Covid:- US Government allocated spending

Citation Citing an insightful read courtesy of New York Times, here is what has been spent by the US Government on Covid thus far. Where $5 Trillion in Pandemic Stimulus Money Went Link Stimulus bills approved by Congress beginning in 2020 unleashed the largest flood of federal money into the United States economy in recorded … Continue reading Covid:- US Government allocated spending

Thad Cummings:- ER Nurse On COVID

Background Jenny Powers from Business Insider caught up with Thad Cummings. Thad Cummings is an ER Nurse. Link Portrait Surgical Scrubs Street Clothes Thad Cummings' headshot, where he's standing in front of a gray brick wall.   Cummings with Colleagues     Story Summary Thad Cummings, 31, is a registered nurse who works in emergency … Continue reading Thad Cummings:- ER Nurse On COVID

Covid:- Impact of COVID Booster Shots On The Immune System

  Stories Christianity Daily WHO And EU Suddenly Warn Against Potential Dangers Of COVID Booster Shots On The Immune System Link World Health Organization experts and European Union regulators are interestingly warning against the frequent use of COVID booster shots as a strategy to address emerging variants of the coronavirus. The WHO instead called for … Continue reading Covid:- Impact of COVID Booster Shots On The Immune System

Christianity & Covid:- 2021- Autumn

Background Family, I will love to tell you otherwise. Yet, the spirit of a Holy God presses in and says tell my people, those called by my name, to watch over themselves foremost. And, extend that same care to those they watch over.   Outline Here are the 'saints' added to the list of those … Continue reading Christianity & Covid:- 2021- Autumn

Ed Yong:- Why Health-Care Workers Are Quitting in Droves

Background Ed Yong writing for the Atlantic has my kind of article. Both a sober and human-centered take on what is hurting our medical providers. Please read from your heart. Story Link About one in five health-care workers has left their job since the pandemic started. This is their story—and the story of those left … Continue reading Ed Yong:- Why Health-Care Workers Are Quitting in Droves

Spirituality: Leadership Vaccination Stance – The Ones For It

Background I will like to post on Pastors that are actually encouraging their congregants to get vaccinated against COVID. Spiritual Leaders & Messaging Judaism Orthodox Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld of Ohev Sholom synagogue in Washington, DC Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld enrolled in a clinical trial of the Moderna vaccine in 2020-July, he wanted to make a difference in the … Continue reading Spirituality: Leadership Vaccination Stance – The Ones For It

Tyson Fury:- Cultured

Background This is a tough one to write. But, toughness has to be placed in focus, as well.   Tyson Fury Self Family Affair John Fury ( Father ) Name Tyson Fury was born three months premature and weighed 1 pound. His father, John, named him Tyson after Mike Tyson, who was heavyweight world champion … Continue reading Tyson Fury:- Cultured

California Governor Recall Election:- 2021 – Introduction

Timeline The 2021 California gubernatorial recall election will be held on Tuesday, September 14th, 2021. Exactly 3 weeks from today ( Tuesday 2021-August-24th ).   Lineage This is our first post. On later posts will touch on how to register to vote. Absentee Ballot. Ensuring your votes count, etc.   Issues California Burning Climate Wildfires … Continue reading California Governor Recall Election:- 2021 – Introduction

Prophetic Timeline:- 2021-August

Background In December 2020, on a single day, December 13th, we posted three times on how 2021 will likely play out. We are halfway into the year. Let us touch on some areas that are worth speaking on.   Lineage Prophetic Timeline – 2021/June – Current Affairs Analysis Posted:- 2021-June-11th Link The Prophetic:- Year 2021 … Continue reading Prophetic Timeline:- 2021-August

Skid Row, Los Angeles – Funding for Housing

Background Citizens and Governments already grappling with Financial and Homelessness issues were dealth an even tougher hand with the onslaught of Coronavirus. Here is how it is playing out in the City and County of Los Angeles.   Stories Source:- CBS Los Angeles Story:- Judge Orders LA To Offer Shelter To All Unhoused Skid Row … Continue reading Skid Row, Los Angeles – Funding for Housing