Election – 2020 / Prophetic Registry

Background Let us look back and see how pastors and prophetic voices looked ahead and saw Election 2020.   Prophetic Voices Tabulated Pastor/Prophet Church/Ministry Date Vote Words Pastor Chris Oyakhilome LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, based in Lagos, Nigeria. Trump Chris Reed Trump Pastor Curt Landry Curt Landry Ministries Trump Denise Goulet International … Continue reading Election – 2020 / Prophetic Registry

Election – 2020:- Post Election – Church & Prophetic Voices

Videos Kris Vallotton 'It was a big mistake': Bethel leader apologizes for wrongly prophesying that Trump would win the presidency Videos Video #1 Published 2020-November-9th Link Gordon Robertson Is the 2020 Election Part of End-Times Prophecy? Profile Gordon Robertson breaks down part of his father’s prophecy about the 2020 election, Israel, and the end times. … Continue reading Election – 2020:- Post Election – Church & Prophetic Voices

Election – 2020 – Insightful Blogs

Background Interesting take by bloggers.   Blogs FiveThirtyEight 2020 Election: Live Results And Coverage Link Politico Europe Live blog: Europe reacts to US election Link   Insights FiveThirtyEight 2020 Election: Live Results And Coverage Link NATE SILVER @ NOV. 4, 1:27 AM So to summarize a bit, Biden basically has three “easy” paths to victory … Continue reading Election – 2020 – Insightful Blogs

Election – 2020 – Prediction

Background Quick Prediction.   In Gratitude US Veterans     Presidency Joe Biden & Kamala Harris over President Donald Trump & Mike Pence.   Numbers Alabama Trump Over Joe Arkansas Trump Over Joe Projected Joe Over Trump  Arizona Projected Leaning Joe  ( Over Trump )  Colorado Projected Joe Over Trump Delaware Projected Joe Over Trump … Continue reading Election – 2020 – Prediction

Elections 2020:- Financial Contributors

Money Contributed OpenSecrets.Org Link   # Contributor Affiliation Total Contributors Republican Democrat 1 Sheldon G. & Miriam O. Adelson Las Vegas Sands/Adelson Drug Clinic - Las Vegas, NV 180 million 180 million 0 2 Michael R. Bloomberg New York 100 million 0 100 million 3 Thomas & Taylor Steyer San Francisco 67 million 0 67 … Continue reading Elections 2020:- Financial Contributors

Election 2020:- Prophetic & Predictive Voices

Background Somehow one will think that the ante could not be any higher per the upcoming election. Prophetic Voices But, then here comes the prophetic voices.   Videos Pat Robertson Pat Robertson Prophecy: Here's Who Will Win Election, Then End Times Prophecies Will Unfold Profile Today, Oct. 20, 2020 on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson … Continue reading Election 2020:- Prophetic & Predictive Voices

General Election 2020 – In Person Voting

Background We are inside of two weeks to election day. In-Person Voting Exact Date Traditionally elections are held every two years on the First Tuesday in November. This year the exact date is Tuesday 2020-November-3rd.   County Voting information is available for each county. County - Alameda County Agency The Agency responsible for co-ordinating our … Continue reading General Election 2020 – In Person Voting

Mail in Voting

Background I am not one for a lot of noise. Yet, everywhere one turns these days, it is Election, Mail in Voting, Postal Services.   Outline Eligibility Register To Vote Check Registration Are you registered to Vote? Mail in Ballot Are you eligible for Mail in Ballot Are you registered for Mail in Ballot Process … Continue reading Mail in Voting

Everything that can be shaken / 2018-Dec

Train Ride As I came home this evening,  got on the wrong train. I intentionally did so as I did not want to wait around 10 minutes for my train. Missed my jump-off.  And, got off on the next one. Switched directions and was good. A young man was talking to himself and in between … Continue reading Everything that can be shaken / 2018-Dec

Nick Bryant – US election: Hillary’s humiliating low road to White House

Prologue Sometimes it takes an outsider to offer a balanced and nuanced view of Politics and Elections. Rather than scapegoating, Nick Bryant carefully lays out the case of interviewing for the nation's highest Civil Servant position. If she loses, she might get to rest. On the other hand, if she wins it will likely take … Continue reading Nick Bryant – US election: Hillary’s humiliating low road to White House