The FBI Files


THE FBI FILES reveals the crime busting techniques and forensic science used by the FBI to solve the most baffling cases. Former head of the FBI’s New York Office James Kallstrom hosts these true stories of crime and detection.


  1. The FBI Files: Season 2 – Ep 5 “A Stranger in Town”
    • Profile
      • The body of an unidentified young woman turned up on a highway in a small Pennsylvania town. Agents persisted, eventually identifying the body and finding the killer.
    • YouTube
    • Participants
      • Trooper Madden
      • Stephen “Mon-dog” ( mortician )
      • Mark Rosenburg
      • Dawn Marie Birnbaum
    • Location
      • Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
    • Stories
      • Murderpedia
        • James Robert CRUZ Jr.
  2. The FBI Files: Season 6 – Ep 18 “Operation Goldenrod”
    • Profile
      • Season 6, Episode 18
      • In June 1985, a Lebanese terrorist and his four accomplices hijacked Royal Jordanian Flight 405 shortly before take off in Beirut. Several American citizens were on board. The FBI opened a criminal investigation and worked with various other government agencies to form Operation Goldenrod, a task force charged with bringing the terrorist mastermind to justice.
    • YouTube
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise Documentaries
        Published On :- 2014-Dec-24th
    • Participants
      • Counter Terrorist
        • Thomas Hanson
      • Attorney General
        • Ed Meese  ( Edwin Meese )
      • Others
    • Location
      • Tunisia
        • Tunis, Tunisia
      • Lebanon
        • Beirut, Lebanon
      • Italy
    • Metadata
      • Royal Jordanian Flight 405
      • Flight 402
      • Prosecutable Case
      • Golden Rod
      • Broader Power to battle International Terrorism
  3. The FBI Files: Season 2 – Ep 7 “The Dixie Mafia”
    • Profile
      • Season 2, Episode 7
      • The FBI investigated the Dixie Mafia after the 1987 murder-for-hire killings of Mississippi Judge Vincent Sherry and his wife in Biloxi, Mississippi. They quickly uncovered a corrupt local government and a group of violent criminal conspirators.
    • YouTube
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise Documentaries
        Published On :- 2014-Nov-27th
    • Participants
      • Sherry
        • Vincent Sherry ( Judge )
        • Margaret Sherry ( Running for Mayor )
      • Halat
        • Pete Halat
      • Investigators
        • Agent Bell
      • Others
        • Bill Swetner
        • Mike Gileadge
    • Location
      • Biloxi, Mississippi
    • Metadata
      • Lonely Heart Scam
        • Angola prison
        • Dixie Mafia
    • Stories
      • FBI
        • Dixie Mafia
          • Murder And Dixie Mafia
  4. The FBI Files: Season 7 – Ep 7 “Death of a Diplomat”
    • Profile
      • In 1976, a car bombing in Washington DC’s Embassy Row claimed the lives of a former Chilean ambassador and his assistant. During the investigation, it became apparent to FBI agents that a foreign government had ordered the attack.
    • Profile
      • Season 7, Episode 7
    •  YouTube
    • Participants
    • Location
      • Washington DC
      • Chile
      • Argentina
  5. The FBI Files: Season 7 – Ep 8 “Deadly Payout”
    • Profile
      • In 1980, a maid discovered that a copy machine, placed in a busy Las Vegas casino, was actually a bomb. Agents and bomb experts were called in to disarm the deadly device and stop the dangerous extortionist who built it.
    • Profile
      • Season 7, Episode 8
    •  YouTube
    • Participants
    • Location
      • Las Vegas, Neveda, US
    • Stories
  6. The FBI Files: Season 7 – Ep 18 “Final Takedown”
    • Profile
      • In the early 1990s, a gang based in the U.S. Virgin Islands smuggled large amounts of cocaine into mainland America. Police and federal agents targeted the violent group, but its leader remained a mystery. In an investigation spanning from Georgia to South America, police, the DEA and the FBI worked together to take down this dangerous drug ring.
    • Profile
      • Season 7, Episode 18
    •  YouTube
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise True Crime
        Published On :- 2014-Dec-24th
    • Participants
    • Location
      • Augusta, Georgia, US
      • St Thomas
      • US Virgin Islands
        • Saint Croix
    • Stories
  7. The FBI Files: Season 6 – Ep 17 “Forced Entry”
    • Profile
      • In 1994, a rash of home invasions plagued the Detroit area. Each time, masked men disguised as police officers broke in with assault rifles and stole money and jewelry. But when one homeowner shot back, the identity of the intruders was revealed.
    • YouTube
    • Participants
      • Officers
        • Steve Miller
      • Others
        • O.B. Carter
    • Location
      • Detroit
    • Stories
  8. The FBI Files: Season 6 – Ep 5 “The Killing Zone”
    • Profile
      • In the late 1980s, an illegal drug operation known as the “K Street Crew” opened its doors in Washington, DC. Leader Vincent Hill ran the organization with an iron fist that included intimidation and murder. Life in the city became more violent for everyone – gang member or not – so the FBI and local police created a joint task force to put an end to their deadly dealings.
    • YouTube
    • Participants
      • Undercover
        • Joe Adullail
        • Jim Synder
      • Witness
        • Kristy Gladden
        • Bushy Smith
      • Others
    • Location
      • Washington DC
        • K-Street
  9. The FBI Files: Season 5 – Ep 9 “Held Hostage”
    • Profile
      • Season 5, Episode 9
      • In 1995, a South Carolina family was taken hostage as part of a bank robbery. Local police quickly identified two of the perpetrators but the criminal mastermind behind it all proved to be more elusive. Authorities suspected the fugitive of involvement in a series of bank robberies up and down the coast and the FBI remained on his trail, hoping to catch him before he took more hostages.
    • YouTube
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise Documentaries
        Published On :- 2015-May-13th
    • Participants
      • Shaw Family
        • Brenda ( Mother )
        • Parker ( Father)
        • Aimee Shaw ( Bank Teller )
        • Brianna ( Daughter )
      • Others
    • Location
      • South Carolina
        • August
      • North Carolina
      • Georgia
      • New Jersey
  10. The FBI Files: Season 5 – Ep 1 “Price of Greed”
    • Profile
      • In September 1997, a team of masked gunmen robbed an armored car facility in Los Angeles and made off with nearly $19 million, the largest cash heist in U.S. history. FBI agents began conducting surveillance on a former employee of the facility. With only one piece of physical evidence – a fragment of a vehicle taillight – they hoped to connect him to the crime and find his collaborators.
    • YouTube
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise
        Published On :- 2018-Dec-8th
    • Participants
      • US Attorney
        • Alka Sager
    • Location
      • Los Angeles
      • Las Vegas
    • Loot
      • 18.5 Million
    • Stories
  11. The FBI Files: Season 3 – Ep 7 “Dishonored”
    • Profile
      • On a cold afternoon in 1989, Marine Captain Shirley Russell failed to report for duty at the base in Quantico, Virginia. Friends and colleagues were certain she had not gone AWOL. FBI agents noticed her husband, a former Marine, was acting strangely. A blood-like stain in the couple’s home disappeared before it was properly examined. There was no body, no witness and no weapon.
    • YouTube
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise
        Published On :- 2014-Dec-3rd
    • Participants
      • Marine Captain Shirley Russell
      • Robert Russell
      • Lieutenant Hodges
      • Captain Gayle
      • Corporal Galloway
      • Marine Captain Ann Mack
      • Flint
        • Sandy Flint ( Friend )
        • Robert Flint ( Father in law )
    • Location
      • Marine Base
    • Stories
      • Washington Post
  12. The FBI Files – Season 7 – Episode 10 :- Crackdown
    • Profile
      • FBI Files – Season 7, Episode 10
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise
        Published On :- 2014-Dec-3rd
        The FBI Files S7E10 Crackdown
    • Location
      • Jamaica/Queens, New York
    • Participants
      • Ed Koch, New York Mayor
      • FBI
        • David Higgins, Detective
      • Parole Officer
        • Brian Rooney
      • Police Office
        • McGinney
      • Special Agent
        • Richard Martinez
      • Others
        • Lorenzo “Fat Cat ” Nichols
        • Howard Mason
        • Todd Scott
        • Scott Cobb
    • Stories
      • New York Times
        • Friend of Defendant Turns Witness in Police Slaying – The New York
        • Officer’s Killing ‘a Message to Police’ – The New York Times
      • UPI Archives
        • Killer gets 25 to life in Officer Byrne’s slaying
      • JUSTIA US Law
          • Bellamy v. Cogdell, 802 F. Supp. 760 (E.D.N.Y. 1991)
    • Quotes
      • Police Officer
        • You cannot kill a Police Officer and get away with it
        • Target Opportunity
    • Investigation
      • Wire Trap
        • More People can be covered
      • Undercover
        • 1 person by 1 person
    • Guilt Proving ?
      • Testimony of an Insider
      • Collaborated Evidence
      • Physical Evidence
  13. The FBI Files: Season 6 – Ep 9 “Killer Instinct”
    • Profile
      • The FBI Files: Season 6 – Episode 9
      • In 1992, a Washington, DC professor was shot and killed as she tried to get into her car, the latest incident in a series of violent carjackings. One week later, a man robbed a bank and security cameras captured the same vehicle as the getaway car.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise
        Published On :- 2014-Dec-24th
        The FBI Files: Season 6 – Ep 9 “Killer Instinct”
    • Location
      • West Virginia
    • Participants
      • Police Officers
        • Officer Gary Kline
        • Corporate Jefferies
      • Others
        • Allen Newman
    • Stories
  14. The FBI Files: Season 3 – Ep 8 “Millionaire Murder”
    • Profile
      • Season 3 – Episode 8
      • New Jersey millionaire Frank Black flew to West Palm Beach, Florida to close a major business deal but never returned home. When the FBI was called in, agents learned of a mystery woman whom Black met while on his trip. Eventually they untangled a web of deceit that had led to a vengeful killing.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise True Crime
        Published On :- 2014-Dec-3rd
        The FBI Files: Season 3 – Ep 8 “Millionaire Murder”
    • Location
      • New Jersey
      • Florida
    • Participants
      • Police Officers
        • Officer Gary Kline
        • Corporate Jefferies
      • Others
        • Frank Black Jr
        • Alan Mackerley
        • Lisa Costello AKA Mia Giordano
    • Stories
      • People
        • Deadly Magazine
          Authored By :- MICHAEL NEILL
          Dated :- March 30, 1998 12:00 PM
  15. The FBI Files: Season 2 – Ep 16 “Deadly Mission”
    • Profile
      • Season 2 – Episode 16
      • Two brothers gained national attention after a shoot-out with state and local officers in Wilmington. The brothers escaped and their crimes were revealed to be part of an ever-widening circle of violence that defined a new age of domestic terrorism.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise True Crime
        Published On :- 2014-Dec-3rd
        The FBI Files: Season 2 – Ep 16 “Deadly Mission”
    • Location
      • Ohio
      • Arkansas
      • Utah
        • Remote Ranch
      • Wilmington
      • Wyoming
    • Participants
      • Jacob
        • Spokane, Washington
      • Mueller
      •  Kehoe
        • Kirby ( Dad )
        • Gloria ( Mother )
        • Chevie Kehoe
          • White supremacist
        • Shane Kehoe
          • Turned himself in
        • Levitt
    • Videos
      • Dash-cam Footage Of Police Shootout With Chevie Kehoe – 1997
        • Profile
          • The Kehoe brothers burst into the headlines on Feb.15, 1997, when Chevie Kehoe opened fire on two police officers who pulled over their Chevrolet Suburban for expired plates in Wilmington, Ohio. In subsequent weeks, the officers’ dash-cam video was shown repeatedly on national TV, fueling a nationwide hunt that ended with the Kehoes’ arrests in June of that year.
        • Videos
