Venue Church:- A Difficult Time

Stories DailyBeast Hipster Megachurch in Shambles Over Pastor’s Alleged Affair Authored:- Emily Shugerman, Gender Reporter Date:- 2022-January-22nd Link:- ( Link )   The drama has unfolded like a soap opera, with rumors, a parade of employee exits, and a suggestive videotape. When volunteers at Venue Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, arrived at their pastor’s house last … Continue reading Venue Church:- A Difficult Time

Fax: Send Fax Freely Online

Background Fax. I never thought I will hear that word again. Sweet Lady But, here goes this sweet lady. She is on the phone with me. And, she has really been the sweetest and most angelic being she could be. She said I can take care of the problem for you. Just go online, download … Continue reading Fax: Send Fax Freely Online

Log4j – Security Vulnerability – Detection Tools

Background Thankfully, just about everyone and their mama have a tool for detecting software stacks that are susceptible to Apache Log4J's Log4Shell Security Vulnerability.   Tools David Strom, InfoWorld Here is a list pulled together by David Strom @ Infoworld Link Company Product Platform Product Link Explanation Qualys Qualys Web Application Scanning Cloud Link Link … Continue reading Log4j – Security Vulnerability – Detection Tools

Google:- Project Zero Versus NSO Group

Stories Wired Lily Hay Newman Hackers Can Break Into an iPhone Just by Sending a Text Link When you think about how hackers could break into your smartphone, you probably imagine it would start with clicking a malicious link in a text, downloading a fraudulent app, or some other way you accidentally let them in. … Continue reading Google:- Project Zero Versus NSO Group

Ed Yong:- Why Health-Care Workers Are Quitting in Droves

Background Ed Yong writing for the Atlantic has my kind of article. Both a sober and human-centered take on what is hurting our medical providers. Please read from your heart. Story Link About one in five health-care workers has left their job since the pandemic started. This is their story—and the story of those left … Continue reading Ed Yong:- Why Health-Care Workers Are Quitting in Droves

Thomas Lake, Long-Form Storytelling

Videos Testimonial Personal Chapel - Thomas Lake Profile Thomas Lake - Editor, Atlanta Magazine and writer for Sports Illustrated - Gordon College, October 05, 2011 Videos Chapel - Thomas Lake Channel:- Gordon College Published On:- 2021-October-7th Added On:- 2021-October-13th Link Crime:- ATL Homicide Red Mohawk Profile When a student is killed on campus, witnesses all … Continue reading Thomas Lake, Long-Form Storytelling

Prophetic Timeline – 2021/June – Current Affairs Analysis

Background I feed on youtube quite heartily; actually, overfeed on it. Markers Let us go over some markers. Space Asteroid Apophis Government United States George Bush Junior Barack Obama Donal Trump Joe Biden Israel Isreal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Science Quick Analysis Space Asteroid Apophis Wikipedia Link We will rest on Wikipedia. Discovery & Risks … Continue reading Prophetic Timeline – 2021/June – Current Affairs Analysis

San Jose VTA Shooting ( 2021-May-26th )

Profile The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority ( VTA) is responsible for public transit services, congestion management, specific highway improvement projects, and countywide transportation planning for Santa Clara County. VTA manages emergencies on San Jose's light rail.   Portrait AP Photo/Noah Berger Link Videos Governor Gavin Newsom 'What the hell is wrong with us?': Governor … Continue reading San Jose VTA Shooting ( 2021-May-26th )

Ben Platt, In Music

Videos Grow As We Go Videos Ben Platt - Grow As We Go [Official Video] Channel:- Ben Platt Date Published:- 2019-February-28th Date Added:- 2021-April-30th Link So will I Videos Ben Platt - So Will I [Official Lyric Video] Channel:- Ben Platt Date Published:- 2020-May-8th Date Added:- 2021-May-1st Link Imagine Videos Ben Platt - Imagine [Official … Continue reading Ben Platt, In Music

Spring Cleaning – 2021/April

Background My brother Mookie has been visiting for the last couple of weeks. Last weekend, he asked me what I had planned for the day, I told him I wanted to continue studying. He shared he had just gotten paid and he had checked with a truck rental company and that it will only take … Continue reading Spring Cleaning – 2021/April