Covid:- US Government allocated spending

Citation Citing an insightful read courtesy of New York Times, here is what has been spent by the US Government on Covid thus far. Where $5 Trillion in Pandemic Stimulus Money Went Link Stimulus bills approved by Congress beginning in 2020 unleashed the largest flood of federal money into the United States economy in recorded … Continue reading Covid:- US Government allocated spending

Crime:- Buffalo New York Shooting – 2022-May-14th

Buffalo, Erie County, New York Nick Names Buffalo, New York has a couple of nicknames; inclusive:- Queen City City of Good Neighbors City of No Illusions Nickel City Queen City of the Lakes City of Light City of Trees Victims Aaron Salter Retired Police Officer Was working as a security guard Engaged shooter Ruth Whitfield … Continue reading Crime:- Buffalo New York Shooting – 2022-May-14th

Canelo Vs Bivol:- 2022 ( Cinco de Mayo Weekend )

Fight Bio Attribute Canelo Álvarez Dmitry Bivol Nationality Mexico Russia/Korea Coach Eddy Reynoso ( Mexico National ) Gennadiy Mashyanov Taylor Ramsdell - Strength & Conditioning Coach ( @taylor_ramsdell ) Joel Díaz ( Mexico National - Brother of Antonio Díaz and former world champion Julio Díaz ) Manager Eddy Reynoso Vadim Kornilov Fight Promotion Matchroom:- Eddie … Continue reading Canelo Vs Bivol:- 2022 ( Cinco de Mayo Weekend )

Berkshire Hathaway:- Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger

Videos Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Annual Meeting - 2022 Politics Partisanship 'I don't want to say anything that'll get attributed to Berkshire,' says Warren Buffett  Videos Video #1 Channel:- CNBC Television Link Stock Picking Charlie Munger says people shouldn't put their retirement savings into bitcoin  Videos Video #1 Channel:- CNBC Television Link Bitcoin If you … Continue reading Berkshire Hathaway:- Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger

Economy:- 2020 – Spring

  Videos   Bill Dudley, Former Federal Reserve Bank of New York President A Fed Soft Landing Is Highly Unlikely, Dudley Says Profile Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell says the central bank can achieve a "soft landing," slowing growth and curbing inflation without precipitating a recession. Bill Dudley, Bloomberg Opinion columnist and former Federal Reserve … Continue reading Economy:- 2020 – Spring

Murder of Shu Ming Tang

Videos Arrest NBC Bay Area NBC Bay Area Profile The break in a decades-old cold case came from a lucky break by out-of-state police. Law enforcement officials will not discuss how they solved the case, but the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit has learned it started with Oklahoma police finding a private journal with a … Continue reading Murder of Shu Ming Tang

Jaeah Lee:- This Rap Song Helped Sentence a 17-Year-Old to Prison for Life

  Author:- Jaeah Lee About:- Ms. Lee is a contributing writer at The New York Times Magazine and a 2021-22 Knight-Wallace reporting fellow. Title:- This Rap Song Helped Sentence a 17-Year-Old to Prison for Life Date Published:- 2022-March-30th ( Link )   Tommy Munsdwell Canady was in middle school when he wrote his first rap … Continue reading Jaeah Lee:- This Rap Song Helped Sentence a 17-Year-Old to Prison for Life

Davontae Sanford

Profile As a 14-year-old, Davontae Sanford went outside. He was arrested and convicted of the shooting of four people. The shootings were known as the "Runyon Street Slayings". Davontae Sanford was a special education student and unfortunately, he is half-blind.   Portrait Davontae Sanford and Taminko Sanford-Tilmon ( His Mother ) - Home Coming   … Continue reading Davontae Sanford

Miami Born & Bred

Background Family, you know how Miami Boys and Girls be.   Videos Sports NBA Thursday 2022-March-24th Tobin Erik Spoelstra Reacts To Fight With Jimmy Butler On Bench, Miami Heat's Loss To Warriors Videos Video #1 Channel:- Tobin Published On:- 2022-March-24th Date Added:- 2022-March-24th Link Participants Victor Oladipo Bam Adebayo Reacts To Jimmy Butler Fight On … Continue reading Miami Born & Bred

Russell Westbrook:- The Lakers Days

Background Life of a basketballer and shortstops around the league.   Videos 2021 2021 - Washington Wizards 2021 - Washingon Devyn Howard ( The Fumble ) Russell Westbrook's Wife Nina Goes OFF On Stephen A. Smith For Saying His Numbers Don’t Matter Profile Nina Westbrook rushed to Russell’s defense after Stephen A Smith dragged’s … Continue reading Russell Westbrook:- The Lakers Days