  16. The FBI Files: Season 7 – Ep 11 “Brothers Betrayed”
    • Profile
      • Season 7 – Episode 11
      • In the 1980s, the FBI investigated wide-scale corruption among the detectives of the San Juan, Puerto Rico Police Department. Drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping and murder-for-hire were among the department’s known illicit activities. One detective, Victor Sousse, broke the blue wall of silence and went undercover to help the FBI close the lid on the corrupt cops’ activities.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise True Crime
        Published On :- 2014-Dec-24th
    • Location
      • San Juan, Puerto Rico
    • Participants
      • Adopted
        • Mario
      •  Detective
        • Victor Sousse
  17. The FBI Files: Season 1 – Ep 4 “Death in Alaska”
    • Profile
      • Season 1 – Episode 4
      • A young mother and her two daughters were sexually assaulted and brutally murdered in Anchorage, Alaska. With only one piece of forensic DNA evidence, could the FBI convict their prime suspect on all three counts of murder?
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise True Crime
        Published On :- 2014-Nov-27th
    • Location
      • Anchorage, Alaska
    • Participants
      • FBI
        • Behaviorer Profiler
          • Judge Ray
            • First time profiler’s work will be ruled admissible in court
      • Others
        • Kirby Anthony
    • Comments
      • marcos palomino
        • i met this guy at cook inlet pre-trial in anchorage alaska while awating trial for this horrible crimes,,, nobody liked him or talked to him ….inmate would harras him for what he did, i talked to him on a few ocasions i tell you he was pure evil you could sence his coldness his indiference to life….he would tell you that the evidence was circunstancial and that he was being framed and that there was no doubth in his mind that he would be a free man …i saw him getting in fight with black inmates who hated him for what he did. i see the commentes below and everybody is correct…this guy is not human..he is the devil in a human body.
  18. The FBI Files: Season 2 – Ep 11 “Family Secrets”
    • Profile
      • Season 2 – Episode 11
      • In December 1994, Joann Katrinak and her 4-month-old son mysteriously disappeared from their home. A new DNA technique ended the mystery, in one of the first cases of DNA being successfully used in a criminal investigation in the United States.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise True Crime
        Published On :- 2014-Nov-27th
    • Location
      • Participants
        • Katrinak
          • Joann Katrinak ( Wife )
          • Andy Katrinak ( Husband )
          • Alex Katrinak ( Son )
        • Detectives
          • Susan Pearson
        • Patricia Rorrer
          • Nicole ( Daughter)
    • Science
      • DNA
        • Testing
          • Nuclear DNA
          • Microcondial DNA
    • Quotes
      • Patricia Rorrer
        • If I had known I was going to get caught, I will never have brought you ( daughter ) into this world
    • Stories
      • People
        • WATCH: ID Examines Controversial 1994 Case of Woman Convicted of Murdering Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife and Son
      • Reddit
        • UnresolvedMysteries
          • The Murders of Joann and Alex Katrinak [Unresolved Crime]
      • Patricia Rorrer
        • Patricia Rorrer
  19. The FBI Files: Season 5 – Ep 17 “Fateful Crossing”
    • Profile
      • Season 5 – Episode 17
      • In January 1984, a U.S. Customs officer disappeared from his post near the Del Rio, Texas border crossing, prompting local police to search for four Latin American suspects. The following day, the official was found dead. Local police and the FBI continued searching for the suspects, prepared for a confrontation with desperate criminals.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise True Crime
        Published On :- 2014-Nov-27th
    • Location
      • Texas
        • Del Rio, Texas
        • Eagle Pass, Texas
    • Participants
      • US Custom Agent
        • Richard Latham
      • Others
        • Richardo Cortez
        • Ramirez
    • Quotes
  20. The FBI Files: Season 3 – Ep 5 “Deadly Trail”
    • Profile
      • Season 3 – Episode 5
      • When authorities in a small Washington town began investigating the disappearance of a young woman, they had no idea it would turn into a nationwide hunt for a sadistic sexual predator. The FBI was called in to help track down Darren Dee O’Neall, only to discover that other unsuspecting women across the Pacific Northwest had fallen victim to his charms.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise True Crime
        Published On :- 2014-Dec-3rd
    • Location
      • Washington State
      • Oregon
      • Florida
    • Participants
      • Others
        • Darren Dee O’Neall
          • Featured on FBI 10 Most Wanted List
    • Quotes
      • Rape Victim
        • I had promised this man that I wouldn’t tell anyone
        • Has good as dead
        • Once he was convicted I was able to put a lot of this in the past
        • Put it behind me
      • Deputy DA
        • Danger that face each of us has we go out on the streets
        • I am in a profession that matters
    • Sentence
      • Washington State
        • 27 years
      • Oregon
        • 135
  21. The FBI Files: Season 4 – Ep 15 “Global Pursuit”
    • Profile
      • Season 4 – Episode 15
      • Angered by the government’s policy in the Middle East, Mir Qazi brutally gunned down two members of the CIA as they waited in their cars at a stoplight. With the nation stunned, the killer fled the country and was placed on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list with a $2 million reward for his capture.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise True Crime
        Published On :- 2015-March-13th
    • Location
      • Virginia
        • Langley, Virginia
        • Herndon, Virginia
    • Participants
      • Detectives
        • Brad Garrett
      •  Others
        • Mir Qazi
          • Featured on FBI 10 Most Wanted
    • Quotes
      • CIA
        • CIA told “Package has been delivered”
      • Suspect
        • Did not kill women as Islam forbade it
        • Why did you stop shooting, ran out of people
    • Sentence
      • Sentence to death
    • Memorial
      • Memorial on Highway 123
  22. The FBI Files: Season 4 – Ep 9 “Death in the Delta”
    • Profile
      • Season 4 – Episode 9
      • When a wealthy young woman was abducted in front of her in-laws’ home, the police had no shortage of suspects. The victim left behind a tumultuous marriage, an ex-husband and several spurned lovers. But to find the woman and her abductor, agents would have to first determine the motive. 
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise True Crime
        Published On :- 2014-Dec-3rd
    • Location
      • Memphis, Tennessee
    • Participants
      • Others
        • Powers
          • Jerry Lee Powers
          • Sharon Powers
  23. The FBI Files: Season 7 – Ep 4 “The Shootist”
    • Profile
      • Season 7 – Episode 4
      • In the late 1980s, the FBI matched wits with a cunning bank robber known as the Shootist. Before his arrest, he had performed more than 50 robberies across California, Texas and Washington with military precision and was responsible for the longest string of unsolved bank robberies in FBI history.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise True Crime
        Published On :- 2014-Dec-24th
    • Location
      • Texas
      • California
      • Washington State
    • Participants
      • Others
        • Johnny Madison Williams
        • Carol Williams
  24. The FBI Files: Season 7 – Ep 13 “Robin the Hood”
    • Profile
      • Season 7 – Episode 13
      • When notorious bank robber Byron Chubbuck escaped from New Mexico State Penitentiary in 2000, he almost immediately began stealing again. Though he claimed the stolen loot went to the poor, Chubbuck was no folk hero and the FBI teamed up with U.S. marshals to capture a resourceful criminal who proved he would never stop fighting.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise True Crime
        Published On :- 2014-Dec-24th
    • Location
      • Albuquerque, New Mexico
    • Participants
      • Others
        • Byron Chubbuck
  25. The FBI Files: Season 7 – Ep 13 “Robin the Hood”
    • Profile
      • Season 7 – Episode 13
      • missing from school. Within hours, the boy’s entire family was frantically searching for him. But when the few leads quickly turned cold, the FBI was called in to assist in the investigation. The search covered thousands of miles and led agents to an unlikely suspect.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise True Crime
        Published On :- 2014-Dec-24th
    • Location
      • Albuquerque, New Mexico
    • Participants
      • Others
        • Byron Chubbuck
  26. Season 1 – Episode 5 “Deadly Paradise”
    • Profile
      • Season 1 – Episode 5
      • Two couples found themselves on the same deserted island paradise, but only one couple left alive. Buck Walker and Stephanie Sterns arrived in Hawaii on the Sea Wind, which belonged to the missing couple, San Diego millionaires Mac and Muff Graham. This historic case was later depicted in And the Sea Will Tell.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel :- FilmRise True Crime
        Published On :- 2014-Nov-27th
    • Location
      • Palmyra Island, South Pacific island
    • Participants
      • Mac and Muff Graham
        • Mac Graham
        • Muff Graham
      • Buck Walker and Stephanie Sterns
        • Buck Walker
        • Stephanie Sterns
    • Movies
      • The Sea will Tell
        • Profile
          • Two couples–one wealthy and married, the other an ex-con and his hippie girlfriend– separately set sail for a remote South Pacific island, each hoping to play “Adam and Eve” in paradise. Instead of getting away from it all, they take it with them– their pasts and prejudices, and the petty battles over status and material goods that arise from different social classes. Upon lovely Palmyra Island, two couples do arrive, but in 3 months time only one will leave alive. For the couple who get away, one of them has the extraordinary good luck to be defended in court by master attorney Vincent Bugliosi, prosecuting attorney of Charles Manson and author of the classic best selling book Helter Skelter.
  27. The FBI Files: Season 7 – Ep 15 “Ivy League Murders”
    • Profile
      • Dartmouth Professors Susanne and Half Zantop are found brutally murdered in their quaint New Hampshire home. Colleagues confirm that the couple was very well liked. With no trace of forced entry, the FBI Behavioral Science Unit investigated the crime and found two teenagers were responsible for the heinous crime.
    • YouTube
    • Participants
    • Location
      • New Hampshire
    • Stories
  28. The FBI Files: Season 4 – Ep 16 “Betrayed”
    • Profile
      • Season 4 – Episode 16
      • In July 1996, two men entered a pawnshop in Birmingham, Alabama, and callously murdered the employees. Unbeknownst to the killers, a video surveillance camera recorded the incident. The FBI released images of the crime to the media and agents were quickly able to identify the perpetrators. Now authorities had to find two cold-blooded killers who knew that they were being pursued.
    • YouTube
    • Participants
      • Baker
        • Donny Baker ( Father )
        • Stephanie Baker ( Step Mother )
        • Donald Scott Baker ( Scottie Baker ) ( Victim )
        • Patricia Smith ( Mother )
      • Susan ( Stephanie Baker’s friend )
    • Location
      • Florida
    • Stories
  29. The FBI Files: Season 6 – Ep 12 “A Bitter End”
    • Profile
      • Season 6 – Episode 12
      • In 1996, a series of bank robberies in Texas baffled authorities. But when similar thefts occurred the next year in California, FBI agents linked the crimes and established a modus operandi. Another year later, the robbers took hostages during a violent heist in Las Vegas and the FBI was tasked with stopping these criminals once and for all.
    • YouTube
    • Participants
      • Blackburn
        • Timothy Blackburn
        • Sofia Blackburn
      • Bates
        • Robert Bates
    • Location
      • Las Vegas, Neveda
    • Stories
      • Las Vegas Sun
        • Family’s demise outrages friends


