Idil Karsit:- How your diet can treat diseases

Background Ms. Idil Karsit has a good read on food and how it can help us both treat and prevent diseases from happening in the first place.   Acknowledging Taking here without permission. Yet, we all have a responsibility to be better neighbors. We have to grow the things we want for each other.   … Continue reading Idil Karsit:- How your diet can treat diseases

8 At The Table:- Discussions & Interviews

  About 8 At The Table is a TV show where 8 very open and honest people get together over food and drinks to talk about taboo topics. Our engaging discussions lead to laughter and intense self-reflection about all things love, sex, relationships, and everything in between. Videos Parenting Fatherhood What Is A Man’s Job … Continue reading 8 At The Table:- Discussions & Interviews

HIV Prevention:- Medication

Background Best said by medical practitioners and the press, we are going through an explosive recommendation and encouragement of medicine and medications. For instance with HIV & AIDs, a new drug is awaiting FDA Approval. The drug's name is Cabotegravir. Whereas Truvada and Descovy have to be taken daily, Cabotegravir only has to be taken … Continue reading HIV Prevention:- Medication

HIV Stories

Family Let us continue to stay strong for each other. There is a lot of people dealing with a lot. Look for good people and allow them to encourage and model good for and to you. Along the way look for ways to stay healthy and hopefully that will make it a bit easier to … Continue reading HIV Stories