Amit Gvaryahu:- Faith

Background Personally I spend a lot of time listening to Christian Pastors on YouTube. Like Paul Simon, I come away thinking that the Re-union of a mother and her daughter her only moments away. Amit Gvaryahu Writing in the Haaretz, Amit Gvaryahu, seems to think the re-union is not so soon. Amit Gvaryahu Jan 27, 2018 … Continue reading Amit Gvaryahu:- Faith

NFL Players Trip to Israel

Background Over the weekend I became aware of a story that tracked a planned visit of NFL players to Israel. Story Here is a good take of the story penned by Allison Kaplan Sommer: Haaretz - Israel News Link What was supposed to be a high-profile image-buffing visit by a delegation of 13 NFL players to … Continue reading NFL Players Trip to Israel