TheAtlantic – How Brain Scientists Forgot That Brains Have Owners ( By Ed Yong )


Ed Yong has an interesting article in the Feb 2017 Edition of the Atlantic.

I especially like it as it shows that we can disagree without being disagreeable.



It’s a good time to be interested in the brain. Neuroscientists can now turn neurons on or off with just a flash of light, allowing them to manipulate the behavior of animals with exceptional precision. They can turn brains transparent and seed them with glowing molecules to divine their structure. They can record the activity of huge numbers of neurons at once. And those are just the tools that currently exist. In 2013, Barack Obama launched the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative—a $115 million plan to develop even better technologies for understanding the enigmatic gray blobs that sit inside our skulls.

John Krakaeur, a neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, has been asked to BRAIN Initiative meetings before, and describes it like “Maleficent being invited to Sleeping Beauty’s birthday.” That’s because he and four like-minded friends have become increasingly disenchanted by their colleagues’ obsession with their toys. And in a new paper that’s part philosophical treatise and part shot across the bow, they argue that this technological fetish is leading the field astray. “People think technology + big data + machine learning = science,” says Krakauer. “And it’s not.”

He and his fellow curmudgeons argue that brains are special because of the behavior they create—everything from a predator’s pounce to a baby’s cry. But the study of such behavior is being de-prioritized, or studied “almost as an afterthought.” Instead, neuroscientists have been focusing on using their new tools to study individual neurons, or networks of neurons. According to Krakauer, the unspoken assumption is that if we collect enough data about the parts, the workings of the whole will become clear. If we fully understand the molecules that dance across a synapse, or the electrical pulses that zoom along a neuron, or the web of connections formed by many neurons, we will eventually solve the mysteries of learning, memory, emotion, and more. “The fallacy is that more of the same kind of work in the infinitely postponed future will transform into knowing why that mother’s crying or why I’m feeling this way,” says Krakauer. And, as he and his colleagues argue, it will not.

