Fatal Attaction:- 2023 – April

Videos Open To Love Profile With a bound body of a missing man recovered from the river, foul play becomes immediately obvious; detectives quickly uncover a dangerous love triangle, hidden bloodstains, and an informant who brings the twisted truth to light. Listing Fatal Attraction:- Season 13, Episode 26 Air date:- March 27, 2023  Videos Fatal … Continue reading Fatal Attaction:- 2023 – April

Aundreaxx from Soft White Underbelly

Background Aundreaxx out of Cleveland, Ohio went on Mark's Soft White Underbelly. Her life which had its own share of intersections open up exponentially. A year later here she is. Please continue to cover yours.   Videos Introduction Soft White Underbelly Introduction Videos Video #1 Channel:- Soft White Underbelly Date Published:- 2020-February-22nd Date Added:- 2021-May-15th … Continue reading Aundreaxx from Soft White Underbelly

Soft White Underbelly:- Aundreaxx

Background Aundreaxx out of Cleveland Ohio opens up a bit. She caringly talks about how so many things in life can seemingly fail us. Areas Covered The areas she covers include:- Parenting Father Father not wanting her in the first place Wanting her mom to have an abortion Mother Her mother wanting to start dating … Continue reading Soft White Underbelly:- Aundreaxx