Michael Jordan & Lebron James

Videos Jeff Benedict Jeff Benedict Talks About The First Time LeBron James Met Michael Jordan | 05/02/23 Profile Author Jeff Benedict joins the Dan Patrick Show in studio and talks about the first time LeBron James met Michael Jordan back when he was in high school Videos Video #1 Channel:- Dan Patrick Show Date Published:- … Continue reading Michael Jordan & Lebron James

Becky Hammon:- Can’t ( Sports Illustrated )

Background I really like this story courtesy of Michael Rosenberg writing for Sports Illustrated. Title:- A’ja Wilson and Becky Hammon Found Each Other at Just the Right Moment Subtitle:- One had to be told she could do anything. The other was always told she couldn’t. Now with Las Vegas, they both have their first WNBA … Continue reading Becky Hammon:- Can’t ( Sports Illustrated )

Thomas Lake, Long-Form Storytelling

Videos Testimonial Personal Chapel - Thomas Lake Profile Thomas Lake - Editor, Atlanta Magazine and writer for Sports Illustrated - Gordon College, October 05, 2011 Videos Chapel - Thomas Lake Channel:- Gordon College Published On:- 2021-October-7th Added On:- 2021-October-13th Link Crime:- ATL Homicide Red Mohawk Profile When a student is killed on campus, witnesses all … Continue reading Thomas Lake, Long-Form Storytelling

Lamar Odom – “What Can Grow Even From There”

Introduction Everyone has a ministry and there are obstacles that come along to take one off Living it! I really like this story by Lee Jenkins as it captures the personhood of Lamar Odom.   Sports Illustrated ( SI ) - Lee Jenkins take on Lamar Odom - March 23, 2009 LEE JENKINS Link Wednesday October … Continue reading Lamar Odom – “What Can Grow Even From There”

Giannis Antetokounmpo

NBA All Star 2017 Good to see that the NBA All Star list for 2017 has a whole lot of good guys on it. Homelessness Young, gifted, and Homelessness More than 100,000 students on U.S. youth, public school and college teams have no stable place to live. Sports Illustrated goes inside the lives of three … Continue reading Giannis Antetokounmpo