That’s because behavior is an emergent property—it arises from large groups of neurons working together, and isn’t apparent from studying any single one. You can draw parallels with the flocking of birds. Biologists have long wondered how they manage to wheel about the skies in perfect coordination, as if they were a single entity. In the 1980s, computer scientists showed that this can happen if each bird obeys a few simple rules, which dictate their distance and alignment relative to their peers. From these simple individual rules, collective complexity emerges.

But you would never have been able to predict the latter from the former. No matter how thoroughly you understood the physics of feathers, you could never have predicted a murmuration of starlings without first seeing it happen. So it is with the brain. As British neuroscientist David Marr wrote in 1982, “trying to understand perception by understanding neurons is like trying to understand a bird’s flight by studying only feathers. It just cannot be done.”

A landmark study, published last year, beautifully illustrated his point using, of all things, retro video games. Eric Jonas and Konrad Kording examined the MOS 6502 microchip, which ran classics like Donkey Kong and Space Invaders, in the style of neuroscientists. Using the approaches that are common to brain science, they wondered if they could rediscover what they already knew about the chip—how its transistors and logic gates process information, and how they run simple games. And they utterly failed.

“What we extracted was so incredibly superficial,” Jonas told me last year. And “in the real world, this would be a millions-of-dollars data set.” If the kind of neuroscience that
has come to dominate the field couldn’t explain the workings of a simple, dated microchip, how could it hope to explain the brain—reputedly the most complex object in the universe?

This criticism misses the mark, says Rafael Yuste from Columbia University, who works on developing new tools for studying the brain. We still don’t understand how the brain works, he says, “because we’re still ignorant about the middle ground between single neurons and behavior, which is the function of groups of neurons—of neural circuits.” And that’s because of “the methodological shackles that have prevented investigators from examining the activity of entire nervous system. This is probably futile, like watching TV by examining a single pixel at a time.” By developing better tools that can watch entire neural circuits in action, programs like the BRAIN Initiative are working against reductionism and will take us closer to capturing the emergent properties of the brain.

But Krakauer says that this viewpoint just swaps “neuron” for “neural circuit” and then makes the same conceptual mistake. “It’ll be interesting to see emergent properties at the level of the circuit, but it’s a fallacy to think that you get closer to the whole organism and understanding will automatically ensue,” he says.

He and his colleagues aren’t dismissing new technologies, either. They’re not neuro-Luddites. “These new tools are amazing; I’m using them right now in my lab,” says Asif Ghazanfar from Princeton University, who studies communication between pairs of marmoset monkeys. “But I spent seven years trying to understand their vocal behavior first. Now, I have some specific ideas about what the neural circuitry behind that might look like, and I’ll design careful experiments to test them. Often it seems that people do the reverse: They look at the cool tech and say, ‘What questions can I ask with that?’ And then you get these results that you can interpret in vague ways.”

This point is crucial. Unlike others who have levied charges of reductionism against neuroscience, Ghazanfar and his peers aren’t dualists—they aren’t saying there’s a mind that sits separate from the brain and resists explanation. They’re saying that explanations exist. It’s just that we’re looking for them in the wrong way. Worse, we’re arriving at the wrong explanations.

Consider mirror neurons. These cells, first discovered in monkeys, fire in the same way when an animal performs an action and when it sees another individual doing the same. To some scientists, these shared firing patterns imply understanding: Since the monkey knows its intentions when it moves its own body, based on the firing of the mirror neurons, it should be able to infer similar intentions upon whomever it watches. And so, these neurons have been mooted as the basis of empathy, language, autism, jazz, and even human civilization—not for nothing have they been called the “most hyped concept in neuroscience.”

Here’s the problem: In the monkey experiments, scientists almost never check the animals’ behavior to confirm that they genuinely actually understand what they’re seeing in their peers. As Krakauer and colleagues write, “An interpretation is being mistaken for a result; namely, that the mirror neurons understand the other individual.” As others have written, there’s little strong evidence for this—or even for the existence of mirror neurons in humans. This is the kind of logical trap that you fall into when you ignore behavior.

By contrast, Krakauer points to his own work on Parkinson’s disease. People with the disease tend to move slowly—a symptom that’s been linked to a lack of dopamine. Increase the levels of that chemical, and you can hasten a person’s movements. That’s could lead to new treatments, which is no small victory. But it doesn’t tell a neuroscientist why or how the loss of dopamine leads to the behavior.

Krakauer found a clue in 2007 by asking Parkinson’s patients to reach for objects at varying speeds. These experiments revealed that they’re just as capable of moving quickly as healthy people; they’re just unconsciously reluctant to do so. They suggested that dopamine-producing neurons that connect two parts of the brain—the substantia nigra and the striatum—determine our motivation to move. Deplete that dopamine, and we opt for less energetic movements for a given task. Hence the slowness. Later experiments in mice, in which modern techniques were used to raise or lower dopamine levels, confirmed this idea.

There are many other examples where behavior led the way. By studying how owls listen out for scurrying prey, neuroscientists discovered how their brains—and later, those of mammals—localize sound. By studying how marmosets call to each other, Ghazanfar has learned more about the rules that govern turn-taking in human conversation. Critically, these cases began with studying behaviors that the animals naturally do, not those that they had been trained to perform. Likewise, bats, sea slugs, and electric fish have all told us a lot about how brains work, because each has its own specialized skills. “If you pick a species that does one or two behaviors super-well, you can identify the underlying circuits more clearly,” Ghazanfar says. “Instead, mice are treated as if they’re this generic mammal that have smaller versions of human brains—and that’s preposterous.”

“I am thrilled to see this paper emphasize the importance of carefully studied behavior,” says Anne Churchland, who studies decision-making at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. “I’ve seen in neuroscience that behavior is often an afterthought, studied with insufficient understanding of the animal’s strategy.” But she adds that such studies are hard. It’s difficult to get animals to behave naturally in a lab, because you might need to recreate aspects of their world that aren’t obvious to us.

Ghazanfar agrees. “If your goal is to understand the brain, you have to understand behavior, and that’s not trivial. I think a lot of neuroscientists think it is,” he says. “Perhaps one way forward would be to develop tools to help address the complexity of behavior” suggests Ed Boyden from MIT, who pioneered the breakthrough technique called optogenetics. “Behavioral investigation has a strong tradition in neuroscience and I hope it grows even stronger.”

For the moment, the problem is that it’s getting harder to publish such studies in flagship neuroscience journals. Behavioral studies get rejected for “not having enough neuro”, says Ghazanfar, and “it’s as if every paper needs to be a methodological decathlon in order to be considered important.”

Marina Picciotto from Yale University, who is editor in chief of the Journal of Neuroscience, says it boils down to how studies are framed. If they’re just describing behavior, they’re probably more appropriate for a journal that, say, focuses on psychology. But if behavioral experiments explicitly lead to hypotheses about circuits in the brain, or something of that kind, they’re more relevant for the neuroscience field. But “the line between ‘pure’ behavior and neuroscience is fluid,” she admits, and she’s both appreciative of the new paper and open to discussions about the issues it raises.

To Krakauer, the current line demeans behavioral work, deeming it valuable “as long as it tells us where to stick the electrodes.” But it’s important in itself. “My fear is that people will say: Yes, of course, we should continue to do everything we’ve been doing, but also do better behavior studies. I’m trying to say: You’ve got to do the behavior first. You can’t fly the plane while building it.”


