Adam Nossiter – New York Times – “As Emmanuel Macron’s Impact Grows, So Does French Disdain”

Adam Nossiter Books France and the Nazis: Memories, Lies and the Second World War Profile This book acts as an investigation into the legacy of France's years of occupation. As a child in the 1960s, Adam Nossiter grew up in a France that was desperate to believe in its innocence in World War II. Collaboration … Continue reading Adam Nossiter – New York Times – “As Emmanuel Macron’s Impact Grows, So Does French Disdain”

Khaled Hosseini

Background As I got off the train this past Tuesday saw a lady standing outside the station reading my favorite author, Khaled Hosseini. The book she was reading is "A Thousand Splendid Suns". She was welling up as she described the area of the book she just read. I comforted her by sharing how much … Continue reading Khaled Hosseini

Cold Case Files

  Profile "Cold Case Files," one of A&E Network's most popular and successful series of all time, chronicles the re-examination of long-unsolved crimes and the journeys of law enforcement personnel who reopened them. With the use of forensic advances and new evidence, police and detectives attempt to crack the cases and clarify unanswered questions. Each … Continue reading Cold Case Files

Melinda Henneberger :- Vatican Says Jews’ Wait for Messiah Is Validated by the Old Testament

Background This article is almost twenty years old. At the rate at which new articles are being published, twenty years is almost what a century was a few decades ago.   Article Melinda Henneberger, New York Times Link The Vatican has issued what some Jewish scholars are calling an important document that explicitly says, ''The … Continue reading Melinda Henneberger :- Vatican Says Jews’ Wait for Messiah Is Validated by the Old Testament

Us & Limitations

Background Early this week I was watching a video on YouTube, and a small commercial came on. The young man was trying to sell training. Jim Kwik Who is Here ? Jim Kwik is Quote The quote he used has stayed on me. It goes .... If you fight for your limitations, you get … Continue reading Us & Limitations

Jennifer Gates & Nayel Nassar

Background In a world far too noisy, how does Heaven get a word in... Jennifer Gates & Nayel Nassar In Pictures Equestrian Athletes Egypt - 01 Egypt - 02 In Love Quotes Gates She is now enjoying the responsibility of being a team manager but is just happy to be successful in her childhood passion. … Continue reading Jennifer Gates & Nayel Nassar

Nipsey Hussle – Home Going

  Videos CBS News Lauren London gives emotional tribute to Nipsey Hussle Profile Actress Lauren London spoke at the memorial service for her longtime boyfriend, rapper Nipsey Hussle. The service took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Videos Video #1 Channel :- CBS News Published on Apr 11, 2019 Link kavine jadore Lauren … Continue reading Nipsey Hussle – Home Going

The Central Park Five and “Always being behind”

  Videos TimesTalk Profile Ken Burns, co-director and author Sarah Burns, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Jim Dwyer, who covered the case and is interviewed in the film, and the exonerated, including Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana and Korey Wise -- The panel engages in a conversation about the issues raised by … Continue reading The Central Park Five and “Always being behind”

Mary Jo McConahay – “The Tango War”

Preface Richard Feinberg Link During World War II, the United States urged Latin America to join the struggle. Washington aimed to deny Germany and Italy access to vital raw materials from the continent, disrupt fascist spy networks there, and protect transatlantic sea-lanes. The U.S. war machine relied on Mexican oil and Brazilian rubber; Mexicans replaced … Continue reading Mary Jo McConahay – “The Tango War”