Marc Ochsenmeier :- pestudio

Background Play around quite a bit with different software. All from reputable sources such as GitHub and SourceForge.Net.   Documentation Some of them have good documentation. Unfortunately, in the case of others, not so much.   pestudio Marc Ochsenmeier's has a very good tool that bring one closer to determining an applications codeline. Artifacts petsudio … Continue reading Marc Ochsenmeier :- pestudio

Dr Richard Hatchett, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations

Videos England Channel 4 Channel 4 News Coronavirus expert: 'War is an appropriate analogy' Profile CEO of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations Dr Richard Hatchett explains the long-term dangers of the Covid-19 coronavirus - saying it's the scariest outbreak he's dealt with in his 20-year career  Videos Video #1 Segment - Inequity Channel :- … Continue reading Dr Richard Hatchett, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations

Coronavirus :- Dr. Bruce Aylward – World Health Organization ( WHO ) – Assistant Director

Bruce Aylward Who is Bruce Aylward? WHO Link Dr Aylward is currently on loan from WHO to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to lead a newly established Change Management Unit. In this capacity he is responsible for taking forward the recommendations from a wide-ranging functional review of OCHA to … Continue reading Coronavirus :- Dr. Bruce Aylward – World Health Organization ( WHO ) – Assistant Director

gcc/MinGW – Utilities – ldd and objdump

Background Let us cover a couple of utilities that are bundled with gcc/minGW toolset. Lineage NetCat – Visual Studio – Source Code Compilation Link Netcat on MS Windows – Sample Usage Link MinGW – Error – “undefined reference to `__imp_WSAStartup'” LinkLink Need When one is troubleshooting an application one sometimes wants to gain familiarity with … Continue reading gcc/MinGW – Utilities – ldd and objdump


  Videos CGTN Coronavirus: How the deadly epidemic sparked a global emergency | Four Corners Profile At 10 a.m. on January 23, Wuhan went into lockdown. This was done to stop a deadly virus from spreading further across the nation. It was one day before Chinese New Year's Eve, a major travel day for people … Continue reading Coronavirus

minGW – Installation on MS Windows

Background Every couple of years I come across an application written in C or C++ that I need to compile.   C/C++ Compiler on MS Windows There are worthy C/C++ compilers on MS Windows; inclusive :- Microsoft Visual C++ MinGW Project MinGW MinGW Artifacts A "stub" installer is available at Here is the Link. … Continue reading minGW – Installation on MS Windows

Linux Install Image – Burn to USB

Background Need to quickly install Linux. In this case, CentOS. Version The current version is 8. Artifacts Mirrors Install Images are available from various mirrors; listed here:- Mirrors US Link World Wide Link Metadata Here are some metadata :- Image Size :- 7.5 GB Burn ISO Image to USB Options Here are some of the … Continue reading Linux Install Image – Burn to USB