Fatal Attraction:- 2022 – July

Videos   Victim of Revenge | PAYBACK Victim of Revenge | PAYBACK Profile When Shawn Gray is shot and killed while visiting Atlanta for his girlfriend's birthday, detectives believe he was trailed by a violent predator seeking vengeance. Listing Season/Episode:- Screen Date:- 2022-June-6th Listing Links IMDB Link Videos Fatal Attraction (2022) S1E1 Paypack ~ New … Continue reading Fatal Attraction:- 2022 – July

Nathan Brooker:- The First 48 – A Fighting Chance

Videos The First 48 - A Fighting Chance Profile When an argument at a Tulsa, Okla. Bar ends with the fatal shooting of a young social activist, police search for answers in a divided community Season 16, Episode 7 Date Aired:- 2017-January-12th Listing IMDB Link Videos The First 48: Season 16: Full Episode 7 ( … Continue reading Nathan Brooker:- The First 48 – A Fighting Chance

The First 48

  Videos   The First 48 - Last Wish Participants Santos Erica Mike Yvette Corporan Detectives Anthony Reyes Videos The First 48 - Last Wish Channel:- The First 48. Demoted On:- 2022-September-18th Demotion Reason:- This Video is private Link Location Miami, Florida [ NEW ] The First 48 - No Escape; Trail of Evidence ( … Continue reading The First 48