Wretch 32 ft Jacob Banks – ‘Doing OK’ (Official Video)

Dr. Heinz Lycklama :- Evolution’s Four Fatal Flaws



  1. Nuclear Physicist Dr. Heinz Lycklama: Evolution’s Four Fatal Flaws
    Credit :- Northwest Creation Network
    Published On :- 2017-Jan-20th

    • Link  ( Added on 2017-Feb-20th )
    • Link ( Added on 2017-Feb-22nd )



Nuclear Physicist Dr. Heinz Lycklama: Evolution’s Four Fatal Flaws

  1. Evolution’s Achilles Heels ( Book )
  2. Deterioration of the Genome
  3. Knowledge Systems
    • Science
      • Present
      • Repeatable
      • Observable
    • History
      • Past
      • Non-repeatable
      • Eyewitness Account
    • Belief
      • Past
      • Non-Repeatable
      • No Eyewitness Account
  4. Microevolution
    • All Observations involve sorting and loss of genetic information
    • We are not getting better over time, we are losing information
      • Our body is getting worse from generation to generation
  5. Fruit Flies
    • No progressive beneficial changes from simple to complex
    • No increase in quality/quantity of genetic information
  6. Evolution Benchmark
    • Organisms that are worse off than what we started with
    • No beneficial changes that resulted in a better off organism
    • Devolution
      • Devolving, not evolving


The Meaning of Evolution


Knowledge System – Science / History / Believe


Micro-Evolution Is Observed


Dobzhansky ‘s Fruit Flies


Quote by Roger Lewin


Sermons & Discussions – 2016/Feb


The beginning of a new year is as good as any to lean forward and see what areas the Spirit of God and the fellowship of his body is opening and availing.

I hope the last year brought about healing and wholeness. And, those gains are being solidified in the new year.

A few days ago I sought out new words of encouragement and stumbled upon Charles Price.   His sermon “Icabod or Ebenezer” is listed below.

Charles Price traces his walk back to his great grandfather conversion during the 1904 Welsh Revival.

And, so I started viewing other sermons on Revival.

Really like the enthusiasm of Mary Peckham who found God during the 1949 Lewis Revival.

Here are some touching words from Ms. Peckham:

Oh God, I love your people.  I can not explain it, but I love your people. And, I want to be in their company for the rest of my life.
If at the end of my life, you were to send me to Hell, if that is what I deserve, then it will be alright with me.

The conviction of sin in a season of Revival is too terrible for words.

And, later Chuck Missler’s interviewing Stephen Meyer.

Stephen Meyer talks up Intelligent Design.

During the Interview, Chuck Missler pointed out that God’s first love is that of a creator.

Taken in context from Romans 1:19, “God has made it plain in the things that are made.“.

And, on same note God is exceeding jealous if his role as a Creator is questioned.

On the other hand, one needs his Word to see him as a redeemer.

But, first Leon Bridge singing River.


  1. Leon Bridges
    • River on SNL
    • Macklemore performs ‘Kevin’ feat Leon Bridges (Lyrics )
    • Macklemore performs ‘Kevin’ feat Leon Bridges at the AMAs
  2. Lewis Revival
  3. Charles Price, Peoples Church in Toronto, Pastor
  4. Welsh Revival
  5. Chuck Missler’s Interview

Lewis Revival

Lewis 1949 Revival Testimony by Mary Peckham

  1. People knew the Book
  2. When Spirit fell there was fuel there to be burnt
  3. Revival had come once earlier ( in 1939)
  4. It is a healthy thing when people are hungry
  5. I am not going back to Lewis until Revival was over
  6. I have my own life and my own ambitions
  7. Inwardly disturbed when conversation about Revival occurred
    • The sinners in Zion are afraid ( Isaiah 33:14 )
  8. People that were drunkards were now converted
  9. Afraid of the supernatural
  10. If at end of Life, I was Saved, that was OK
  11. But forced to go Church by my parents that found me out
  12. As someone unconverted to be in such a situation, it was not a comfortable thing
  13. Duncan Campbell was the preacher who brought revival
    • The man was in earnest
    • He stormed up and down, sometime down the Pulpit steps
    • He quoted “that though the sinners join hand in hand they will not go unpunished” –  Proverbs 11:21
    • He did not preach a soft Gospel
  14. Father asked after first service, “How did you enjoy that?”.  I replied:
    • I did not enjoy it
    • Found no delight in it
    • But, the following night, I went as well
    • Never again did I have to be asked whether I wanted to go
    • Walk 2 1/2 mile in wintery weather
  15. Heard father’s cry late at night, a hardened sailor
  16. Abiding in the hope that “If this conversion did not come to our home, it wouldn’t be so bad
  17. Awareness of the Presence of God
    • God the Creator
      • Oh everyone that thirst ( Isaiah 55:1 )
      • Word of God came “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” ( Exodus 3:5 )
      • Looked on to the Ocean and found in it the fishes the Creator created
  18. Solemnity of Eternity
    • In our services today, we lack eternity
    • Now all we think is what will benefit me
  19. It is a fearful thing to come into the hands of the Living God ( Hebrews 10:31 )
  20. In a meeting
    1. Fearful
    2. Drawing Power of the Spirit of God
    3. Those that are anxious about their souls
  21. Testimonial in the Life of Others
    • Saw in the face of a young girl the beauty of the Lord
    • Driven to pray at 3:00 AM
      • And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it ( Psalm 90:17 )
    • Lost and did not know how to get saved
    • Went to Church an hour before service
    • No one kept time
    • Even past benediction, waited and hoped that it will go on
    • For 3 months continued in search
  22. God’s Love
    1. Personally felt No assurance of Salvation personally
    2. One night prayed, the date was 22nd  of August, 1950
    3. Oh God I love your people, I can’t explain it.  I want to stay in their company for the rest of my life. If at the end of my life, you see it fit to send me to hell, then it is allright
    4. Conviction of sin in a season of revival is too terrible for words
    5. Growing up among God’s people and any immorality will be frowned upon
    6. The Spirit of God witnessed with my Spirit and I knew I was saved
  23. Travelled everywhere
    • 60 miles in a lorry
    • Filled with laughter
    • Tongues filled with songs
    • Lyrics were composed
    • Singing and making melody songs
  24. News came from faraway
    • Words came from London – Why did you not tell me about Jesus?

Wind of the Spirit – The Story of the Lewis Revival

  1. There was a blacksmith in Lewis named John Smith. He was very involved in the revival. In fact, before the revival, he and other elders prayed right through. They took Psalm 24, ‘Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD or who shall stand in His holy place? He that that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. He shall receive the blessing from the LORD, and righteousness from the God of his salvation.’ John Smith once turned to the other elders and said, ‘It’s absolute humbug for us to be praying like this unless our hands are clean, and our hearts are pure.’ And so they united together. They confessed before God. They got right with God and prayed on. I am so glad that when I was away in the world, not interested in the things of God, there were men like these who prayed, and who prayed through.
  2. Does it not give us a hunger in our hearts to see what God can do? ‘I will pour water on him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground.’ How many of us are thirsty? Or, are we like the Laodicean church, neither cold nor hot? I’m here to testify that God is a covenant-keeping God, and that Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd that gave His life for the sheep. The Son of Man who came to seek and to save that which is lost and saved me!

