HIV Prevention:- Medication

Background Best said by medical practitioners and the press, we are going through an explosive recommendation and encouragement of medicine and medications. For instance with HIV & AIDs, a new drug is awaiting FDA Approval. The drug's name is Cabotegravir. Whereas Truvada and Descovy have to be taken daily, Cabotegravir only has to be taken … Continue reading HIV Prevention:- Medication

Online Pharmacy

Background Will like to start a post that lists credible online pharmacists.   Pharmacists Pharmacist Web Email Phone Availability of Speaking To Someone Lemonaid 415-926-5818 Monday to Friday: 5AM-6PM PST Saturday/Sunday: 7AM-4PM PST Roman 424-347-6299 Monday – Friday, 9:30am-9pm EST   Delivery Services Pharmacist Delivery Services Lemonaid Depression & Anxiety, Anxiety … Continue reading Online Pharmacy

Seasonal Issues

Background Sharing today at an intimate level. Noticed Noticed little redness on my elbow these last few weeks. Was able to make a quick appointment with our local clinic. Appointment Appointment for 11:45 AM The first appointment was for 11:45 AM. Got in around 12 PM. Told I was too late. And, that the lady … Continue reading Seasonal Issues

Bruce Springsteen :- “the wheels can come off a little bit”

Background Personally, there are a few people I will pay to listen to; as I know they are sharing intimately and not trying to sway. Bruce happens to be one of those very few people. Esquire Interview Bruce Springsteen gets candid about his mental health issues: 'I'm on a variety of medications' — or 'the … Continue reading Bruce Springsteen :- “the wheels can come off a little bit”