Matt Araiza:- Prosecution

Background Matt Araiza prosecution. Incident 2021-August-17th Alleged Incident Occurred   Criminal Case San Diego Police Department The DA's office said the San Diego Police Department did not recommend charges be filed when the case was submitted in early August 2022.   San Diego District Attorney "Ultimately, prosecutors determined it is clear the evidence does not … Continue reading Matt Araiza:- Prosecution

Soft White Underbelly:- Tyrell

Videos Introduction Soft White Underbelly Introduction Videos Video #1 Channel:- Soft White Underbelly Date Published:- 2020-February-22nd Date Added:- 2021-May-15th Link Stories Adult Entertainer Male Stripper Interview - Tyrell Male Stripper interview-Tyrell Profile Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Tyrell, a male stripper in Las Vegas, Nevada. Videos Video #1 Channel:- Soft White Underbelly Published … Continue reading Soft White Underbelly:- Tyrell

Jalen Kitna:- Prosecution

Background Jalen Kitna, a backup quarter backup at the University of Florida, was recently arrested. His parents, Jon and Jennifer, were with him at his court appearance. Bio Sports Jalen Kitna Jalen Kitna played four games for the Florida Gators this season. He is a redshirt freshman; that is he is actually a sophomore. He … Continue reading Jalen Kitna:- Prosecution

Incidents & Crimes:- 2022 – December

Videos Antioch, California James Williams Incident ABC7 News Bay Area Coworker opens up after Bay Area gas station clerk killed during 'botched' robbery - Exclusive Profile Breaking down into tears, Annette Matamoroz describes James Williams, the 36-year-old Chevron employee gunned down during the attempted robbery, as a kind-hearted man who died trying to protect her … Continue reading Incidents & Crimes:- 2022 – December

Kehinde Wiley, In Words

Bio Wikipedia Link Wiley was born in Los Angeles, California. His father, Isaiah D. Obot, is Yoruba, from Nigeria, and his mother, Freddie Mae Wiley, is African American. Wiley has a twin brother. When Wiley was a child, his mother wanted him and his brother to stay out of the streets and so she supported … Continue reading Kehinde Wiley, In Words

Winek Family:- Laying Down

Videos Incident KTLA 5 Suspect in Riverside triple homicide, house fire killed by deputies in San Bernardino County Profile The suspect in a triple homicide in Riverside was killed by deputies in San Bernardino County Friday, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department confirmed Saturday. KTLA's Shelby Nelson reports on Nov. 26, 2022. Videos Video #1 … Continue reading Winek Family:- Laying Down

New York Times:- Anthony Kline – The Judge and the Case That Came Back to Haunt Him

Background A family member referred me to this story in New York Times. Case File The story speaks of Judge Anthony Kline. Anthony presided over two cases involving Jamesetta Guy. The first case occurred when Jamesetta Guy was 17. The second case was presented when Jamesetta Guy was 56. About four decades later.   Links … Continue reading New York Times:- Anthony Kline – The Judge and the Case That Came Back to Haunt Him

Maurice Clarett:- Getting Even

Background In 2022, Maurice Clarett was a freshman playing football for the Buckeyes. He played running back for the Ohio State team that won the national championship. Unfortunately, he got kicked off the team. Because of his age he could not immediately enter into the NFL Draft. A year or so removed, he entered training … Continue reading Maurice Clarett:- Getting Even

Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart Shooting:- Thanksgiving Week ( Tuesday 2022-November-22nd )

Background At this point it seems a manager at a Walmart Store in Chesapeake, Virginia went into the superstore and opened fire.   Story Line The story is that a manager, Andre, brought a gun into the Walmart Store. Waked into the breakroom and started shooting. The manager turned the gun on himself and he … Continue reading Chesapeake, Virginia Walmart Shooting:- Thanksgiving Week ( Tuesday 2022-November-22nd )

Giannis Antetokounmpo And The Ladder

Videos NBA On Fire Free Throws Practicing Giannis getting free throws up after the game (going 26.7% from the charity stripe tonight) Profile After going 26.7% from the charity stripe tonight, Giannis is still out here practicing free throws Philadelphia 76ers Milwaukee Bucks Videos Video #1 Channel:- NBA on Fire Date Published:- 2022-November-18h Date Added:- … Continue reading Giannis Antetokounmpo And The Ladder