Real Crime

Videos "Murder She Solved S02E02 A Race Against Time" & "Killer's DNA Trail: Can Detective Molly Daul Catch Him? | Murder She Solved | Real Crime" Profile A popular teenager is murdered on the grounds of an elementary school. Her ruthless killer gets away. Years later and hundreds of miles away, another woman is viciously … Continue reading Real Crime

Rae Carruth, Van Brett Watkins

Portrait Cherica Adams   Videos The Killer Speaks Convicted killer Van Brett Watkins reveals the sordid details of the only "hit" he regrets doing in Season 2, Episode 5. Videos Video #1 Channel:- A&E Date Published:- 2023-February-2nd Date Added:- 2023-February-13th Link Spoken On Victim Cherica Adams Chancellor Lee Adams ( Son ) Saundra Adams ( … Continue reading Rae Carruth, Van Brett Watkins

Nate Oats

Bio Wikipedia Link Student Athlete Nate Oats, Nathanael Justin Oats, was born in Watertown, Wisconsin. He was a three-year starter on the Maranatha Academy high school basketball team. Maranatha Academy high school went 24–0 in his senior year. Nate attended Maranatha Baptist University. Maranatha Baptist University is a NCCAA Division II/NCAA Division III. Nate was … Continue reading Nate Oats

Jamea Harris:- Laying Down

Background The way young people are laying down these days, fuck a _ up.   Eye Witness Account The Eye Witness Account reads:- Darius Miles was a student athlete at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Currently, University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Alabama is ranked #4 in the men's basketball season. Jamea Jonae Harris … Continue reading Jamea Harris:- Laying Down

Fatal Attraction:- 2023 – January

Videos Cynthia Worthy Holding On To Hope Videos Fatal Attraction Full Episode Season 13 Episode 16 - Holding On To Hope (Journalist: Tyrik Wynn) Channel:- TYRIK WYNN NETWORK By Wynn Productions LLC Date Published:- 2022-December-6th Date Added:- 2023-January-12th Link [New] Fatal Attraction 2023 S13E22 🎄🎄🎄 Holding On To Hope ~New TV One Series Channel:- GYM-Man … Continue reading Fatal Attraction:- 2023 – January

The First 48:- 2023 – January

Videos Deadly Betrayal Profile With Hurricane Jeanne threatening Miami, Sgt. Joe Schillaci and Det. Olga Rome must solve the murder of the owner of a popular strip club. The club's surveillance video reveals three men ambushing the victim, in Season 2, Episode 5, "Deadly Betrayal." Listing Season 2, Episode 5 Videos The First 48: Solving … Continue reading The First 48:- 2023 – January

Delano Burkes:- Family Update – 2023 – January – Part 1

Background Let us give a quick update on the story of Delano Burkes.   Lineage Crimes & Incidents:- 2023 – January – Part 1 Date Posted:- 2022-December-31st Link Update Story Incident Stephen Burkes, the brother of Delano Burkes, was arrested in the morning of Friday 2023-January-6th. He was arrested and charged with shooting two family … Continue reading Delano Burkes:- Family Update – 2023 – January – Part 1

Crimes & Incidents:- 2023 – January – Part 1

Background A lot of street stuff going on as we close out 2022.   Outline Entertainment Music Artist Theophilus London in Los Angeles, California ( Link ) Goverment Employee Postal Worker Aundre Cross in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ( Link ) Entreupener Real Estate Investment Company Delano Burkes in Houston, Texas ( Link )   Portrait Theophilus … Continue reading Crimes & Incidents:- 2023 – January – Part 1

Kason Thomass, Kyair Thomass:- Rescue

Profile Impacted Thomass Thomass Twins Kason Thomass Kyair Thomass Lafonda Thomas ( GrandMother ) Law Enforcement Columbus, Ohio Police Department Elaine Bryant Columbus, Ohio Police Chief Indianapolis, Indiana Sgt. Shawn Anderson Sgt. Richard El   Portrait Law Enforcement Indianapolis, Indiana Sgt. Shawn Anderson & Sgt. Richard El Sgt. Shawn Anderson, right, and Sgt. Richard El … Continue reading Kason Thomass, Kyair Thomass:- Rescue

Kason Thomass, Kyair Thomass

Profile Impacted Thomass Twins Kason Thomass Kyair Thomass Law Enforcement Elaine Bryant Columbus, Ohio Police Chief Incident Timeline Here’s A Timeline Of The Kidnapping & How The Public Can Help Police Locate The Missing Infant Police Chief Bryant released a timeline of events on Tuesday. They first received the report regarding the stolen car and … Continue reading Kason Thomass, Kyair Thomass