Economic Outlook- 2022 – Last One Third – United States

Background Let us be honest, in the United States the economy outlook is diming a bit. Outline Inflation Federal Reserve Jerome Powell Geo-Political Great unwinding Russia China Industries Impacted Semi-Conductor   Inflation Federal Reserve Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Economic conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming ( 2022 - August ) Jerome Powell says Fed … Continue reading Economic Outlook- 2022 – Last One Third – United States

Ray Dalio:- “On a Changing World”

Yahoo News Article:- 'It's not just a trade war': Ray Dalio on why China's rise means big headaches for US, the world Julia La Roche·Correspondent Link   China’s growing global clout poses “enormous implications” for the entire world, according to billionaire investor Ray Dalio, who sees the United States hobbled by soaring debt, populism and … Continue reading Ray Dalio:- “On a Changing World”