Covid-19:- Restaurants

Restaurants Family Dinner On Tuesday evening tried to go pick up dinner. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed. I thought I had misread it's closing time. And, so got out the car, and approached the restaurant's door, and attempted to read a bit clearer. The sign read that the Store was closed by the Health Ministry. … Continue reading Covid-19:- Restaurants

Covid-19 & Mental Health

Background Sadness of life includes how illnesses can interplay and cause increased havoc. Here is a confirming story.   Articles Outline The Boston Globe Study finds altered mental state in nearly one-third of COVID-19 patients Link The Boston Globe Study finds altered mental state in nearly one-third of COVID-19 patients Link Nearly a third of … Continue reading Covid-19 & Mental Health

Covid-19:- Take care & precautions

Family Please continue to take care and necessary precautions in the season we find ourselves. Now is not the time to take risks. To those who have a platform, and we all do, please demonstrate saneness and healthy habits to those in your circle. Scriptural Verses Christian 1st Peter 1st Peter 5:8 { Link } … Continue reading Covid-19:- Take care & precautions

A Sober Holiday Season

Holiday Season As we near the fourth quadrant of the year, we have ahead of us the Holiday Season.   Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashanah is this weekend. Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. It started on the evening of Friday, September 18th. And, ended on Sunday, September 20th.   Tough Times These are tough … Continue reading A Sober Holiday Season

Spiritual Leaders that passed in 2020

Passing Christian Ravi Zacharias David Pawson Dates Passing:- 2020-May-21st Bio Wikipedia Link Morris Cerullo Stories San Diego Union-Tribune Obituary: Morris Cerullo — 1931-2020: Famed televangelist opened Bible-themed attraction in San Diego Link Joseph Lowery Profile American minister and activist President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (1977–1997) Rev. Ron Hampton Church New Vision Community Church, … Continue reading Spiritual Leaders that passed in 2020

Coronavirus outbreak in California Prisons

Background Here is a tough and heartbreaking story on Coronavirus.   Story Link   LOS ANGELES — As COVID-19 infections rapidly spread through California’s prisons, authorities on Monday announced the replacement of the state correction system’s top medical officer. The move came as Gov. Gavin Newsom criticized a previous decision to transfer hundreds of inmates … Continue reading Coronavirus outbreak in California Prisons

Shipping Pets in the Era of CoronaVirus

Background As one goes about life one occasionally finds yet another area that has been impacted by Covid-19. Pet Shipment In our post, we will touch on how Covid-19 has impacted Pets Shipments. Airlines Outline American Airlines Delta Airlines SouthWest American Airlines Summer heat restrictions During the summer season, the temperature is just not safe … Continue reading Shipping Pets in the Era of CoronaVirus

Nurmagomedov :- Abdulmanap & Khabib

Background A big fan of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Words Writer:- Brett Okamoto Subject:- Khabib Nurmagomedov says father in critical condition with coronavirus Link Family "In my personal case, I've had more than 20 people sick from my family," Nurmagomedov said in comments translated by ESPN. "More than 20 people were lying in the … Continue reading Nurmagomedov :- Abdulmanap & Khabib

Season of Take – “Winning Arguments” ( Day – 04 )

Background In a season of take,  it is easy to be overwhelmed. On our Take 4, we will cover the topic of "Winning Arguments". Lineage Day 01 - Overwhelmed Link Day 02 - Leadership Link Day 03 - I don't want to go School Link Winning Arguments Videos Divorce Court Divorce Court - Robinson Vs … Continue reading Season of Take – “Winning Arguments” ( Day – 04 )

Bill Torpy:- Another Victim of the Long Ago Night

  Background Reviewing clicks on our blog this morning. Noticed that there were a couple of clicks to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ( AJC). Clicks Here are the clicks ... Blogging Links Blogging comes with responsibilities. One has to check referenced web links and determine if they are still active. If not active, one checks to … Continue reading Bill Torpy:- Another Victim of the Long Ago Night