Ravi Zacharias – Sermons & Discussions – 2018/Feb

  Videos Ravi Zacharias on Roman Catholicism Is Roman Catholicism a cult? - Ravi Zacharias at Texas A&M's Veritas Forum Dr. Ravi Zacharias answers the question, "Is Roman Catholicism another example of how unity does not equal uniformity within the Christian community or is it at its core a derivative of true Christianity?" at Texas … Continue reading Ravi Zacharias – Sermons & Discussions – 2018/Feb

Steve Harvey

Background A pastor, whose Church I used to attend, posted this first video on Facebook. It really touched me and I hope it resonates with others. Personal Steve Harvey This is my suggestion to all young people...don't do what I did. Share this with a young person in your life!¬†( Published on Aug 3rd, 2016 … Continue reading Steve Harvey