Gunfights:- 2022 – February

Background It is hard and affecting to actually see what goes on the streets. Videos   Washington DC RAW VIDEO: Wild shootout in Northeast DC captured on home surveillance video | FOX 5 DC Profile Home surveillance video obtained by FOX 5 captures the chaotic scene during a shootout Friday evening in Northeast D.C. FULL … Continue reading Gunfights:- 2022 – February

Crimes:- 2022 – February

Videos St. Louis, Missouri Robbery Setup:- 2022-January-11th News Outlet Gunfire caught on camera before woman robbing home was fatally shot Videos Gunfire caught on camera before woman robbing home was fatally shot Channel:- KPLR-TV ( Fox 2 ) - St. Louis, Missouri Published On:- 2021-January-11th Added On:- 2022-January-29th Link Commentators FRESCO STEVENS STL Girls Are … Continue reading Crimes:- 2022 – February

Diamond Alvarez, 22

Background Family, this is a gut-wrenching one. Bio Diamond Alvarez Anna Machado ( Mother ) Tito Moczygemba ( Dad )   Portrait Videos Shooting KPRC Diamond Alvarez Profile Houston police are investigating a shooting they said left a 15-year-old girl dead in southwest Houston Tuesday night. Videos 15-year-old girl shot 22 times in southwest Houston … Continue reading Diamond Alvarez, 22

Crimes:- 2022-January

Videos Chicago, Illinois Laniyah Murphy CBS Chicago Young Woman Who Fought Against Violence In Shot, Killed While Sitting In Car Profile The murder of LaNiyah Murphy came as a shock to friends – because the young lady was a strong activist in preventing gun violence. Videos Channel:- CBS Chicago Published On:- 2021-January-7th Added On:- 2022-January-14th … Continue reading Crimes:- 2022-January

DVSN – 40 – Drake and Toronto, CA

Background Seeing how cutthroat the music industry is. It is forever good to see good guys come and stay together.   Stories Complex Explore the Origins of OVO's Dvsn in First Chapter of 'Since October' Doc Link Toronto duo Dvsn rose up almost out of nowhere when "Hotline Bling" producer and member Nineteen85 debuted a number of tracks on OVO Sound Radio, … Continue reading DVSN – 40 – Drake and Toronto, CA