byes and he went his way and I went mine.

Another Young Man


Having had my morning walk I saw it fit to treat myself to a cake from Starbucks.

As I made myself inside Starbucks, a young man stood five meters from the door.

He whispered that he wanted “Banana Nut bread“.  Later he asked for two of them.

He got his two loaves of bread and I had my good work of the day as thanksgiving for the kinds words given me by the Salvadorian.

In an earlier posting I spoke of receiving two hours from another man who encouraged me towards AWS.

By the way that post is here.


Whole Foods

Like the book of Luke, my day is full of foods.

And, so for lunch took the laptop and headed for Whole Foods.

Gary giving me two hours ran my laptop battery down.

And, so I realized I needed my Laptop Charger.

Don’ t blame me, who wants to spend the an entire day around boring techies.

Got a nice lunch at Whole Foods and sat down to eat.

Half way through a young man came up and asked whether I can get him a coffee refill.  He said it was only a dollar.

We made our way to the counter.

But, he changed his mind and said he actually wanted something to eat.

And, I replied that he should go get what he wanted and come back and get me once he is ready to pay.

He came back and said he wanted Rotisserie Chicken and Bananas.

We picked out the Chicken and he already had Bananas.

As we were paying and I was having the Grocery Clerk know that we wanted bags, double bagged, he looked at me and said he was the same man who I brought “Banana Nut Bread” for earlier.



For the good of the world we share, we are not handed free bags where we live.

For the good of our relationship, we let people know when we get back in line and ask for seconds.

Due to our prayer towards daily provisioning, God does not send us away.


Mark 6

  1.  31Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”
  2. 32 So they went away by themselves in a boat to a solitary place.
  3. 34 When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things.

Got out just in time


Gary and I went out for a coffee break after he had helped troubleshoot an issue I was experiencing.

He had just given me two valuable hours showing me his collection of Kindle Books.

As we walk to his coffee shop, he shared one interesting story after another.



Having to move

Things were good until he discovered that it had stopped raining.

Year after year, no rain.

And, he thought to himself I am out of here.  I need to be by the ocean.

A man with means, home and properties.

But, it dawned on him he might as well move before everyone else gave in.



His chosen destination is a city known for AWS.

Every job he applied for needed AWS & Python.

Out of work, man must walk.


Loss for Gain

Those two cities losses is our gain.

That is, until the fires started.

One is set a couple of hundred miles above us.

The other is in Paradise a few hundred miles below us.



Peter Bradley Adams – The Longer I run

Video :- Link

When my blood runs warm with the warm red wine
I miss the life that I left behind
But when I hear the sound of the blackbirds cry
I know I left in the nick of time

If I wander til I die
May I know who’s hand I’m in
If my home I’ll never find
And let me live again


In a life hard enough

In which few are able to get out in and on time

It is good for good hearted men & women to share their own stories about getting out before having to feel guilty from just barely making it out




Grew up watching the show Punk’d.

Quickly developed a boy crush on Ashton Kutcher.

He made everything look easy & smooth; forever spoilt by it.


Today feeling the same way.

6:30 AM Train Ride

As I rode the train into work, a young man came in.  He immediately picked a fight over a bike parking spot.

He affirmed that the area being occupied is there for bikes and others should move; especially another man standing there.

I think, based on how the request was communicated, the current occupant refused to move.

The biker was not very happy that his wish was not immediately acquiescence.  He started shouting and clearing the pathway for a fight that he was going to pick.

He continued that he had the same problem in prison with the same people.

And, made it known his Aunt just passed last night and he was in no mood for the current state of affairs, especially today.

Unfortunately, I was standing close to the Intercom and I was elected to communicate the state of events to the Train Conductor.

I reluctantly did so.  Upon being asked by the train conductor for the Bus Number, I replied as the number was right underneath the speakers.

The Train continued on.

But, the mood did not soften.

Words was communicated to another man.  Somehow the biker guy said that this new man was not his brother either, but he looked past everyone and said I was.

At each stop, the young man with the Bike asked the other man to meet him outside so that they can settle the matter.

The spot owner refused to meet outside.

After a couple of stops, a Police Officer came in, placed handcuffs on the biker and led him off the train.

Standing outside, the Police Officer asked us whether anyone was harmed.  And, we replied No.

12:30 PM Lunch

As I went to lunch, ran into my home girl.

She was happy to see me and offered that she just came back from Down South; not far from where I grew up.

And, that she was there for two weeks.

She was walking her dog and she spit knowledge like she prone to.

Can’t talk enough about and for her.

Too deep and so let us save something for Spoken Words; in her case Toast Masters.

Less we go too far, for once, let us remain topical.

As her dog used the bathroom, a young un-sheltered lady approached and started talking at her.

The new lady let my friend know she should stop following her.

We turned around shortly after that.

We are only able to go for short spasms before we had to look back and tend to the words being spitted at us.

Finally, I had to tell the “un-sheltered” that this is my friend and if there is a problem she can take it up with me.

Gladly she replied that all she needed was 85 cents.

And, I said yes I have that.

Brothers, standing by, let us know that were being punked.

I supposed they could tell we were unaccustomed.

My friend went down the stairs to the train and the other lady and I went to the store.

As someone who never has cash, thankfully it is only $2.50 to get funds out of the ATM.

A little less than that to my new friend.

She promised to pay it back to my other friend, the next time she sees her.

Free and Clear

Family, let us continue to keep it Free and Clear.

Keep it simple.

Listening to G-Dep.

And, so that is that and this is now.

He implore us….

Have God work through us.  Never placing aside the act of contrition.

Telling people how we feel, is often considered as an act of weakness.  And, so sometimes it has to stay in same circle.  But, at least that way we get it off our shoulders.

Nothing really Intricate.

What is cool and what is not not.  What it means to be a man.


  1. Kierra ‘Kiki’ Sheard
    • Hear This – Kierra ‘Kiki’ Sheard
  2. Trin-I-Tee 5:7
    • Trin-I-Tee 5:7 – God’s Grace
  3. Kevin Michael
    • Kevin Michael – It Don’t Make Any Difference To Me (ft. Wyclef)


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@ 3:29 PM