David Ortiz And A Lexus

Background Once again, here is a story that is not worth talking about. A ballplayer and a family man, took a trip down to Central America to spend time with extended family and love ones.   Story Link Two days ago, Dominican model Maria Yeribell Martinez Garcia went on social media to deny that she … Continue reading David Ortiz And A Lexus

Pastor Phillip Pointer

  Videos Pastor Phillip Pointer Sr Winning The Battle With Bitterness 03 15 15 Videos Video #1 Channel :- Greater Fellowship Full Gospel Baptist Church Published On :- 2015-May-17th Link A friend called enemy Videos Part 1 Removed On :- 2019-August-25th Link Part 2 Removed On :- 2019-August-25th Link Part 3 Removed On :- 2019-August-25th … Continue reading Pastor Phillip Pointer