Charles Price

Icabod Or Ebenezer

  1. Charles Price family was saved during the 1904 Welsh Revival
    • 100, 000 people found God in a period of 10 weeks
    • Great Grandfather was a Godless man, but found God in a Pub
    • Woke up  Great GrandMother to tell her that he has found God; family ( including 20 year son concluded that he was indeed drunk )
  2. Letting God be God in our heart, in our own lives
  3. They were asking God to be their Savior
  4. Not asking God for a good life. but for
    • Mercy
    • Forgiveness
    • Cleansing
  5. In danger of turning Jesus Christ to our preferred Helper, Physician,  Psychologist,  a great provider
  6. But that is not who he is but he is a Savior; not just from the guilt and consequence of our Sins but also from the Power and Grips of our sins
  7. Salvation includes pouring us with his Holy Spirit and his Lordship is our lives
  8. We can try seeing Christ through the Gift of Mercy, Forgiveness, or Physician. But, unless we see him principally as a Savior, we are in trouble
  9. The one person that has the Power to save us from our sins
  10. Evan Robert’s message was summed up in 4 parts
    • Confess all known sins
    • Deal with anything that is a sin or doubtful in your live
    • Comply with the Holy Spirit instantly
    • Confess Christ publicly
  11. Evan Roberts
  12. Bible
    • The only words that will be authoritative this week are those that come from the Word that came from God
    • Revival is Old Testament while Evangelism New testament
  13. Old Testament
    • People of God
    • Exclusive to Jewish Nation
    • Not Spiritual body of Christ
    • People who wanted to walk with God, experience God, and become a blessing to the Nations
  14. Tragic Loses exposes fault lines in our understanding
  15. Supporting Verses
    • Joshua 3:5-6 ( Consecrate yourself for the Lord will do amazing things )
    • Joshua 3:10 ( This is how you will know that the Living God is among you, he will drive out your enemies )
    • Joshua 6 ( I have delivered jericho in your hands )
  16. Easy to reproduce a pattern than to learn a principle or the Truth
  17. If we change the Christian life and reduce it to one that lacks
    • Divine Initiative
    • Divine Originality
    • Divine Anointing
    • Divine Activities
  18. If God is doing something somewhere it is not because they have learned a new technique, but because they are dealing with God
  19. Toronto
    • Youth for Christ
      • 1940 and 1950
  20. Leave God out of it
    • Do not spend time with God
    • Do not Pray
    • Just tell me the How
  21. Everyone wants to know how
  22. The question has to be
    • Who has the Power
    • Who can save us from our sins
  23. In a rush?
    • Woe to to those who say, “Let God hurry; let him hasten his work so we may see it. The plan of the Holy One of Israel– let it approach, let it come into view, so we may know it.” ( Isaiah 5:19 )
  24. God’s specific instruction is that the Israelites are not to touch the Holy Things and not to even look into the Holy Things (Ark)
    • They can only meet with him once a year on the basis of shed blood
    • If you meet him any other any way, one will not be meeting a Friend, but a Judge
  25. Prayer
    • Areas of our lives that we have placed protection around
    • Anger, bitterness, lust
    • Forgiveness for justification
    • Placed into the Open
    • Holy Spirit live, not just to make one feel better, but to become an Instrument for the blessing of Others
    • Witness to stand before all the Powers and Principalities
    • Lives may give evidence for God’s presence
    • Prayer for man and woman
    • Grace to resist doubt, temptation, seduction that will surely come

Welsh Revival

Welsh Revival Eyewitness Account

  1. Deliverance
    • Tobacco and Smoking went away
  2. Big View
    • Deacons – About twelve of them
    • Facing the congregatio
    • There was two chairs that always be faced the congregation
    • There will sit and judge the doctrine and make sure that only truth will come out
    • They will make sure nothing false comes in
    • Advance people who knew something about Spiritual discernment
    • Church has lost that
      • People no longer know about the gift of Spiritual Discernment
      • No check on the minister these days
  3. Revival comes down
    • You can’t work it up
  4. Sin has not changed

Christian Sermons – 2014/Oct


Courtesy of YouTube, I have watched more than my fair share of sermons lately.

Though the sermons are publicly available, I wanted to package and acknowledge them in a more concise & precise format.

Yet, publicly sharing the list is fraught with risks. The reasons are vast and includes the fact that:

  • I started this blog firmly to share technical details
  • The people listed here are mostly still living and the evil one will continue to attack each personally and even more their ministry

But, there are things to be gained, as well.

For instance, I have tied so much together through Chuck Missler and I will lean on him and share some of the quotes I heard from him.

  • The only barrier to truth is assuming that you already have it.
  • For, in the first place, when you come together as a church, I hear that divisions exist among you; and in part I believe it. For there must also be factions among you, so that those who are approved may become evident among you“. ( 1 Corinthians 11 19-20 )
  • “Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so”. (Acts 17:11 )
  • To you the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27)


And, so here goes my list.



Paul Washer – HeartCry Missionary Society

Video URL Date Added
Ten Indictments Link 2014-10-07
Regeneration v. The Idolatry of Decisional “Evangelism” (Paul Washer @ the Deeper Conference 2008) Link 2014-10-07
We Have Forgotten that the Way is Narrow. (Paul Washer) Link 2014-10-07
Pray and be alone with God Link 2014-10-07
A Living and Holy Sacrifice – Romans 12:1-2 Link 2014-10-07
Examine Yourself – Paul Washer Link 2014-10-07
A Warning to Not Stray from the Gospel Link 2014-10-07
Biblical Tests of True Faith by Paul Washer Link 2014-10-07
Decisional Regeneration: Paul Washer Interview Link 2014-10-07
 How to Abide in Christ Link 2014-10-07
 A sermon that has angered many  Link 2014-10-31
The importance of prayer for Christians Link 2014-11-01




Jamal Harrison Bryant

Video URL Date Added
A New World Order Link  2014-10-09
The Audacity of Hope Link  2014-10-09




Jimmy Evans – Marriage Today

Video URL
The Treasure of a Teachable Spirit Link
The Law of Sowing, Reaping, and Use Link
Spiritual Winter ( 1 of 4 ) Link
Spiritual Winter ( 2 of 4 ) Link
Spiritual Winter ( 3 of 4 ) Link
Spiritual Winter ( 4 of 4 ) Link
How to know God’s will for your Life Link
Living amount lions Link
Morality at a tipping point Link



Kenneth c Ulmer – Faithful Central Bible Church

Video URL
Its Time To Eat Sermon Ezekiel 2 Link




Pastor Paula White

Video URL Date Added
Breaking Ungodly Soul ties Link 2014-10-14







Shekinah Glory Ministry

Video URL
Praise is what I do Link




Juanita Bynum

Video URL
I don’t mind waiting  Link
Like the Dew In The Morning – Juanita Bynum Morning Prayer Link





Jonathan Cahn – Beth Israel Worship Center

Jonathan Cahn is a messianic Jewish Rabbi and pastor best known for his best selling book “The Harbinger”.

Video URL
The Harbinger Decoded Jonathan Cahn full movie Link
The Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast Link



Dumitru Duduman

Dumitry Duduman is a Romanian pastor who smuggled  thousands of bibles into Russia.

Video URL
America is babylon Link



Neil Ellis

Neil Ellis prophesied over Bishop Long before Pastor Long’s trials.

Video URL
BEFORE THE SCANDAL, Neil Ellis Prophecy for Eddie Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Link




Pentecostal – Speaking in tongues


The Azusa Street Festival

One of the initial fires that ignited the Pentecostal awakening in America

Video URL
The Azusa Street Revival Documentary Link




PreWrath Rapture

Charles Cooper

Prewrath Rapture exposition

Video URL
Charles Cooper Interview – Prewrath Rapture Link
Prewrath Conference – Charles Cooper – Justice Link



Chris White

Prewrath Rapture exposition

Video URL
Prewrath Rapture





Dr. Michael Brown & Prof. Craig Keener

Audio Q/A between Dr. Michael Brow & Prof. Craig Keener

Video URL
Dr. Brown & Prof. Craig Keener Link



Alan Kurschner

Dr/Prewrath Rapture exposition

Video URL
Prewrath Rapture Link
Alan Kurschner interview – Prewrath Rapture Link
(VIDEO) Will the Church Face the Antichrist? Link





J.P. Moreland – Biola University

Video URL
Loving God with All Your Mind Link
Discerning God’s Voice – When God Seems Silent Link
Evidence for the Existence of the Soul Link




Spiritual Warfare

Derek Prince

Video URL
How to hear God’s Voice – 1  Link
How to hear God’s Voice – 2  Link
Transmitting God’s Power  Link
Casting Down Strongholds Link




Lay Speakers

Mark Cleminson

Video URL
The creator/designer is made evident in the objective order, functionality and design of the universe (atom/cell/DNA/nature) and our consciousness/conscience – it is more irrational to attribute these things to cosmic accident than a conscious Designer Link






Dr. David Berlinski

Video URL
David Berlinski – Evolution destroyed in under 5 minutes Link
Dr David Berlinski Debunks Evolution THEORY Link
The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions Link




Sermon Scripts

Source :- Paul Washer

Sermon :- Pray and be alone


There is one commentator. I don’t even know who he is. He said this. “Jesus is the dependent man and this is just where we fail. He withdraws himself into the wilderness and prays ever the dependent as the obedient and victorious man.”

Let’s listen to what he says. He is saying that it is Jesus’ dependence upon God that wrought the obedience and victory.

Now, Matthew Poole writes this. “We meet with Christ often, commending to us the duty of secret prayer by his own example.”

That is so convicting because I am commending you to secret prayer by my word. But would I by my example?

