Crimes & Incidents:- 2023 – June – Part – 1

Background The first half of this year has been brutally hard. Incidents Charlotte, North Carolina CATS Incident Videos Incident WBTV GRAPHIC: Video Of CATS Bus Shooting Released Profile CATS video released shows a shooting that took place on a bus last week. Videos Video #1 Channel:- WBTV News - Charlotte Date Published:- 2023-May-26th Date Added:- … Continue reading Crimes & Incidents:- 2023 – June – Part – 1

Cam Newton:- “Putting in the work!”

Videos Ja Morant Ja Morant IS NOT TO BLAME⁉️| Cam Newton's Take Profile In this episode of Cam Newton's Thoughts, the NFL star weighs in on the topic of Ja Morant and his recent IG Live where he showed a gun *again*. This is the second time and hear me out... the problem here lies … Continue reading Cam Newton:- “Putting in the work!”

Rae Carruth, Van Brett Watkins

Portrait Cherica Adams   Videos The Killer Speaks Convicted killer Van Brett Watkins reveals the sordid details of the only "hit" he regrets doing in Season 2, Episode 5. Videos Video #1 Channel:- A&E Date Published:- 2023-February-2nd Date Added:- 2023-February-13th Link Spoken On Victim Cherica Adams Chancellor Lee Adams ( Son ) Saundra Adams ( … Continue reading Rae Carruth, Van Brett Watkins