Humility:- The Other Daniel

Background I had a zoom meeting this afternoon. The meeting is scheduled weekly. And, it is held between myself and another person that some have taken to call the other Daniel.   Conference Room So here we go with the meeting. The conference room is way too big for a meeting of three participants. But, … Continue reading Humility:- The Other Daniel

Bible Scripture:- Encouragement for the Righteous

Background We live in a time where the uprights have to be stood beside. May God continue to encourage and strengthen the upright with its indwelling.   Scripture Proverbs Proverbs 4:18 - A Father's Instruction ( Link ) 18  The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining brighter and brighter … Continue reading Bible Scripture:- Encouragement for the Righteous

T.B. Joshua:- Memorialized

Disclaimer This post is not to encourage or promote any of the persons or ministry noted herein. It is intended to educate and not lead people down a ministerial path.   Background Chuck Missler likes to note that there are some areas that are above each of our pay grades. Deliverance ministry is one of … Continue reading T.B. Joshua:- Memorialized

Eric Gilmour:- Intercession Instrumental

Videos In Songs PROPHETIC INTERCESSION INSTRUMENTAL PROPHETIC INTERCESSION INSTRUMENTAL PART TWO Videos Video #1 Channel:- Eric Gilmour Date Published:- 2018-September-23rd Date Added:- 2021-February-22nd Link PROPHETIC INTERCESSION INSTRUMENTAL - PART 3 Videos Video #1 Channel:- Eric Gilmour Date Published:- 2019-June-8th Date Added:- 2021-February-22nd Link PROPHETIC INTERCESSION INSTRUMENTAL Videos Video #1 Channel:- Eric Gilmour Date Published:- 2017-December-6th … Continue reading Eric Gilmour:- Intercession Instrumental

Oliver El-Khatib:- Billboard’s Take

Link Portrait Billboard's Take Oliver El-Khatib rarely gives interviews. The October’s Very Own (OVO) founder and Drake co-manager, who has helped turn OVO into a global brand, isn't aloof or inarticulate -- he’s just a busy guy who prefers the spotlight to be on the artist. “The craziest thing about the business is just the … Continue reading Oliver El-Khatib:- Billboard’s Take

Oliver El-Khatib:- GQ’s Take

Link Portrait   GQ's Take Ask Oliver El-Khatib—the mastermind behind Drake’s catchall branding entity, October’s Very Own—what he does for a living and he’ll tell you simply, “I manage Drake’s career with my partner, Future [the Prince]. I’m a worker.” El-Khatib’s career is proof that in today’s noisy and fractured business landscape, humility, work ethic, … Continue reading Oliver El-Khatib:- GQ’s Take

Ken Henderson – Aging Champion

Stories Haidong Ji In Memory of Ken Henderson Link There’s a lesson to be learned here, and it has to do with the value of humility. Becoming arrogant and walling yourself off from the “little people” in the world is a fast ticket to stagnation. It’s a good way to stop growing professionally. There are … Continue reading Ken Henderson – Aging Champion