Davontae Sanford

Profile As a 14-year-old, Davontae Sanford went outside. He was arrested and convicted of the shooting of four people. The shootings were known as the "Runyon Street Slayings". Davontae Sanford was a special education student and unfortunately, he is half-blind.   Portrait Davontae Sanford and Taminko Sanford-Tilmon ( His Mother ) - Home Coming   … Continue reading Davontae Sanford

Life in Bars

Videos Vincent Smothers Detroit hit man takes credit for the killing another man is serving a life sentence for Profile Vincent Smothers, a self-confessed Detroit hit man, says he killed Jamal Segars. Segars was fatally shot in 2004 and Thelonious Searcy is serving a life sentence for the murder. ┬áVideos Video #1 Channel:- MLive Published … Continue reading Life in Bars