It is a sobering thing to preach.

It says, “We meet Christ often, compelling us to the duty of secret prayer by his own example as he had done by his precept and always choosing for it the most private and retired places to teach us to go and to do likewise, often to pray to our Father which seeth in secret and his example more presses us because we have much more business with God in prayer than he had.”

Do you know what he means by that? Matthew Poole is saying we have more business to do with God in prayer than Jesus. Why? He says, “For this reason. Jesus had no sins to confess, nor to beg pardon for, no need to ask for any sanctifying habits of grace. Jesus lived a life of prayer and frequently it was his custom to participate in hidden prayer with his Father. And yet he had nothing of the need that we have. He had no need of confessing sin. He had no pardon to beg. He had no need to cry out for grace upon grace and mercy upon mercy like we do.”

Sermon :- Pray and be alone



There are many people who do not want to hear the truth because it will shake up the false hope they have that they’re going to heaven when, indeed, they are not. There are so many people in Christianity—American Christianity—that believe themselves right with God, that believe themselves saved because they were told that by a preacher who should have spent more time studying the Bible and less time preaching.

The only thing left behind in the left behind series is the bible

I’ve even had people tell me, “Well, I know I’m saved because the preacher told me I’m saved.” Since when did men have such authority? And, then, the worst of all—”I know I’m saved because I have walked with God.” My dear friends, let me tell you this, if you are not walking with God now, you can have no assurance that you have ever been saved.

It says in 2nd Corinthians, chapter 13, verse 5, Paul had come to a church, many of them professing Christ, many of them walking in carnality, and he doesn’t ask them—he doesn’t say to them, “Let me ask you something. When was the time that you first asked Jesus Christ into your heart?” He didn’t even refer to their conversion experience. He goes right to present tense and he says this: Test yourselves—in verse 5—to see if you are in the faith. Examine yourselves. Or do you not recognize this about yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you unless indeed you fail the test.

Test yourself! This is not just some whimsical thing. This is not just something to worry about for a day. We’re talking about eternity. Is it well with your soul? If you test yourselves in the light of Scripture, will you be found whole and complete, born again, kept by the power of God? It’s time to take a test and stop relying on your emotions and stop relying on what everyone is telling you and stop comparing yourself to other people who call themselves Christians, because the great majority of people in America who call themselves Christians are lost.

Now, let me just say something about how that would change everything in America if the media truly believed that. What kind of God do we have in America? What is the god of the politician in America? It’s this kind of god––it’s a god you can pray to, but you cannot define who he is. It’s a god you can talk about in a political speech, but you cannot define what his will is. And that’s a good god to have. Why? Because you’re no longer accountable to a god like that. You don’t know who he is and you don’t know what he wants, so you just do whatever your carnal, wicked heart wants to do. That’s a very convenient god, and that’s the kind of god some supposed Christians have.

But John counters that and he says this: No, my friend, God has told you exactly who He is and God has told you exactly what He requires of thee, old man. He’s not a hidden god. Now, learning that, let’s go to the next verse.



Are you sensitive to sin? Does it lead you to confession? Now, let me ask you, some of you here, here’s something you need to understand. Just recently a man that I know was found in grievous, grievous sin, and someone said, “How did a man like him fall into sin?”

And I said, “He didn’t fall into sin. No man falls into sin. He slid there like everyone else.”

Let me ask you—because some of you may be Christians and you need to hear a warning. Are you sliding into sin? Are you starting to do things now, gradually, gradually, that you would not have thought of doing a month ago? And little by little by little, you know what’s going to happen? You keep going, and it’ll be evidence you’re lost. If God pulls you back, it’ll be evidence you’re saved.

Do you love other Christians? “Well, I, you know, I, I come to church.”

Big deal. The devil comes to church. What do you do when you get here? What do you do outside it? Because the church isn’t this tent. It’s not that building, it’s the people. How many Christians are you serving? How many Christians are you reading the Bible with? How many Christians are you praying for? How many Christians are you loving? How many . . . .

I’ve got a dear friend in my church back home, and he know I’m here in Texas for a little while. He’s adopted my mother. He’s cleaning up her place; he’s mowing her yard; he’s doing all sort of things. Why? She’s a believer, and because of the will of God, her son’s being sent to Texas so he is taking over. That’s what I mean. That’s what I mean.

I’ve had both my hips replaced because my bones are degenerating. You know how they got replaced? I was a missionary. I didn’t have a dime. How am I going to get implants? How am I going to be operated on? A man in Austin, Texas––Steven Whitlock, III––a young guy, 32 years old, but a brilliant man. He walks into his Sunday school class one day at a church there in Austin, Texas. He hears people praying about a missionary who can hardly walk up in the Andes Mountains.

He goes, “Give me his name.” He called me. He said, “Come. Come to Austin. I’m getting the ticket. I’m getting the doctors. I’m getting everything. Your hips are taken care of.” That’s what I’m talking about.

I was walking through the jungles one time, high jungles, in Departmento Amazonas in Peru during the war with the Sendero Luminoso. We were in a place the military wouldn’t go, and we were lost––me and another brother. And we were traveling through the night in the darkness. We had smuggled ourselves up there in the back of grain trucks, and we were going to preach in the place because the believers were just depressed and torn apart and didn’t know what to do and everyone’s making fun of them. We knew we had to go in there.

So we would get lost, and we’re going through the jungle and, finally, we come upon this village. We walk in there. We don’t know where to go. We don’t know where to spend the night. We know that the terrorists can be absolutely everywhere . We know we could be a dead man, and Paco walks up to this person out on the streets, like almost midnight, and he goes, “Á Hermanos por acá,”––Are there brothers through here? And someone said, “That old lady over there”––an old Nazarene woman. We knock on the door, and I said, “Soy pastor.”

She grabs both of us, pulls us in, shuts the door behind us, sticks us down in the basement, goes out, kills a chicken, fries up some yucca, everything you can imagine. She’s feeding us. She’s taking care of us. She’s housing us. Could she get in trouble? Yes, she could.

And then you say, “Oh, I’m a Christian because I go to church.” You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s love? To you? You need a new definition.


Sermon :- The importance of prayer for Christians

I am not unjust.  I am not your judge.  I am your father.  How much will I do for you.


Source :- Jimmy Evans

Sermon :- Spiritual Winter ( part 4 of 4 )


After Church, all these precious saints walk up to you and say Pastor you really blessed me, and we just want you to know, we are praying for you.

And, I say thank you so much, it means everything.

Spiritual Winter, will beat the ungratefulness out of you, and when it is over, you will be Thankful.


It is Thursday morning and I just burnt a couple of hours cleaning out this list.

I leave you with a couple of shared thoughts and work:

Peter Bradley Adams – The Longer I run

When my blood runs warm with the warm red wine
I miss the life that I left behind
But when I hear the sound of the blackbirds cry
I know I left in the nick of time

If I wander til I die
May I know who’s hand I’m in
If my home I’ll never find
And let me live again

And, an Abraham Lincoln’s quote that resonates and I first heard from President Obama:

The times have changed – and so have I. I’m no longer just a candidate. I’m the President. I know what it means to send young Americans into battle, for I have held in my arms the mothers and fathers of those who did n’t return. I have shared the pain of families who have lost their homes, and the frustration of workers who have lost their jobs. If the critics are right that I have made all my decisions based on polls, then I must not be very good at reading them. And while I’m proud of what we have achieved together, I’m far more mindful of my own failings, knowing exactly what Lincoln meant when he said, “I have been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that I had no place else to go.

And, another quote that goes like “If there are things worth pondering and taking time to wrestle with and dialogue about, they are things such as this“.

Yet foremost in our mind, the Lord, our God, who brought all things together and knows how much he paid and pays for each of us.

Yet, he says “I will in no way leave you, neither will I in any way forsake you“.






The most important thing with writing is one expects and opens self up for feedback.  This morning at work, I shared with Gabriel and he gave me a word that fits in:


1 Timothy 4:15-16
A Good Minister of Jesus Christ
Take pains with these things; be absorbed in them, so that your progress will be evident to all.  Pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching; persevere in these things, for as you do this you will ensure salvation both for yourself and for those who hear you.

