Git – File Operations – Case Sensitivity

Background If you use git from the command line as I do, you will likely run into git file command requests that does not stick. For instance, you issue "git add <filename>". And, issue "git commit" or "git status" and notice that the file you added is not tagged for local commit. If your file … Continue reading Git – File Operations – Case Sensitivity

Compare PDF Documents

Background I ran into a need to compare PDF documents. Don't even ask me how I backed up into this country road ditch, but "On God" I did.   Tools Vendor Tool URL Platform Pricing Evaluation Adobe ( ) Adobe Acrobat Desktop Commercial Skipped Evaluating due to pricing Aspose ( ) Aspose … Continue reading Compare PDF Documents

Rich Mason:- LinkedIn Security Advise

Background Rich Mason is a former CISO at Honeywell. Early this week he cued in to the fact that someone was creating false LinkedIn profiles.   LinkedIn Profiles Many of the false profiles had titles such as CISO ( Chief information security officer ).   LinkedIn Response Krebs On Security In a statement provided to … Continue reading Rich Mason:- LinkedIn Security Advise

Shutter:- Installation on Linux/centOS ( v8 )

Background There are certain use cases where the built-in screen capture on Cent-OS does not work for me as well as I will like it to. BTW, the built-in screen capture on CentOS v8 is aptly named screenshot.   Installation Outline Repository Import GPG Keys Nux Desktop Repository Avail Repository ( epel-release ) epel-release Install/Update … Continue reading Shutter:- Installation on Linux/centOS ( v8 )

OS Sort Command:- Sorting by character position

Background When reading sample code and I see the following command I be like hold up, wait a minute. Data Files Person.txt Image Metadata Column Position Column - Start & End First Name 1 1, 20 Last Name 2 21, 40 Email Address 3 41, 70 City 4 71, 90 State 5 90, 100 Postal … Continue reading OS Sort Command:- Sorting by character position

Windows – Sleep Mode Missing – Workaround

Background On one of my machines, I noticed that the menu option to access the sleep mode is missing.   Proof Image   Workaround Outline powrprof.dll powrprof.dll Outline Access the powrprof.dll Using rundll32, load powrprof.dll Pass along the payload "SetSuspendState Sleep" Syntax Sample Credit Crediting h2Media ( How2Shout ). How to Sleep Windows 10 PC … Continue reading Windows – Sleep Mode Missing – Workaround

WSL:- Provision CentOS

Background Let us quickly provision CentOS using WSL on a Microsoft Windows 10 system.   Microsoft WSL Linux Distributions Here are the Linux Distros that are officially supported by Microsoft WSL. NAME FRIENDLY NAME Ubuntu Ubuntu Debian Debian GNU/Linux kali-linux Kali Linux Rolling openSUSE-42 openSUSE Leap 42 SLES-12 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server v12 Ubuntu-16.04 Ubuntu … Continue reading WSL:- Provision CentOS

Log4j – Security Vulnerability – Detection Tool – WhiteSource – Windows Binary

Background Let us quickly try out another of the freely available tools for detecting the Log4J security vulnerabilities.   Lineage Log4j – Security Vulnerability – Detection Tools Link Log4j – Security Vulnerability – Detection Tool – CERT ( Community Emergency Response Team ) – PowerShell Script Link WhiteSource Our Story Here is a beautiful story: … Continue reading Log4j – Security Vulnerability – Detection Tool – WhiteSource – Windows Binary

MS DOS – Command Line Parameters

Background Looking at someone's code is a good way to tighten up one's own education. I was looking at a good man's code and immediately knew, I had a huge learning curve.   Table Pattern Meaning Sample Script %~dp0 Command Line Folder C:\batchfile\helloWorld\ %~n0 Command Line File helloWorld %~f0 Command Line Folder And File C:\batchfile\helloWorld\helloWorld.cmd … Continue reading MS DOS – Command Line Parameters