Win OS – File Explorer – “Open Command Window Here”

Background A good friend is to trying to following instructions, but running into head wind. Issue The Instructions read :- Launch File Explorer. Navigate to a specific folder Right click on that folder and from the dropdown menu, select "Open command window here" Image Explanation In our case "Open Command Window here" does not appear. … Continue reading Win OS – File Explorer – “Open Command Window Here”

PostgreSQL – Table Value Constructor

Background Part of a DBA's workload is to engage the Developers Community and make sure that SQL Changes are streamline and easy to review and deploy. Adding Data Recently we needed to add about one hundred records to a single table. Table Value Constructor Thankfully SQL 92 thought quite a bit ahead and recommends support … Continue reading PostgreSQL – Table Value Constructor

PostgreSQL – List Databases

Background Let us list databases. Code Outline Access pg_catalog.pg_database pg_catalog.pg_tablespace Default Table space Name pg_database.dattablespace = pg_tablespace.oid pg_catalog.pg_authid Authorizer pg_database.datdba = pg_authid.oid pg_catalog.pg_encoding_to_char Encoding pg_catalog.pg_encoding_to_char(pg_database.encoding ) pg_catalog.pg_stat_file Database Creation Date pg_catalog.pg_stat_file ( 'base' ||'/' ||pg_database.oid ||'/' ||'PG_VERSION' ) SQL Output References PostgreSQL Functions and Operators System Administrative Functions Link

PostgreSQL :- Permit Network Access

Background It is time to allow network access to our PostgreSQL server. Outline Server Configuration ( Files ) postgresql.conf IP Interface ( Listen address ) Port Number Default :- 5432 pg_hba.conf ( PostgreSQL Client Authentication Configuration File ) Rules Firewall Host Firewall Network Firewall Reload Configuration pg_hba configuration Either of these options Command Line Shell … Continue reading PostgreSQL :- Permit Network Access

NUMA – Get Current Configuration ( On Linux )

Background Reading through database documentation and understanding that some database platforms do not really support NUMA, as well as others. What is NUMA? Wikipedia Link Modern CPUs operate considerably faster than the main memory they use. CPUs increasingly have found themselves "starved for data" and having to stall while waiting for data to arrive from … Continue reading NUMA – Get Current Configuration ( On Linux )

Database – Buffer Pool – Clearing

Background During Database performance stressing, data is ingested into memory and written to disk. As one tries out different database table structures and Data Manipulation Languages ( DML ) queries, one often finds it useful to clean the slate in between.   Granularity Like any other operation one can target processing against the server, database, … Continue reading Database – Buffer Pool – Clearing

Samba :- Name Resolution – From Linux, Resolve Windows Host

Background Here is how to use Samba to perform name resolution from a Linux Host to MS Windows computers. Lineage Windows WINS Installing & Configuring WINS Link Linux Samba Samba – Host Name Resolution Link Steps Outline Package Installation samba-winbind Network Configuration Names Service Switch /etc/nsswitch.conf Samba etc/smb.conf Firewall Configuration Firewall - firewalld Allow tcp/137 … Continue reading Samba :- Name Resolution – From Linux, Resolve Windows Host