Francis Collins – “Language of God” Speech


A couple of weeks ago, I listened on as Francis Collins spoke a bit about his book “Language of God“.

The discussion was at the Veritas Forum at California Institute of Technology ( CalTech ) in Pasadena, CA.

The presentation is available at :

Francis Collins – The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence of Belief


He touched on the importance of using Augustine’s writing as a backdrop when attempting to resolve seemingly incompatible thoughts; i.e space things out a bit.


Augustine’s Quote

The Literal meaning of Genesis – 400 AD

In matters that are obscure and far beyond our vision, even in such as we may find treated in Holy Scripture, different Interpretations are sometimes possible without prejudice to the faith we have received. In such a case, we should not rush in headlong and so firmly take our stand on one side that, if further progress in the search of truth justly undermines this position, we too fall with it. That would be to battle not for the teaching of Holy Scripture but for our own, wishing its teaching to conform to ours, whereas we ought to wish ours to conform to that of Sacred Scripture.



His introduction was brief and informative.  Areas he touched on includes:

  • Let us reason together
  • Started out as a reductionist and “material”
  • DNA Sequencing problem causing cancer
  • Saw a lady dying and she was at peace with it



Faith’s journey invigorated by seeing a dying lady who had come to peace with it.  The lady shared her life and faith with him.  And, thereafter said to him “I told you about my faith, now Doctor what do you believe?“.


Francis Collins – “Nature Pointers to God”

Finding pointers in Nature:

  • There is something instead of nothing
  • The unreasonable effectiveness of Mathematics
  • The Big Bang
  • The precise tuning of physical constants in the Universe


Francis Collins – Possibilities

He iterated possible explanations for the preciseness of Science.

  • Constant – Aporia reason due to relationship – There might be relationships between them
  • Multiverse – There are other universes just like this one
  • Intentional

And, how when one is faced with myriad choices one should apply “Occam Razor“; that is choose the simplest reason.  Which leads us to choosing the the intentional option.  This appears to be where Einstein’s ended up.

Since Einstein’s day, there are more fine tune arguments.

In summary we now have found a Deist God, but not necessary Theist God.


Francis Collins – Moral Law

  • We humans are under a moral law
  • It is a Universal Law
  • Is it completely explained by altruism?
  • Reason for Altruism
    • Family
    • Reciprocal – Reproductive reason
    • Martin Nowak – Prisoner Dilemma – Harvard Professor – Entire Group
  • But, all the reasons means that one still has to be hostile to people outside of the group
  • How does one explain extension to other groups
    • Mother Theresa
    • Wesley Autrey, Construction worker – New York Subway
  • Reason to Look further
    • If one is looking for a God that is good and holy

In summary, Mr. Collins arrived at a Theist God via trying to grasp the fullness of a Universal Moral Law.


Francis Collins – “Loving God with all your mind

  • No longer have reasons to resist
  • Reasons behind the decision
  • Love God with all your mind
  • Talks about Mark Noll’s book – “Scandal of the evangelical mind

Francis uses  Luke 10:27 “And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself“, to affirm that there is no conflict between Mind/Science and worshiping God.


Life Sciences

  • DNA – Digital Code
  • DNA Theory is fundamentally correct
  • Evolution – Shared Ancestry of humans and other organisms*
    • Fossil record
    • DNA
      • Compared DNA Sequencing
      • pseudogene ( RIP in humans i.e. GULO – Humans unable to make Vitamin C on their own, while other animals might not have problem )


Richard Dickens

Richard Dickens – argument

  • Has a book known as “God’s Delusion”
  • Arguments against God

Richard Dickens – Rebuttal

  • Universal Negative ( Atheism is the most daring of all dogma, for it is the assertion of a universal negative – G.K. Chesterton)
  • Category Error ( God is outside of Nature and thus shall not be placed exclusively in nature)
  • Science is only able to comments on things that are in nature and not on things outside of nature.  Silence has to remain silence in Nature )
  • Richard Dickens “If earth was created by God. it must be a God more complicated than the God we are talking about
  • One cannot be an Atheist and argue that Science totally supports that conviction
  • 40% of Science believe in God
  • God’s role in Evolution
    • God’s planned for evolution
      • Neurological house (brain)
      • Free will
      • Soul
      • Made in God’s image – Mind VS Body
      • Our free will lead to disobedience to God
      • Humans realization of violation of Moral code
    • No violence to faith nor science
    • Theistic Evolution ( BioLogos )
      • Bios = Life
      • Logos = The Word


Objections to BioLogos

  • Bacterial Flagellum




  • Darrel R. Falk – Coming to Peace with Science
  • Karl W. Giberson – Saving Darwin
  • N. T. Wright – Resurrection of Son of God




Here is the Q/A Transcript. Where available I have placed the time-slot where the Question began and Answer ended in parenthesis.


Importance of Prayer

  • Mode of listening
  • In prayer, one might get an insight into one self ( Mystical )


Evolution Maturity

  • Age of Universe – 13.7 billion years
  • Age of the Earth – 4.55 billion years
  • The God of Deception
  • If one does not read from Scripture a requirement to postulate a young earth, then one might have to go with what Science is telling us about earth’s age


Post Humanist

  • Stephen Hawkins
  • Messing with Human’s germ life safety?
  • What is improvement
  • Who gets access
  • God’s Image thought


Sloppiness of DNA ( 1:11:57 )

  • Mitochondria DNA
  • DNA Transition to Nuclear from Genome?
  • Ancient Event / Variability of the event / Recent event
  • He is outside of the data


Physical vs Spiritual Death

  • Augustine’s discussion of Genesis
  • Christianity has not been forced to revise its understanding even after aggressive growth in Science
  • Evolution vs Pauline Canon
  • Where does Death come from?
    • Scripture – Death is result of human science
    • Evolution – Death is integer to creation
  • Death integral to creation
  • Scripture
    • Romans 5
    • 1st Corinthians 15
  • Death ? Does it exclude animal death
  • Not a theologian
  • Physical vs Spiritual death


Movie – Expelled

  • Prosecution in Academia
  • Whip up resentment against Academic
  • Speak bluntly about those things



  • Q/A
    • Nature Miracle (Manna from Miracle, Jesus feeding hundreds with bread)
    • Is God contradictory or disorder
    • God is almighty
    • Why did not God not intervene during Holocaust
  • Answer
    • Whether one believes in God and whether one believes that God is the author of nature
    • Moments of great significance
      • Jesus Resurrection



Book – Born to be good – The Science of a meaning Life

  • Q/A
    • Is there a gene for altruism
  • Answer
    • Neurological Pathway
    • Free will decisions
    • Neurological Pathway
    • Divinely inspired action that needs a path to be carried out
    • Emotions such as Deep prayer life bring about emotion

Pre-commitments Role ( 1:24:30 – 1:27:15 )

  • Q/A
    • The evidence seems to support both a Theistic and Naturalistic viewpoint
    • Pre-Commitment to a world view, conceptual scheme
    • Evidence gains its meaning
    • Internal consistency within a conceptual view
    • Preconceived conclusion – Is one not just as good as the other?
    • If one is better, how does one move from being a Naturalist to been a Theist
  • Answer
    • One has to choose one or the other ?
      • Being other or the other improvises you
      • Placing a High firewall between them
      • Having to choose one is a recent idea and a bit flawed
      • One can find God in the Laboratory or the Cathedral


Agnostic Atheism

  • Q/A
    • Mental Crutch of having to believe in a God
    • Physics
    • Free will
  • Answer
    • Physics
      • Predetermination of Classical mechanics
      • Quantum brings more fluidity
    • Agnostics
      • Principled Agnostic
      • Others it might suggest I do want to think about it


Once again, there is a lot to learn out there.  Veritas Forums, Ted Talks, and many others facilitate important and meaningful discussions.

And, thanks to Google and YouTube unusually smart and “gifting” people are a lot closer than they would otherwise be.  They are well read and do not hide it; in actuality they share their sources.

They are also pen to meaningful reproach.

As Ravi Zachariah likes to say, the Q/A part is where the fireworks happen.



Occam Razor






Martin Nowak


Wesley Autrey


Mark Noll


Stephen L. Carter


Richard Dawkins


Bacteria Flagellum


Pau(line) Doctrine


God vs Science