Watermark Church – Church Elder Resignation – “Erosion of Trust”

Background Christianity Daily has a story on Watermark Church and its leadership recent resignation. The leadership cited pride as its basis for resigning. The story is availed here. Videos David Leventhal Profile David Leventhal resigned on March 26th as elder and campus pastor at Watermark community church in Dallas, TX. His resignation was announced April … Continue reading Watermark Church – Church Elder Resignation – “Erosion of Trust”

Oliver El-Khatib:- Billboard’s Take

Link Portrait Billboard's Take Oliver El-Khatib rarely gives interviews. The October’s Very Own (OVO) founder and Drake co-manager, who has helped turn OVO into a global brand, isn't aloof or inarticulate -- he’s just a busy guy who prefers the spotlight to be on the artist. “The craziest thing about the business is just the … Continue reading Oliver El-Khatib:- Billboard’s Take

Walking Alone

Background There are things men need to share and receive. But, we rarely ever share, less receive. And, so each of us is alone.   Videos Busta Rhyme Date Published:- 2020-December-3rd Link   Those Who Love Men For those who love men, I know it is hard. I know it is daring. It is draining. … Continue reading Walking Alone