Prison Ministry:- Prison Fellowship Videos

Background As we enter into a new season of Angel Tree will like to share a few videos that one can use in a church setting to re-introduce Prison Ministry and specifically Angel Tree. Videos Videos - Angel Tree Angel Tree: The Full Picture Videos Video #1 Link Angel Tree: It Starts With A Gift … Continue reading Prison Ministry:- Prison Fellowship Videos

On The Case with Paula Zahn

Videos Clearing the Docket Profile A teenager vanishes during a walk to the store on a cold winter night and the next morning, police find her lifeless body in a snowbank six miles away. Show Information Air Date:- 2021-April-25th Season, Episode:- Season 22, Episode 5 Listing IMDB Link Videos On The Case with Paula Zahn … Continue reading On The Case with Paula Zahn

Encounters with Serial Murderers – 2021/October

Portrait Khalil Wheeler-Weaver Sarah Butler Messaging   Videos Instagram Live ( IG Live ) Man Admits Murder On IG Live, Quickly Arrested Profile A man admitted to killing someone on IG Live in graphic detail, he is then arrested while still broadcasting! Videos Man Admits Murder On IG Live, Quickly Arrested Channel:- Blurred Culture Date … Continue reading Encounters with Serial Murderers – 2021/October

Thomas Lake, Long-Form Storytelling

Videos Testimonial Personal Chapel - Thomas Lake Profile Thomas Lake - Editor, Atlanta Magazine and writer for Sports Illustrated - Gordon College, October 05, 2011 Videos Chapel - Thomas Lake Channel:- Gordon College Published On:- 2021-October-7th Added On:- 2021-October-13th Link Crime:- ATL Homicide Red Mohawk Profile When a student is killed on campus, witnesses all … Continue reading Thomas Lake, Long-Form Storytelling

Johnny Perez, Post Time Spent Inside

Videos Johnny Perez & Jeanise You Were Calling Someone Else Dad | {THE AND} Jeanise & Johnny Videos Video #1 Channel:- The Skin Deep Date Published:- 2018-June-11th Date Added:- 2021-October-6th Link   Post Spent Inside Rediscovering Connection After Prison | The Window - Johnny Profile Johnny is a criminal justice reform advocate and proud father … Continue reading Johnny Perez, Post Time Spent Inside

Life, Song Writing, People You Meet, And Destiny:- Tupac And Biggie

Background A cautionary look at young men in their early twenties. Free & Unchained, Charmed & Talented. Full of The Vigor of Life, its promises and vices. Yet, lacking some of its sensibilities and sensitivities. The selfishness, traps, and evils that Satan plants and nourishes in the souls of man. The concealed and hidden. May … Continue reading Life, Song Writing, People You Meet, And Destiny:- Tupac And Biggie

For My Woman // For My Man

For my Man - Season 5 - Episode 3 - The Wrong Mr. Right Profile Season 5 - Episode 3 A double homicide in a California neighborhood leaves investigators tracking a case with more questions than answers; when a high-speed car chase leads them to a pretty young woman, it is clear she is willing … Continue reading For My Woman // For My Man