Real Crime

Videos "Murder She Solved S02E02 A Race Against Time" & "Killer's DNA Trail: Can Detective Molly Daul Catch Him? | Murder She Solved | Real Crime" Profile A popular teenager is murdered on the grounds of an elementary school. Her ruthless killer gets away. Years later and hundreds of miles away, another woman is viciously … Continue reading Real Crime

Tamron Hall Show

Videos Videos - Tamron Hall Show Family ReUnion His Emotional Reunion With His Biological Family Went Viral on TikTok Profile Iverson Poff’s touching reunion with his biological family garnered over 7 million views on TikTok. Adopted at birth, the 20-year-old grew up in Oregon and was searching for his birth mother when a DM from … Continue reading Tamron Hall Show

Crime & Psychics

Background There are some areas of life that are a bit under-reported in our modern world. In this post, will touch on our law enforcement uses and in fact rely on criminologists, forensics, psychics, and those with second sights to replay and predict crimes. Videos "River Rat" Serial Killer How A Psychic Caught The "River … Continue reading Crime & Psychics

Murder She Solved

  Videos Murder She Solved - Season 1, Episode 1: Free To Kill Profile Rookie private investigator, Marie Parent puts her life on the line to uncover the horrible truth behind the disappearance of Ottawa freelance journalist Louise Ellis. She delves deep into the mind of a killer to find what police aren't able to … Continue reading Murder She Solved